– What if you could follow
someone around for the day. Like almost just be a fly on the wall, to find out how they made money online, and then you could be like
secretly taking notes. Well, hi I’m Alison, and actually wanna just invite you, and give you a front row seat to it. (camera clicks)
(rock music) I have been selling online
for almost 10 years, and the last couple of
years I have been showing, pulling back the curtain and
showing people how to do this. Now, for this specific example, I sold over $63,000 in three days. Now, for me, you guys, that’s pretty life changing. I was a school teacher, and that would’ve taken me two years. But, being able to sell products online is a whole different story. Its worked for me time and time again, and I am so excited to
show you how to do it. So, on my Instagram stories, I do a lot of behind the scenes, and one time I was showing
my crowd how they could sell, and I was given ’em, you guys, this is how much we made, this is how it’s going. But I got a little backlash from it. And they said, “Alison, this
is so great and wonderful. “But, we don’t have an email list, “and we’re just starting. “So that’s not really possible for us.” And I was like, no! And I wanted to like, get that out of people’s heads. Because you can actually make money without having to have
this big huge email list, and I wanna show you how to do it. So I decided to set up a promotion, a product to sell, and these were my rules, I just made these rules up, because why? I just can. (laughs) We can make up our own rules in the business world right? And so, these were my three
rules to selling a product, launching this product, and then showing everybody the results. And I’ll tell you the results first, and then I’ll tell you the rules, and then I’m gonna break it down and show you exactly how I did it, so that you can do this too. So, rule number one, I could not use any of my email list. Zero, zilch, nada, not
one email could go out about this product that
I was about to sell. Number two, I couldn’t post
it on my social platforms. Zero, nope! And number three, I could not
tell my existing customers about what was going to happen. You know how we all have
these worlds of people that know us and stuff like that? I couldn’t use any of that. I had to start off,
basically from scratch. Like, zero, nothing. Just like a newbie in the marketing world. So those three rules, you guys, it brought in $63,000. You guys, that’s a lot of money. And I did it in three days. This is what is so magical about the E-commerce online world. People are gonna say, well
Alison, what was the product? Guess what? I’m not gonna tell you. Why? Because it is a disservice to you if I do. Because if I tell you the product, then you’re gonna go down
this dark rabbit hole of trying to figure out how
you can sell the product, the same product, when it doesn’t have to do anything with the product, it has to do with the process. It has to do with the
whole marketing process of what you’re selling. How do you think the pool noodle exploded? You guys, it’s the marketing process, and that is what I want to show you. And I’ve broken it down into seven steps. ♪ Seven ♪ Steps with a bonus, because I always like to over-deliver. So let’s dive deep down
into the seven steps, that helped me to sell
$63,000 in three days. And yeah, that’s pretty fun to say, and I want you saying it too. (laughs) Go do it! Go do it! Okay, so number one, you
gotta create a good offer. Don’t put out there are 5%
off coupon on your product. No one, no one, no one
wants a 5% off coupon. Give them something good. Okay, so here’s a real life example. When my family and I drive to Idaho, there is this gas station, and it’s like in the middle of nowhere. But you know what that gas station has? It has llamas. Real life llamas that my kids can feed. We pull off to that gas
station every single time, even though we don’t need any gas. And, we feed the llamas. By the time we’ve fed the llamas, we have gone inside, gotten drinks, my husband
has filled up the car, and we walk out of there spending $40. Just by having llamas, drew us in, right? What would your “llama”
be for your product? Is it a buy one get one? Is it a 50% off coupon? Is it free shipping for the next 24 hours? Give them a llama! Give your customers
something that makes them stop what they’re doing, go completely out of the
way to come visit you. What’s your llama? Number two, good photography. If your photography stinks, your sales are gonna stink. If you think pulling your product out, putting it on the kitchen
counter at 10 o’clock at night, and using your iPhone to snap pictures going to give you good results? I’m here to tell you, unh unh. I’m gonna burst your bubble right now. You need to put effort
into your photography, plain and simple. You can do a lot on a phone. Just get good lighting. Go out in the shade. Clear the clutter, and focus on a beautiful picture. If that really intimidates you, hire a product photographer. I just created a video, a couple of weeks ago about how to hire a product photographer that can be well within your budget. Don’t overthink it. Don’t make it complicated. Just get good pictures. Number three, if you don’t
have one and two done, you cannot go to step number three. Number three, this is
how secret I’ve grown all of my E-commerce businesses,
every single one of them, using number three. But I had to have one and two set up. You ready for it? The big reveal. The big secret is coming. I use what is a called a micro influencer. Rewind! What was that? A micro influencer. Now if you’re like wait,
what is an influencer? An influencer is someone
online who already has a following. Who already has an Instagram following, or a Facebook following. Someone that already has eyeballs. Why do I use these people
is because they have been growing their businesses
for a lot of times, years. Their customers, their followers
know, love and trust them. And if I can get my
products into their hands, their customers are going
to trust the influencer, and the conversions, the sells happen. Now here’s another little micro secret. Don’t get big influencers. You know the ones that have
like millions of followings? They’re gonna cost you an arm and a leg, and a lot of times, they can’t sell. They can’t sell peoples’ products. I know, big shocker, right? (laughs) The big following, don’t necessarily have
the biggest conversions. The influencer that I used
to help me make that $63,000, had a following of 49,000 people. You guys, that’s not a ton. Okay, in my world it’s a ton. But in the whole grand scheme
of Instagram followers, all of that social stuff, it’s not that big of a following. But it got me ginormous results. So, when you think you
