Hi, my name is Molly Mackey and I’m with
Expert Village. Another issue that’s quite common is we’ll find the owners information
on inside of the book. Now if they have a phone number or an address written, something
like that, you don’t really want to leave that there. If there is anything written on
the title or end papers that you don’t want, here’s an easy way, actually sometimes prices
are written on there too and you’ll want to remove those before you ship them out especially
if you priced your book more. So you take a nice piece of scotch tape and you’re going
to lay it firmly across the markings or writing, whatever you want to remove. You want to leave
a little bit of a tab, because that is where you are going to pull and press down firmly
like that so that you cover all of the writing, then you are going to take the little tab,
press down firmly here and give it a good rip, not too hard but you want to put a little
bit into it. There you go, and that takes off all the owner information. Also you want
to hold it, the corner edge of the book so that when you rip, you don’t actually just
rip right across, that can tear the paper and there you go.