What’s going on guys welcome to today’s video super excited to be making this video so as most of you guys know The two ways that you can order products are mainly either through a website called, Alibaba Which you can place bigger orders and get bigger volume discounts based on your order size And the other one is Aliexpress which is for smaller size orders you know five pieces 10 pieces 20 pieces here and there and Obviously because of that your price is a lot higher so today I wanted to actually talk about a New website that I’ve been using for the past few months and some of the prices that I actually find on there are a lot cheaper than even on, Alibaba so I wanted to go over that and just talk about some of the benefits that it has compared to Alibaba and Why I actually use it so without further to do. Let’s get started so the website that I use is called DHgate here and it’s basically similar layout to Alibaba you know you can pay through the website It’s super secure and there is over 40 million products with over 1 and a half million sellers from all around the globe including China selling products here, so This is basically how the layout is for the website so what I usually look out for is the selected suppliers So this is very similar to people Who are gold suppliers on Alibaba, but it’s even better and one of the reasons is On the edge gate for you to become such a selective supplier Not only do you have to pay a fee to stay there, but DHgate actually charges you a deposit that they keep? for you in case anything ever went wrong so if you were to purchase something through the edge gig and something went wrong so either the supplier tried to scam you the product wasn’t as good call you as you thought it was or You know the product arrived late. You know the expected date was 3 to 5 days it got there 2 weeks later So you can reach out to DHgate? And they will actually refund you the money and provide some kind of service to make that up to you, so let me show you Think that I really like about The educate that you know websites like Alibaba doesn’t have which makes a huge difference especially for me to find products and make sure that it’s a good product, so let’s You know since I’ve talked about this before let’s just go over the fidgets spinners for example so as you can see you can go through a list of them and Some of these prices are way way cheaper than what you would find on Alibaba which is amazing And I’m gonna show you what so as you can see here the price actually Changes based on what you order so over here if I was to go and type 305 pieces see the price would automatically change to 94 cents and The second thing that I love about the HK that Alibaba doesn’t have is this part here you get free shipping To your door as you know if you were to order a product under a pound from Alibaba You would probably have to pay two three dollars a unit extra per unit to have it delivered to your door But it’s free shipping with the HK which is amazing and your costs are already You know ten twenty percent less on average off for small sized Item which makes a huge difference on you know in your bottom line and for your net profit margin. End of the day, so that’s another thing that I really like about the HK and At least you know last But not least my favorite Part about it is if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you can see the high quality pictures that they have So you can kind of see how it feels you know how it is being used So on and so forth and now if you keep scrolling down There is the review page So these are actual sellers that have ordered product through the educate and they’ve left the review for the seller So your goal as the seller on DHgate is to make sure that the quality is top-notch the services top-notch? Because if someone left you a one-star review or two-star review The chances of the next person buying from you is very low so you want to make sure that you keep that Service level up especially since DHgate holds a deposit in case anything goes wrong so it’s always nice to check this Not only because of that but because also as you know when you’re trying to introduce a new product to your page You like to get a sample in your hand just to make sure everything checks out so from these reviews You can actually see real people who have bought the same product what they thought about it and therefore actually Saving time and money getting that sample shipped to your door from dit So I highly recommend you guys check out DHgate Calm and just compare it with your price on Alibaba go back and forth see ah you know What makes more sense you know buying it through the educate also? It’s a lot more straightforward and easy to do I know on Alibaba sometimes you want to pay through PayPal and the supplier send you an invoice he wants you to send it outside, Alibaba Or you know you might not want to do trade ashore and so on and so forth, but with The educate it’s super simple you just put in your credit card you pay for it. You’re protected same as Alibaba if not better And you get everything done the easy way while saving money, so I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video Like I said dhk this is gonna save you guys a lotta money definitely check it out Especially if you’re considering adding a new product on Alibaba just check out the same price and You know see if you can find a better price on dhk which I’m sure you’ll be able to do so if you did enjoyed Today’s video, please go ahead and hit the like and subscribe button, and I’ll see you guys on the next video