Hi, I’m Karen Holst from Start Within.
We’re all about inspiring and enabling you to rise within your company or
organization to launch new products, services, or solutions. In our last video,
we looked at how Amazon continues to innovate in the groceries business from
delivering to people’s homes to setting up its own physical grocery store. These
two tactics seem to contradict each other until you realize that they solve
different problems that people have with buying groceries. Today we’re going to
look at how you can take a new approach to innovation and apply it to almost
anything. Whether you run a company, want to make your own job easier, or to tackle a personal project, innovation is for everyone and everything. Because
innovation is really just problem-solving. What do we do now and
how can we make that easier. Too often, we look from very far away. Like the
customer needs some cereal. So they buy some cereal. They eat some cereal.
Yum-yum-yum. But the process of buying cereal is a job filled with tasks that a
customer has to do. And it involves many steps. When you break down the whole job, from start to finish, it’s so much easier to see where you can innovate. Because
often, the steps are completely different activities. So they need completely
different solutions. So let’s do a quick list of the steps in grocery shopping.
Make a list of what you need, mental or written. Get to the store. Try to find the
items you want. Queue up to pay. Pay, Take your groceries home. Unpack the groceries. That’s seven steps already, but it’s just a start. And you could break each of
those down much further. Getting to the store involves many steps, and your needs will be totally different if you’re hopping on a metro in a city, or driving
through the countryside. Finding your items seems quite simple, but what about
comparing similar products? Checking out in-store promotions or coupons? You could create an app or a new system for every one of these steps within steps. So you
can totally apply this to your customers, or your department, or your own personal
projects. Whatever you want. Take a good look at the whole job being performed,
and break it down carefully into all the steps it takes. Then step back and you’ll
see which steps are causing the most problems. Your innovation could just be a
matter of fixing those one or two steps. Give it a try. Think about some small job
you don’t enjoy, and see if you can really isolate that one step in the job
that bugs you most. Hopefully that will let you know how to fix it. Let us know
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