What is going on eBay sellers or hopefully soon-to-be eBay sellers My name is Beau Crabill, and I’ve been making money selling products on eBay Literally since I was 12 years old and in today’s video I want to go over about how to make a listing very efficiently and fast on ebay. So I’m just gonna get right into this And the first thing you want to do is first understand what product you’re going to list So I have this product that I sourced at the Nike outlet If you haven’t checked out my Tesla Thrifting Thursday (TTT) videos definitely check that out This sock sells for 12 something plus dollars on ebay bought for five bucks So what do you want to do is get the product You want to sell that is the first step and then the second step is to go find it in eBay I believe the easiest way to find a product in eBay is to copy the UPC code So every product that is new Is the name brand has? Tags on them has a barcode on the back that has a bunch of numbers It’s usually a 12 to 14 digit number at the UPC code if you put that UPC code into eBay Which I’ll show you in just a second. I’m gonna go on my computer and go to the screen share with you You’ll find that and to make it a lot Easier to list it because you already have so much more the data that will save you so much time So let me get into that right now Okay. So what I’m gonna do is just kind of look at the UPC code and type it into my computer right now so I have 0 9 1 2 0 8 3 5 7 7 6 1 4 then also when you do that Copy it because you’re gonna realize why you want to copy that later in this other step So copy that or and then paste it into eBay So then if the product sells well most like what’s gonna happen is there’s gonna are to be listings there and that’s good It’s not bad. There’s always things it’s good that there’s other listings there Then what you want to do is you want to click on one of them? So you click on one of them? That’s third step and then the fourth step is you want to find somewhere where it says Sell now when you’re listening pregnant eBay, you could go create from scratch, but the product is already in there You’re selling a name-brand product, which is a lot easier and better selling name brands online Then you want to hit just sell now So then once you do that It’s going to take you to a screen that already has a lot of populated data Now you don’t want to copy someones listing word for word. To be very honest Not just because for ethical reasons but probably most sellers on eBay that are listing on eBay Probably aren’t doing it the best way possible. So now what do you want to do is you create the title? So this is gonna be a lot of detail. You may have to come back and watch this several times this segment I’m gonna go over right now. But this is main important thing where I’m going the title the description the categories UPC codes, etc So with the title what I want at the start is what something is going Someone is going to search. So if someone wants to go buy this sock, they’re probably gonna search Nike sock nike elite sock. They’re not gonna search Nike dri-fit one and a half Crew Basketball socks they may search basketball socks so whatever the the key word that someone’s most likely going to search first with this is gonna take some thinking is You want to have that in beginning? So for this someone’s wanted to buy a sock. They’re probably going to search Nike is at the brand It’s an elite sock. They may not search elite sock for the probably searched sock that’s close to their nike elite Socks and then once you have that in or nike elite sock socks Then you want to start to put in some of the details. So like basketball Cushioned how I’m seeing that is because it’s right on here and then what all do towards the end is I’ll have the Sizes and colors you want that at the end? You don’t want that the beginning you don’t want color black the beginning you want at the end Unless it’s very like it unless someone’s gonna search color black and for the looking for that product So then I would do say size. This is a an XL the men’s shoe sizes 12 the 15 men’s Black right. Let’s go men’s 12 through 15 Black Red and that’s it for the title. I think that’s pretty good right there. So then what do you want to do is? The category store categories I’m not gonna go over that right now That’s they go in depth inside my ebay course, if you want to check out my eBay course, feel free to check that out But there are some benefits with that categories you’re good there you could change those up if you really wanted to I will actually I will change this up. I’m gonna change this to clothing category. So clothing shoes and accessories Ok, great. Let that load for a little bit Then you want to paste in the UPC code. This is so important because When you’re listing on eBay you may how they favor to tell who is the right? seller to buy from is a lot of details about the product and the more details you can get is better and if anybody understands what you’re selling so you put in the UPC code they understand what you’re selling. So you want to definitely put that in and Then you need to get pictures