what’s going on guys welcome to the
video so today we’re gonna cover another cashback and rebates site we’re gonna
cover cashback arbitrage on cashback base now this is a site that I touched
on once previously but it is one of my favorites as well so there are a number
of cashback websites if you’re interested in other sites just like
cashback based after this tutorial you can feel free to check out the cashback
arbitrage playlists and I’ll make sure to link that at the bottom of the
description there are a number of other sites just like this that you can
utilize to make money with cashback arbitrage okay so cashback base is a
great site that you can also get free products with a hundred percent rebate
or a hundred percent cashback whichever one you want to you know classify it as
and you can make multiple accounts to scale up and get many many products for
free which you can then resell back on sites like Poshmark Macari any Bay for a
hundred percent profit margin okay now there are also a lot of other places and
marketplaces that you can resell these products back online and if you come
back I’m not sure if I’m gonna make it the next video
or you know a video or two from now but if you come back I’m going to actually
outline a number of the different websites that you can utilize to sell
your products back online right so we’re talking about like other
sites like offer up or trade Z or wish or stuff like that right so there’s
probably about like 10 to 15 other ones that I’ve used to sell other products
back online I don’t just use Poshmark Macari eBay or Amazon although those are
the four that I use the most okay so I will outline them in the future just
wanted to touch on that because I get that question a lot you know what are
other sites that I can sell on are they worth selling on and investing my time
and actually listing products so we’ll cover all of that in that specific you
know video going forward so today I want to cover cashback base now just to get
it out of the way first and foremost I have a couple of different cashback
based accounts and in my experience it’s not IP sensitive so it doesn’t really
matter if you make multiple accounts on the same you know computer or same
location right it doesn’t seem to be IP sensitive I have several different
accounts on a cashback basis you’ll see here I got like two different ones right
here to check in same thing right here I got I haven’t checked in on this one and
there’s only one message okay so I think one of them like my normal alias is Tom
Jones that I have pulled up one of a month I think I’m Tim Michaels and
another one I think I’m Brian Gay right so you can have multiple accounts I
think I only have three cashback based counts but I have to
check into my my accounts and actually make sure that now I do this on a number
of different websites right not just cashback based not just cashback
arbitrage sites but you know sites like VIP on you know snag shout other sites
like that extreme rebate for another rebate site example right so you can
scale up with multiple accounts but you need to understand you know how to
actually do that and make sure that you’re not claiming the same products
across multiple accounts right because if I were to claim this product right
here and then you know order this same product right here on this account which
you can see it’s literally on the home page well I’m still ordering it from the
same Amazon buyer account and then I wouldn’t be able to review it again okay
so you have to order different products but there are a number of different
products to order so that’s one of the ways that you know you can kind of get
caught up and tripped up so make sure that if you do scale up with multiple
accounts with cashback arbitrage specifically because then it relies a
lot on the reviews that you put in don’t don’t buy the same products across
different you know accounts okay little caveat there that might help you out so
we’re gonna X out of that one really fast and I just want to kind of touch on
the the brief you know way that you can use cashback based to get free products
okay so with cashback base you have to actually earn points so that you can
claim more deals in the future and claim better potential deals okay so it’s just
like tests on for example and I’ve covered tests on in the playlists like I
said at the bottom of the description is one of the other cashback slash rebate
sites that you can utilize to get free money so put simply before we touch on
this and I’ll go over to like freebies right here to give you an example there
are a number of products that you can claim for a hundred percent profit
margin right because look you’re getting you’re paying 16.99 for this then you’re
getting 1699 cashback so you’re getting it for free and yes for the stickers out
there there might be a slight PayPal you know fee in there but all products don’t
come with a PayPal fee it depends on if the seller initiates the PayPal you know
the cash back to your PayPal as friends and family in that case it will be a
hundred percent free there will be no fee or as a business transaction and
then there’s a slight fee okay but if it’s if it’s a slight fee on this
it might be like fifty cents and then you’re getting this product for 50
Cent’s and then you can resell it back on a site like Poshmark or Macari or
ebay for around 17 bucks potentially depending on your site i’ve sold things
more than their retail price i’ve sold things less
you’ll get better at kind of judging what you can kind of flip those products
for on each specific marketplace the more you do it okay so let’s
hypothetically run through this example right here how’s it gonna work you’re
gonna buy this for 1699 maybe you get 1650 back after the PayPal fee right so
you’re getting 1650 back cash back so now you’re like 49 cents into this
product you’re gonna list it on a site like Poshmark
for you know let’s say 17 bucks retail and maybe somebody doesn’t buy it for 17
dollars but you make an offer to them or maybe they make an offer to you and
that’s one of the things I’ve touched on on how to sell better on Poshmark
I’ve also sold touched on how to sell better on eBay I’ve also touched on how
