Hi, this is Robert Kilonzo with O.S.I. affiliate
software; and today I’m going to show you how to do on page S.E.O.
for your e-commerce website. This video will teach you on page S.E.O. basics
that will help your customers find you. The most important thing to remember when
designing your website or pages is that you want to give your customers value,
and create a great user experience. For this video, we’ll be looking at Zappo’s.com
to learn what they are doing to make it easier for customers to find
them; and this is the page, the example page that we’ll be looking at. When trying to make it easier for customers
to find you or to run your e- commerce website, you want to use the correct
keywords on your page. To find keywords, log into your Google ad words
and use the Google keyword planner; that’s a great tool and resource
that’s going to show you which keywords you want to target. Once you narrow
down your search, and you find the keywords you want to use; you want to
use these keywords on your page title, on your Meta description, and on your
U.R.L. Let’s look at what Zapppo’s did; Zappo’s is
trying to rank this page for Gabriella Rocha, and if we look at the title
you will see that they have used the keyword Gabriella Rocha in their
title. They have also used the keyword in the Meta description, and if you
look at the U.R.L.; you will see that they have used Gabriella Rocha in
the U.R.L.; this is the same thing you want to do with your store. If you’re selling a glass or forms or business
cards, anything you’re selling online you want to use the keywords
you found associated with your product; and you want to use them in the title,
in the Meta description, and in the U.R.L.. Additionally, you also
want to use these keywords in your content. For every product, service or
page you have make sure that content is unique. Create great, unique, valuable
content that users will use and appreciate, and if we look at this
Gabriella Rocha example, you will see that Zappo’s has provided the product
information for these boots; they have detailed product information, you
want to do the same thing; you want to have unique, detailed content, and
use those keywords within that content; however, make sure that the content
is not duplicated. Some online stores and businesses will just
grab the information directly from the manufacturer and paste it on their
page; you don’t want to do that, you want to come up with unique content
that describes your product and your page. If you already have your pages set up, and
they’re online, and you want to double check, whether you have duplicate
content; there’s tools out here that you can use to help you do that, I will
give you three easy tools to use. The first one, Copyscape; just go into Copyscape
and type in your website, and Copyscape will do a search and find, if
there’s any copies of your content on the web. Another great tool you
can use to find duplicate content or to search duplicate titles and
descriptions; Meta descriptions, is the free tool from Screaming Frog the S.E.O.
spider tool; download this tool, install it, and use it to try and find
if you have any duplicate titles and page descriptions, Meta descriptions.
The last tool to use is Siteliner; just go into Siteliner and enter
your website domain, and click go; this will help you find duplicate content. Next thing you want to do is if you have images
on your website you want to optimize those images using your keywords.
Zappo’s has a lot of images to show their shoes; and if your store has a
product that you have images or if you just have images on that website; use
those images, and optimize them for your keywords; you want to have the
name, have the keyword that’s associated with it, you want the alt text;
anything used for that image, optimize it. The next thing for great, on page S.E.O. and
user experience; the thing to keep in mind of, is how fast does the page
load? How fast does your page load? Let’s look at this example, if I go
to it, click enter; it happens really, really quickly. If your website is
taking long to load, you’re losing customers and it’s not good for your
ranking. Do a speed test for your page, and optimize those pages to make sure
that they’re loading really fast. On the page, you can also include your social
networking tabs; these tabs allow customers to share, save information
from your page, if they find that your information is unique and valuable
they’ll share it with their friends, or they’ll save it to come and visit
later; include social networking sharing buttons, they will help
you rank better and they will give users a great experience. Another thing to keep in mind of is your navigation;
how easy is it to navigate your website or get to your product?
If we look at Zappo’s, we’ll see that they make great use of breadcrumbs;
look at this breadcrumbs navigation, it just shows you what path you
took to get to the product. You have shoes, boots, then Gabriella Rocha. These
breadcrumbs not only help your customers have a easy experience navigating,
but they also do help in ranking, and for the keywords, and for making
it easier to find your product. The last thing or guideline you want to keep
in mind is making your page and website accessible through multiple browsers
and multiple devices; test your website in all browsers such as Safari,
Chrome, Fire Fox, IE make sure it’s accessible in all these browsers; and
also make sure it’s accessible through all the mobile devices, IPhones, IPads,
your regular computer; test it in all these applications, and make
sure it’s accessible through all those platforms, and browsers. So the things you want to keep in mind when
you’re doing on page S.E.O.; again, use your keywords, and use them in
the title, the Meta description, the U.R.L.; use unique content, and make sure
the content has the keywords; optimize your images, make sure your images
are optimized with the keywords, then include the social sharing
buttons. Make sure your page loads really fast, have a breadcrumbs navigation,
and make sure that your whole website and e-store is accessible through
multiple browsers and multiple devices. Thank you for watching this video, I hope
these on page S.E.O. guidelines will help you optimize your e-commerce website
better. Remember give your customers value, and create a great user experience.
Take care.