Hello Friends I hope so you will be fine In this video we will talk about How to increase INSTRAGRAM FOLLOWERS Without using any app and website Most of them give you fake followers and some of them block your INSTAGRAM ID While on some websites you have to give your id and password which is not secure its a risk your account could be hacked so many other problems are there i will show you the best secure way by using INSTAGRAM Trick you can increase your followers as much as you can i will show you the increased followers live proof Please Click on Red Subscribe button and press bell icon for latest updates also like the video and share it with your friends Open your INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT i show you my INSRAGRAM new account with 0 Followers you can check click on search button type ”Popugram” in search bar click on the first searched option open this account and follow it and open its following which is 177 and one by one follow all the INSTAGRAM accounts which comes in front of you as you follow the accounts the notification start to come and the number of your followers will start to increase you can see i followed all the accounts real followers will start to come now go back to your account and refresh your account click on your notification button you can see the number of followers increased check it again and again by refreshing you see the magic now click on your INSTAGRAM profile button you can see the increased number of your followers and more will be increased after some time now you can see increased followers it will take some time to increase the number of followers after some time again go on search bar and again type type ”Popugram” and unfollow all of them to which you follow to increase your followers after unfollow all of them also unfollow “”Popugram”” you have seen how we got followers and unfollow them too after that same trick use to increase your followers its a secure way to get followers real followers will come use this trick Like the video and share it with your friends Bye Bye