to sell better on Amazon as well and I’m gonna make a how to sell you know five
tips to sell better on Macari as well coming soon I’ll try to link those three
videos that I’ve already created this well down at the bottom of the
description with that playlist if you do want to check them out too okay so let’s
hypothetically say you make an offer to somebody at like 13 bucks you don’t sell
that at 17 well you’re still making ten dollars and
five cents so if you take 49 cents off that then you’re making nine dollars and
fifty cents roughly simply by buying this getting the rebate back listing
your Poshmark and selling it for $13 so that is the cashback arbitrage business
model in a nutshell you can use cash back base to do it you can use a tree
rebate tests on a number of the other ones that I’ve covered on this channel
you can utilize to get free products back to your door look $9.99 cash back
$9.99 price $7.99 799 $8.99 $8.99 all these are free products eighteen ninety
nine nine eighteen ninety nine free products so try to find an example of a
product that’s not free oh these are the freebies so I have to go to hot deals so
if we go over to hot deals let’s try fine examples so this is still a great
opportunity to get a product right but it’s not free because you’re you’re
spending $19.99 to get it and then the cashback is $17.99 so then you’re
spending $2 to get this okay so it’s not free but it’s still a great product to
get that you can make a marginal same thing with this one potentially right
it’s saying the retail value of this charger you know case for iPhone or
whatever it is it looks like an iPhone but I check into that obviously is a 40
for about 45 bucks right and you’re getting about 40 maybe like 40 50 back
cash back so then you’re into that product
like what is that 45 so then you’re into that product like 450 for that product
right you can make a great margin on that if it’s telling you that the retail
value is roughly about 45 bucks now you could obviously you know do product
research a little bit on eBay right so if you came to eBay and you type in like
you know charger case for iPhone what you’d want to do is you’d want to check
the retail you know what what other similar things like this are selling for
on eBay to judge if there’s a potential market for this and I’ve also covered
this you know how to check sales velocity on eBay by basically typing in
the broadest keyword coming down to check sold and completed wherever it is
sold and completed there we go sold and completed checks off and then it’s gonna
show you what other similar charger cases you know like this have sold for
and how recently right so this is sold on November 24th which was yesterday for
it looks like oh this is listed it was sold for I don’t know why this is
telling me it’s thirty thirty nine to thirty four nineteen I’ve never seen
that before that’s a little sketchy very weird but that’s what it’s telling it
sold for so same thing with this one 31 to 34 it could have been like an auction
I’m actually not sure on that one this one sold for about 17 bucks this one
another one about 35 so you can definitely flip this back on eBay you
know potentially for you know maybe 30 bucks maybe 35 bucks maybe even 40 bucks
potentially it all depends okay so you can obviously sell these back on my car
as well or you can specifically just go for the freebies to claim here now with
cashback base like I did touch on before you do actually have to you know you
don’t have to because there’s a number of other freebies here that you can
claim and there’s a number of them as you can see here it goes like 17 pages
deep but some of the other great opportunities if there’s like a good
product that’s selling for like a hundred bucks and you’re gonna get like
ninety-nine dollars cash back for it you do have to build your account up so the
more you actually claim deals on here and review them and get cash back the
more points you will accumulate so that you can bit then potentially spend those
points to claim those great deals so you’re getting the most bang for your
buck right you’re you’re claiming freebies you’re building up your points
and then you can obviously spend those points on cash back base to get other
great products okay so similar here as earn points there’s a number of things
that you can do if you sign on every single day look you can earn points by
claiming the same exact t thing that we just talked about you’re gonna or
oh maybe you can you can earn zero points for that but if you do this one
right here obviously you’re not getting a hundred percent cash back what you can
earn hundred sixteen points this one right here you can 539 etc etc etc okay
and you can also hop on and do like some of the things that they ask you to do
like you can sign up with your review or profile you can I think link your Amazon
profile as well or you know your buyer profile or whatever you can link
Facebook I think if I’m remembering correctly again and you can just sign in
every day and click the claim 30 points so you can still build up a good amount
of things if you’re you know spending your point if you if you’re logging on
every day and claiming deals with this website so I just wanted to touch on
cashback base it’s a great place that you can get free products to then resell
back online for profits so let me touch on one more example with another freebie
and we’ll talk about potentially selling it on Macari and what you know profit
margin you might be able to make if you did so right and also guys I am offering
a pre Black Friday deal on online arbitrage 3.0 so this is the only time
I’ll talk about in today’s video but for a limited time a limited time I’m gonna
let anybody who wants to get into online arbitrage Pro for 70% off link in the
description first link in the description I won’t touch on it again
this is the only time it will be 70% off as we get closer to Black Friday that
deal will will decrease and then maybe it might be like 50% off right and then
cyber monday it’ll be like maybe like 40 or 30% off
I haven’t actually figured out what I’m gonna set the price at but it will never