have to go out and get I don’t know, big huge followers, you can kick that thought outta your head, ’cause you don’t need it. My secret spot is anywhere between 10 to just under a 100,000 followers. (tongue clicks) That, is my sweet spot. Number four, create a limited time offer. If your sale, your promotion,
your product goes on for days and days and days
and days and days and days. People are gonna forget about it. We are bombarded with
texting, with kids calling, because they forgot their lunch at school. With running to the
supermarket, with getting gas, with stopping, feeding the
llamas for cryin’ out loud. Right, we are bombarded
with so much stuff going on, if we don’t help our customers, and give them a due date, they will not make a decision. Help your customers by
giving them times-up! Boom! We’re done! We’ve moved on. Give them a due date. 24, 48, 72 hours, (tongue clicks) perfect! Number five, you know those crazy holidays that happen 365 days of the year? Celebrate with your product. So, let’s say you’re
selling socks that have lemons on them. Celebrate National Lemon Day, right? Bit promotion, National
Lemon Day is coming up, you’ve gotta wear these
cute lemon socks to be cool. Whatever it is, right? If you’re selling wrestling stuff, maybe it’s the greatest
wrestler’s birthday. I don’t know, I don’t know
anything about wrestling. But I was just trying to bring
in a sports analogy there. You’ve got 365 holidays. And in fact, there are
some days that have like a ton of holidays on them. Figure out how you can
incorporate random, weird holidays into your promotions
to get people excited. Because people love to be excited. They love to feel a part of something. And you’ve got the perfect product, that can help them to have
the most fabulous day. I just know it. Number six. So you’ve got the micro influencer, they’re ready to go. They love your product,
they’re excited about it. Here’s a little hint. I don’t ship them the product. I make them “buy it” off my site. So, the reason for that is, let’s say I sell blue pencils. Woo, they’re pretty. If I just send these blue
pencils to the influencer. Influencer is like, these
blue pencils are so cool, I love them, blah, blah, blah, blah. But, if they go and they
buy it from your site, and they see a whole rainbow
of pencils that you offer. And, notebooks and erasers
and everything like that, the influencer is going
to be more indoctrinated into your branding. So when they get on and
talk to their followers about your product, they’ll be like, guys these
blue pens are amazing. But you should see the
colors that they have, and the erasers and the notebooks, and then it’s gonna get
their mind thinking. So you want to send your influencer, either a coupon code, or reimburse them or
something to get them to come and shop on your site. Don’t just send them the product for free. Let them come and experience you, and your brand. Number seven, the last one. Alright, you’ve got the influencer, they now have the product in your hand, and they go live. Let’s say they go live on Instagram Story, or Facebook Live, and they’re like, you guys,
look at these pencils, they’re so amazing! Comment down below if
you want one of these, blah, blah, blah, blah. Right, the influencer is doing their job, they’re talking to their audience, their customers, their followers about how much they love your product. You need to be there, or you need to have someone
on your team be there, and respond to people. And they’re like, oh,
do they have a pink one? What’s the shipping? What’s this, what’s that? And it’s stuff that the
influencer might not know. But you will know, and when you’re responding back, and helping out that influencer. The influencer is gonna be like, I like this company,
they’re answering all the questions I just don’t know, and that customer will
be like, oh my gosh, this company is so helpful. I like working with this company. They’re super responsive. So you want to make
sure that you are there when they go live, or right after they post, and then just keep up on it during the whole entire sell. Because, creates the love. Remember how I like to over-deliver? Here’s your bonus for you. Let’s say that micro
influencer crushes it for you. Sells that $63,000 in three days. You know what? We like to send them dinner, or we like to send them a gift, or something that is going to make them happy. They put in the effort to
help you have an amazing sell. You wanna make sure that
you are letting them know how grateful you are for them. You’re building that relationship. Guys this isn’t just a one and done thing, you’re trying to create
these relationships so that they’ll keep advertising for you over and over and over again. And their followers, they
want to know that your brand is gonna be around for a while. And so, when you can
create these long term promotions with these micro influencers, you guys, it’s done
really, really well for me. And I want it to do really,
really well for you. I’m gonna show some
other screenshots of when we worked with these micro
influencers, you guys. We did one with 38,000, we did one with 4,600, we did another one with 8,000, another one $7,000. You guys, influencers, 10,000 followers, up to a 100,000 followers
can make you a lot of money. Spoil those influencers. They work hard. Love them and they will love you back. And you’re creating this
three way win triangle. It’s the win for the influencer, it’s a win for you, and it’s a win for the
influencer’s followers. You’re creating that
three way win triangle. Which is like, beautiful. Like, this is beautiful how it works. And this is how my daughters,
when they were 10 and 13, they built their six figure business. You guys, six figures! When they were in junior
high and elementary. They were little, and they used the same process and made over six figures you guys. It works, like this is
why I keep doing it. This is why I keep teaching it. And this is, like, it works! It works! Alright, remember how
I said I over-deliver? Well, I actually created
a free PDF for you. So that you can just print off all these steps right here so that you can do it. Remember how at first you were like, oh, I wish I could be a fly on the wall, and then I invited you in
to have front row seats? Well now I’m giving
you stuff to take away. How cool is that? Why am I doing it? ‘Cause I want you to get this. You guys, this changed my life. E-commerce, selling products online has changed my life so much, and I want it to change yours too. I love teaching about this, I love talking about it, I love when you leave comments and share, to get my message out to help others get out of that financial
crush, and that ugh. Just junk that we fill the heavy load, and E-commerce is such a
great, fun way to do it. So, thanks for geeking out with me. Check out my other videos, they’re floatin’ around here somewhere, and I’ll see you guys next week. Bye! (rock music)