The first two steps to set up your
very own website is firstly to get web hosting and then to register your domain
name so there are plenty of places where you can complete these two steps but I
would recommend Bluehost com they are the company that I use personally
they’ve never let me down and also I’ve organized a pretty cool discount for you
guys if you want to check it out the link is in the description you get a
free domain which will save you about $15 and then you can also get a 60
percent discount on your web hosting so in the first year you’ll probably have
saved $75 if you click the link in the description so click on the link and
you’re gonna come to a page like this and then you can click get started now
and then we need to select our web hosting plan and there are a couple of
options here but I think for most people you’re just gonna gonna select the basic
plan that’s to 95 per month with the discount and that means you can host one
website online now the only other option you might be considering is the Plus
plan so for a little bit more you can have unlimited websites and host them
and why would you want to do that well maybe if you’re thinking of setting up a
couple of websites or maybe even you’re creating websites and managing them for
people then this is a very affordable plan to select but I think for most
people you’re just going to want to be selecting the basic plan now here comes
the exciting part we need to get our free domain and so what you really want
to do is think about your business name and type it in here so if you’re
creating a new domain you can type it in here or you also have this option if you
bought a domain previously to go ahead and sign up so I’m gonna just put in WP
so WordPress setup demo and then we get to select our domain ending you can see
now it’s on Dakota UK and I would try and get the com if you can if it’s
available that’s what people remember the most it seems like the most
trustworthy they don’t have to think about what’s the domain ending but there
are other options out there you can see them here dot org is very popular for
charities Darko is becoming more popular as well for startups and new companies
and but for now I’m just gonna buy the dot-com and then
click Next so now we need to go and fill out our account information so I’m just
going to take a couple of moments to fill this all out so once you filled out
your account information then you just want to review your package information
then once you’re ready all you need to do is type in your payment information
which I’m gonna take a minute to do now ok I’ve typed in my payment information
there and then you just want to select I’ve read the terms and agreements and
click Submit ok so great our purchase was successful
and a confirmation has been sent to our email address before we can log in as it
says here we need to create a password next step then is just to go ahead and
insert a secure password and it’ll give you an indication of how strong that is
so I would recommend you try and make that strong so your site stays secure
and then you can just say I’ve read the Terms and agreements and click Next so
they’ll give us the option here to pick a theme what I will actually do is just
skip this step ok we’re all done now I’m getting a
notification here that they will upgrade my domain automatically as soon as it’s
ready so that’s good to know you might see a similar notification and then we
can just go ahead and click start building so here we are now in the
backend of our brand-new website and if you want to take a look at what it looks
like just come up to welcome come up to visit site and we can see that this is
what our site is really looking like now it’s pretty basic so far not a lot of
content on it but we’re gonna be making or this really look incredible and
adding content to it but that really wraps up the first steps to setting up
your site registering the main name getting hosting and installing WordPress