Hi thanks so much for Internet Business Path.
Firstly, I wanted to welcome you to actually view this video. As you can probably see,
it’s kind of bit cold at the moment in the Sydney weather. It’s dropped down to like
15 to 20 degrees which is freezing so I have to actually wear this lazy top and it’s very
I guess uncommon to feel this way at this time of the year. It’s June so it’s kind of
near the winter but it’s quite early. I’m actually inside my apartment and it’s usually
quite warm but unfortunately today, it’s very, very cold like it’s winter today. But what
I wanted to talk to you about today is something that’s very, very common that I see a lot
of issues with a lot of e-commerce websites and what it is, is that a lot of sites out
there don’t have very good site navigation. And, I just probably want to give you few
good tips and few points that you can actually look out and try to help you improve your
e-commerce website. Now, there’s a lot of sites out there that
have provided very, very nice, fancy image e-commerce websites that have these really
nice designs but unfortunately, their navigation is absolutely poor. And, I’d like to be able
to show you something which I try and actually laid details hopefully in the post but I wanted
to just talk to you about the main points that I wanted to help you and also get you
to benefit from so that you can actually have very good site navigation. Okay so number 1, the first thing that I wanted
to talk to you about is stick to a vertical or horizontal navigation bar. A lot of websites
out there are very common to actually have it on the right hand side. If you’re actually
viewing this, what you’ll probably want to be doing is looking here or it should be over
here that you should be able to see navigation. And, a lot of them are usually menus that
actually go down at the right hand side of the screen and I recommend probably just stick
to that. Very good websites out there have very standard right-hand navigations. One
or two key points that I want to make sure or tell you is try to not drift away from
that common navigation bar and instead of going for example to the right hand side,
don’t do that, and it’ll go down to bottom navigation, don’t do that. Just stick to the
navigation bar on the left hand side which is a very, very common way to look at it.
And, by doing that, you use this to actually go okay I see the actual navigation there
and I actually be able to go, bang, bang…and that helps them actually get through to your
site. And, ultimately if they can find what they’re looking for, it leads to a sale for
you so having a good navigation is very important and your navigation menu there which I just
talked about is crucial. Now, the other thing I want to talk to you about is number 2, use
breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs, if you don’t know what they are, they’re basically a small little
links at the top of your page or at the top of your products. Now, these links are actually
not just links there. They’re sort of like a category or department store broken down
into different sections. So for example if we’re shopping at department store and we’ll
go to say for example the toys section. Within the toys section, you might have games, and
then the games section you might have for example Monopoly. So at the top, they’ll probably
have the breakdown of the different levels of say for example where you are. First one
as I mentioned would be the department which is for example toys, then the category that
it breaks out to which is games and then the particular product you’re looking at which
is Monopoly. Those things you want to be able to make sure that you are showing to customers
so if they ever need to jump back to the previous, they can actually see where it is and click
on it straightaway. That helps with their navigation. The third thing I want to mention is keep
your navigation consistent. I know it sounds simple, I know it sounds common sense but
a lot of sites out there don’t do that. They seem to have this really great website and
the frontal design is really nice and then when you click on there, you can feel lost
because it’s completely different change in design. What they want to be able to feel
is as soon as they land on the page or to your page, the only thing that really changes
is really the main section or your contents section and that’s where your products are.
The rest of it, the navigation areas around it should all be consistent and shouldn’t
change too much or let alone be changed at all. So that’s three. Number 4, show visitors where they are. So,
a lot of people get mixed or get lost within just shopping center and they’re not going
to try to find the street directory. Same thing as well in your site navigation. Yes,
it’s important to have a sitemap but they want to know exactly where they are and you
know how to actually when you go to or in the shopping center where it says shopping
directory or directory of the whole shopping mall and you’ve got those big arrows here.
You want to do that but not that kind of bold, what you’re trying to do is that you want
to be able to show them at the top. There’s the link just like how we send them in breadcrumbs
where the section is at Monopoly. They want to be able to click on that and go okay, this
is where I am and see that also too. So you want to make sure that it’s very obvious for
them that they’re actually seeing that they’re on Monopoly. I know it’s a bit simple and
very common sense but trust me, a lot of visitors out there when they visit a site, if they
don’t see where they are, they’ll just leave and then they’ll go. The other thing is you want to show them where
they’ve been. That’s probably also the fifth thing that I want to talk to you about is
showing where they have been is very simple. You want to make sure within your site design
is that when they’ve clicked on the link that they’ve gone to, it actually changes color.
A lot of websites do that and it’s very standard and very common but if that doesn’t happen
on your site, you want to make sure that does. That’s just simply getting either your web
developer or you do it yourself by editing for example the CSS style sheets or otherwise,
get someone to do it because it’s hard to input. In my own business, I usually get someone
to do that for me but I make sure I’ve told them exactly what I want. So make sure that
you showed the visitors where they’ve been. Another very great thing that a lot of people
do or a lot of business owners don’t realize doing on their websites is using readable
fonts. Now, the standard fonts that people usually read and use in their websites is
New Times Roman which is very easy to use or easy to read. It’s not the most read so
a lot of people either go to Arial or Tahoma. You probably should, or I should probably
recommend those probably the main fonts and also Veranda as well. Those are probably the
three main fonts that you should make sure that’s on your website because people want
to be able to see your website and read the descriptions, the product names and those
important things. And if your font is so messy like comics script or whatever, then people
will just going to be turning away will not come back to buy anything. Finally, the last point I want to make is
a very simple one but also very powerful way is at the top of your website usually it should
be your logo. You want to make sure that your logo is clickable and I found a lot of websites
out there are still not doing that and most developers usually make it static. But, people
want to be able to go to that logo and that will take them to the homepage. So make sure
those things are in place. I’ve pretty much explained to you those main things. So let
me just recap to you. Firstly, stick to the vertical or horizontal
navigation which I talked about in the first point, second point is use breadcrumb trails.
Third point is limit the number of menu options. Fourth point is keep your navigation consistent,
fifth is show your visitors where they are. Sixth, show your visitors where they’ve been,
seventh is use readable fonts and lastly make sure that your company logo and it should
take them straight back to your homepage. So hopefully I’ve given you some rundown today
of how to actually create a good site navigation for your e-commerce business and you’ll be
able to take these tips away and be able to apply them. I hope that all these tips and
these ideas are simple for you to understand, if not I would recommend you give it to your
website developer or whoever that’s managing your website and give that a shot. So that’s it for today and I hope you enjoyed
the quick tips that I’ve given you today and remember come back to check out my post and
also leave your comments and I’d love to hear your feedback. So have a great day!