well hello everyone and welcome to internet skincare I have something so exciting I’m going to talk to you about today that has to do with eczema now eczema when you think about it it’s not exciting right well what’s exciting about it is that I have items that I think can help cure your eczema coming up now if you’re here at my channel right now watching this video obviously you know what eczema is but for those of you who do not know what eczema is it’s little itchy scaly little rashes that you get on your skin and there’s no cure for it actually but what there is is different treatments and things are over-the-counter that you can use to help control your eczema eczema is all about the control and getting it at its early stages before it flares up to extreme now excellent can occur at any age it can happen when you’re an adult it happens to me that’s why I want to talk about this it’s mostly happens to children but that I think that’s more when it starts because for me it’s something that happens depending upon the climate I’m in what type of water I’m using whether it’s soft water or hard water depending upon what region you live in the United States there’s so many conditions that are connected to eczema even allergies have something to do with it asthma food you’re eating on and on and on so it’s very very hard to detect why you’re getting eczema so for me the only thing I can do is try to control my eggs might try to keep it under control that’s what I try to do I’m going to show you what I use that helps keep my eczema under control now where I get it is I get it on my hands and I get it on my face yes it’s so sad it’s not terrible to get eczema on your face that’s what happens to me and I get it in four different spots on my face I get it here here here and here I don’t know why it’s almost like a sweat like a rectangle of where I get eczema you normally can never see it I tell people I have it they’re like no way I don’t see you don’t have any eczema well that’s because I keep it under control you cannot let it get out of control because once it does it’s really hard to clear it up I also get eczema on my hands it starts out normally in between my fingers something gets really itchy and it just starts not to feel good and at first it just looks like a couple little bumps but then it turns into a red rash and when that happens it just looks terrible it’s kind of embarrassing and I had to find something to fix it so my eczema got so out of control one time I went to a dermatologist and I’m not someone that likes to use any sort of prescription products if I don’t need to I like to get everything as natural as possible so he gave me some sort of cortisone cream I don’t even know if I put it on for maybe like a day and I just I couldn’t stand it it seemed like it just felt weird on my skin and it didn’t seem like it was going to help or it wasn’t going to go away anyways so then miraculously I thought well let me just go to Walgreens or CVS and see what they have and there’s a bunch of different eczema creams and I started trying all of them I think I bought five or six of them most of them are all baby eczema creams believe it or not those are the ones that seem to work the best and I’m going to show you my very very favorite product this is not a sponsored video I’ve never sold this product in my life although I’m going to start I’m contacting this company because I have to sell this on my website and enhance skin because it is the greatest it only costs me about nine dollars and it’s from gentle naturals baby therapeutics it’s their baby eczema cream this is like the greatest thing in the world if I would not have found this eczema cream Lord knows what my face would look like it wouldn’t look like this it would look clear and everything like this whatsoever this is the greatest now it’s a little greasy there’s some mineral oil in it it it’s a little intense so what I do is I put it on at night i cleanse my face then I told it then I put on one of my Obagi moisturizers normally the hydrate looks because it’s more moisturizing I use this at night so I put that all over my face and then I take my eczema cream and put it all in the spots that I have eczema and I do this every single night if I don’t put this on each night my eczema comes back and it’s terrible I can’t stand it I don’t know what eczema right in my face especially in some rectangular looking square square rectangle of my face how terrible but this actually controls it now if yours everyone’s eczema is different right so if it’s already out of control it’s gonna be really hard maybe to get it back to where it needs to be but I really feel believe if you keep using this over and over keep the area clean keep it moisturized it will go away and when I say go away I don’t mean forever because of course we know there’s not a cure for this but it’s just not keeping it under control there’s people have psoriasis and all kinds of different skin conditions which is totally different than eczema but with eczema you can control it it’s just something you have to constantly be on top of and like I said not let it get out of control as soon as your finger or wherever your patches starts to itch get that eczema cream and just put it on over and over and over so you can maintain it and eventually it won’t be as bad at all and you also have to keep that area moisturize which is why I use the Obagi hydrate and sometimes I’ll even put that on my hands after I put this on so everything’s still staying hydrated and moisturized and then hopefully your eczema can be almost cleared up as well almost because it can always come back but just keep on top of it try this definitely try it was like nine dollars and I used to live in South Florida and I moved out to Las Vegas and my eczema was just as bad in South Florida but when I got to Las Vegas I ran out of this either it was nowhere it’s like nowhere it’s not at CVS it’s now that Walgreens it’s not a target I couldn’t find it anywhere I think they had in the Vino brand that I tried that’s it don’t work for me at all absolutely did not work and I was freaky now I was like what am I gonna do if I don’t have this same product because it used to have a little Winnie the Pooh on the front of it and they changed the packaging so I was asking everyone in Walgreens CVS what does that project with Winnie the Pooh on the front of it no one had any and remember Amazon has two days shipping so you can get it fast so if you’re seeing any sort of itchy breakout or anything like that definitely give it a try I think you’re gonna love it so let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried this product before or what products you use to cure your eczema everybody has so many different things that they’ve tried that are working for them and if you know something as well that works for you definitely let me know so thank you so much for coming to watch my video I hope that your eczema will be cleared up too because none of us want this eczema we want clear beautiful skin I have consultations where you can work with me directly to help you get the most beautiful skin of your life if you need any other skin care products from enhance skin I’m the creator of an ADD skin and thank you so much for coming to watch this video and please like and subscribe to my channel so this way you’ll be able to connect with me and you’ll know when I have new videos out and we can connect and be together and talk about wonderful skin care routines