Hi, my name is Chris from AV Express, today
we’re here with the Aeon 40112 Full Motion TV Wall Mount with Long Extension for 32 to
65 inch TVs up to 70 lbs. and will show you how to install it. We appreciate your thumbs up and likes on
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product videos like this one. We also welcome your feedback as to how we
can improve our products and services. So, the Aeon 40112 or AV Express part number
104-1162 will attach to a single wood stud, concrete or masonry wall, since we are installing
ours to a wood stud we will use the four inner mounting holes, if installing this mount to
concrete or masonry you will use the six outer mounting holes. The Aeon 40112 features a long extension of
29” (pull mount out and place back on table) and supports TVs ranging from 32 to 65 inches
in size. The far-reaching extension of this mount will
allow you to swivel your TV left or right or even into another a room through a doorway
since it reaches so far. To begin, there are a few tools you will need
to complete this install…a level, a pencil, a T square, a drill and a 3mm” drill bit,
a stud finder, measuring tape, a metric socket set, and a Philips screwdriver. First let’s establish the ideal location
and viewing height for your Full Motion TV mount, this will depend on the height and
distance from your viewing area…let’s get started. Your mounting height will be contingent on
a few factors, whether you are standing or sitting when watching TV and whether your
viewing area is far away or up close. If your TV is farther away you may want to
place it at a slightly higher angle for comfortable viewing. Next, measure the distance from the floor
at which you will be watching TV. If you are sitting this is around 40 inches,
standing around 60-70 inches from the floor. This distance from the floor will be the center
of your TV once the TV mount is installed. Next, with a stud finder, locate the center
of a nearby wood stud where your TV mount is to be installed and mark the center of
this stud. On the same stud, also mark the desired height
at which your TV will be installed. Now with your level against the side of the
backplate place the TV mount against the wall and align the middle hole of the backplate
with the pencil mark that is the desired height of your TV. Now mark the remaining three pilot holes with
a pencil. Next, pre-drill all four mounting holes using
a 3mm drill bit ensuring to drill straight, not crooked as this can split or miss the
wooden stud causing premature failure. Next place your Full Motion TV Mount against
the wall and by hand thread the 1st lag screw into the mount. While taking care to ensure the mount is level,
we will start the other three lag screws by hand and then tighten them securely to the
wall with a 14mm socket. The Aeon 40112 is now affixed to the wall,
next we will attach the adapter plate to the back of our TV. This Swivel TV Mount will accommodate all
VESA sizes from 100x100mm to 400×400, however for VESA sizes 300mm and 400mm square the
adapter wings must be used in conjunction with the mount. If your VESA size is 100mm or 200mm square
the adapter wings are not needed and the TV will be installed directly to the adapter
plate. To begin, select the proper mounting hardware
from the included hardware kit that will fit into the four threaded holes on the back of
your TV. Once you located the correct hardware, make
sure the screws are not too long or too short and thread properly into the back of your
TV. If you do not need the adapter wings simply
thread all four screws through the adapter plate into the back of your TV but leave them
a little loose so they can catch the channel on the top of the adapter plate. Once you have done so install the bottom two
screws through the adapter plate and tighten them securely. Since our TV has a larger 400x400mm VESA pattern
we do need to use the adapter wings and will show you how to this. Next, to install the adapter wings on the
back of your TV make sure the top two screws are facing you and the bottom two screws are
facing the adapter plate. (show inset) This way the screws will hook
into the channel on the adapter plate and the bottom screws will thread through the
adapter plate. Now, lift the back of the TV up to the adapter
plate, note this portion of the installation will require two people and hook the top two
screws into the channels on the adapter plate. Now, attach the nuts onto the bottom two screws
and tighten them securely into place. Lastly, if your TV is not completely level,
loosen the 3 screws on the front of the adapter plate slightly, level your TV as needed and
then retighten them. Now that the installation is complete we can pull the
Aeon 40112 a full 29 inches away from the wall. This will allow most 55 inch TVs to turn 90
degrees in either direction. When recessed close to the wall with a slim
1.8” profile, the TV will always be in the center position which is nice for viewing
or a clean look during storage. If you have any questions, concerns or need
some help with your install, give us a call at 877-302-8397 or visit us on the web at
www.av-express.com to see our full line of TV mounts and related products. We want to thank you for watching and thank
you for shopping with AV Express.