[Music] Hello Programmer, Myself Nawaraj Shah And in this video I gonna help you to make
a simple registration form just using html code at first open your html editor I suggest
you to use sublime text then create a new file and save this file on dot html extension
Now I gonna write a basic html format if you are using sublime text then type angle bracket
html then press enter other wise you have to type all this code I gonna a write register
form in between title now to create a form type form tag in body type table tag in between
form create first row with tr and td for table data where we put name and input field now
first I gonna write name again type td then type a following code
again type tr for password field then type td and password td again for input field of
password now write a following code input type=”password” lets see how its done here
you can see form only content name and password lets type some additional code for input box
type place holder=Name for password field placeholder=Password here you can see the
changes after adding placeholder code Now add a code for gender for that we have to
write tr and td again then write gender create another td to choose male or female write
input type=radio and name=gender after that type male then type same code for female
also after that type tr and td again for email now type input type=email then type td and
write following code lets see how its done I forget placeholder for email just write
placeholder=email now it look little better
now write tr and td for phone number after that I gonna write td for the list of country
code and write select tag and option tag where you can write a country code now select this
line of code and copy and paste it 4 or 5 time now replace 977 with another country
code now write following code for phone number
input type=phone and placeholder=as you
can see on the above lets see how its done. here you can see phone number with country
code and input field for phone number is available now at last tr and td for a submit button
for a submit button write input type=submit and value=submit finally save this and see
the result is web browser here you can see submit button is added if you have any question
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