again be 70% off so claim it now take advantage now if you want to hop in for
a great deal so one more example let’s hypothetically say you bought this yoga
tank top right here for about 19 bucks right and then you got 19 dollars cash
back maybe this is a friends-and-family discount so you’re not paying it at all
and also before we actually touch on this one of the things that I did start
to actually do is I’m actually starting to track this is something I’m teaching
in my course as well so I never used to do this because you don’t actually have
to track it right you don’t actually have to track it to know that you’re
profitable but I do want to track it to make sure that you know to show data in
you know in future examples as hey this is what I bought it for this is the
rebate I got back right this person sent me the wrong
this is a you know this is not normal they sent me more than I actually paid
for that does happen every once in a while but it’s not actually normal so
you can see here I paid 1895 for this I got 1877 back as
a rebate I haven’t sold any of these yet I haven’t even listed them on you know
eBay Poshmark and Mercury or anything like that yet so I’m starting to buy
cashback products and I was on vacation otherwise this would be a lot longer and
I’d have more data here and I would have listed them all already but this is how
I’m tracking it right I’m tracking what the title is the Amazon link to it so I
can grab the listing right where I sold it for where I bought it from the
purchase price that I’ve got it and then the rebate I got back right then I’m
also gonna track what weren’t where I sold it for how much I sold it so that I
can then track okay what am I actually making total on this if I spend X amount
of money right if I spend a grand oh well then I’m making about 3500 not 3500
that’d be cool about 350 bucks potentially with you know about fifty
bit dollars cash back right so I recommend that you do track it as well
with an Excel spreadsheet it’s very very simple just write these things down
after you make a purchase it only takes about an extra thirty Seconds to a
minute and you don’t have to do this forever but maybe you want to do it for
like the first 10 to 20 products that you that you’re doing so that you’ll see
that oh my god I’m actually really profitable doing this I’m getting all my
money back and here’s how it’s coming back and then I’m selling it for this
amount oh that inspires me to do it more right
because if you’re just kind of tracking blindly and you don’t know then it won’t
really inspire you because you’re gonna have money coming in coming out selling
and then paying you from from multiple places and it might not really you know
click for you that you’re making as much as you potentially are so you don’t have
to do that I just recommend that you do if you’re a little bit you know
skeptical well then buy five cash back products track everything and you will
see that it works for you so last example for en this video let’s
say you buy this for 19 bucks right you sell it back on Macari and you list it
for 19 but then maybe you make an offer as a promotion one of the other things
that I talked about in the Macari vid that I linked down at the bottom so
maybe you make a promotion at like 15 bucks right so then if you make a
promotion I let’s also fill this out so we’ll go like 189 to 7 I don’t even know
if that’s actually a legitimate address we’ll go with this and we’ll say it’s a
pounds so let’s see if we calculate the shipping at $4.99 then and we sell
for 15 bucks right and we pay for the shipping because I always recommend that
you offer free shipping on Macari but that’s a completely different you know
topic right now then you’re still gonna make 850 on this if yourself for 15
bucks on this website so you’re getting 851 for free simply by buying this for
1899 getting a cash back up you know getting a rebate back on cash back based
and then by the way something I haven’t even talked about really in this video
you can also use all of that you can buy all these purchases with a cash back
credit card that offers you up to 5% cash back so if you’re spending like a
grand which you can do very very easily right you’re gonna spend a grand you’re
gonna get that grand back potentially or maybe you’re gonna spend five hundred
bucks and get the 500 bucks back right it’s gonna differ from person to person
and how much you want to actually spend but let’s hypothetically say you spend a
grand on products like this and you get maybe nine hundred and ninety dollars
back right well you’re gonna spend the grand and make 50 bucks and that’s gonna
add up very very fast because let’s hypothetically say you’re scaling this
up to assert any certain degree right and you spend you know three grand on
products and then you’re gonna get roughly three grand back well what’s
three what’s five percent of three grand right that’s a hundred and fifty bucks
that’s a hundred and fifty bucks extra that you’re getting every single month
just by using a cash back credit card so to overall to just kind of recap the
business model you buy on sites like like cashback base you get a hundred
percent rebate rebate back or very very close to a hundred percent if you want
to go after some of the other products you get them you get your rebate then
you have three products to resell back on other sites like posh mark mark re
and eBay for a hundred percent profit margin so I hope you guys like this
video I can’t preach this enough I know I’ve
been making a lot of cash back arbitrage you know kind of videos for you but
that’s because it works and I want you guys to try this this is a great
opportunity especially for beginners that really don’t have a lot of you know
tools in their arsenal especially arbitrage wise like we talked
about here you know to kind of prove the concept see that it works for you you’ll
make some money and you start to learn different arbitral different pieces of
the arbitrage game while building up your accounts on Poshmark Macari and
ebay so you can then sell more for a higher profit margin in the future so if
you like the value in today’s you know please give it a thumbs up I
genuinely appreciate it and I’ll see in the next one