Kody is one of the best pieces of streaming software you can get in 2017 it not use stream content to your TV almost any internet-connected device and because it’s open source it’s extremely easy to customize and download to if you’ve already got an amazon fire TV stick or you want to try a new streaming solution in 2017 then this tutorial is for you today i will show you how to install Kody on fire TV or fire TV stick with downloader which is a free application available in amazon fire TV or firestick app store first go into fire TV settings options and then going to the device option after that going to developer option under the device option turn on apps from unknown sources you may also turn on a debugging or USB debugging as well since this may help with future sideloading that you may perform second exit to homescreen and navigates to the search button type in the Box downloader and click download or get to install it third launch downloader fourth type the following address in the box that reads enter the URL of the file you want to download HTTP colon double slash troll point dot-com / good distal and then click the next button fifth click the download button and go through the installation process to search the Kody icon back to the homepage and click the see all under the your apps and game option you will find the Kody icon at the bottom of the list 6 launch Kody to ensure it has installed correctly thank you for watching in my next video I will show you how to install Kody on fire TV or fire stick with uplink and computer