now many people are against on getting stock images and images that are on the internet But when you’re selling on eBay if you’re selling new products, which this still has the tags on them and everything? It’s okay to use the stock photos if you really want to then yeah, you can maybe take one photo yourself with your phone But to be very honest with you, I’m gonna get the stock photos if it’s a new photo so how I’m gonna do that is I’m going to copy the UPC code and I’m gonna go into Google paste into Google and Then I’m going to go find it on some other sites. So let’s say we go to Discount sporting store now I don’t want to steal their exact listing So what I’m gonna do is take screenshots of it, but we’re selling the same product and it’s okay. It’s it’s Nike right? so what I’m gonna do is Screenshot this on my computer. If you don’t have a screenshot if you’re on a Mac its command shift 4 the screenshot that Now I doing more and more pictures are better better angles is better, but for right now, we’re just gonna Make sure this the right one we are going to just use that one photo So then just add it into there whatever. It’s on your computer. Put it in there So then the pictures are in there. So now what you have to do, I mean eBay since you’re putting the UPC code That’s also why I’d really suggest putting the UPC code is your it’s gonna have you accept all these other item specifics So if these are correct Then you can just accept it all That’s great. So now the next thing you need to have is a Description so let’s go over the description right now. I would say what you can do what I like to look at descriptions is simply look at what it says on the So here it says something about like ventilation cushion You could start to type that out or if you want to to make it really really fast You could go to things like on target.com or Walmart.com and try to find a similar description to what they have Copy their description paste it in there, but then make it in your own words So just for right now, what I’m going to do is just write a quick description I can tell it’s off the back of this so it’s a nike elite socks size men’s shoe 12 through 15 color black Then I’m little just gonna type what Nike has written here I’ll go Ventilation that’s what it has on the back of it write that every product kind of has details intuition helps Cool key zones of the foot cushioning Helps minimize impact support system wraps the arc It’s something on those lines so that kind of just helps with better Details and the the customer that’s buying from you understands that you know What’s about the product so then the next steps is the pricing and shipping? Now I’m a firm believer that doing Buy It Now prices on ebay are better what I’ve known from selling on eBay in the years is Especially if you’re a beginner, you don’t want to be doing auctions Especially if you’re selling something a fixed cost it doesn’t doing buy it now is definitely better I would say for your business So it’s consistent. So what I used to do Do a fixed price. I do either 30 days or a good until cancelled. So then You don’t anything about the sort of the listings by now price? How you’re gonna find that out is off the price they could sell it for so for this I know I can sell for $12.99 which I go in depth in my big horse on how to tell the products tell as well Quantity I have for these so hit for just because I’ve some back there Sales tax you want to kind of understand how you’re running your business if you want to collecting sales tax or not? I’m not gonna talk too much about that right now Then your shipping so with shipping you want to make a template. That’s whatever comfortable for you I like to do first-class shipments on things that weigh less than a pound. So but that’s gonna be off your own case You’re gonna want to figure out how you want to do that and your return policy. I like to have a 30-day return policy and Then that looks like all you need to do with that. Don’t care about this stuff right here That’s for another topic. And that’s it. So you have everything in their address the pictures the titles as you can see I didn’t really speed this video up I know I’m kind of talking fast right now, but it didn’t take too much long time at all They hit the list item and you’re done So that’s really it for this video and hope you got some value out of this you may have to wash this over a couple Of times when you get your listings on eBay The biggest thing about selling on eBay is you want to get as many listings as possible for inventory that you’re selling? Because doesn’t matter if you source it. You’re not gonna sell until you make a listing so Thank you so much for watching this video if have any questions at all or any videos you want to see about some on eBay Drop them down below in the comments and I will reply to your comments feel free to follow me on social media @Beaucrabill subscribe to this youtube channel to get more helpful content about selling on ebay and most my videos are about selling on amazon and That is about it. Have a great night everyone make sure to LIKE and subscribe