what’s going on guys today we’re gonna
talk about how I made it 7k on the side and you can too alright guys so I want
to talk today about how I made 7k on the side by literally doing no work at all
now I put a little bit of work in obviously that goes without saying but
realistically it wasn’t much at all I listed a few things and then kind of
just collected sales and money as the year went on so what was the time frame
that I specifically made the 7k in how did I do it where did I do it what did I
sell and how did I go about this entire process and tell you all that here right
now so that you can replicate that if you want and make money yourself with
the same exact method and I honestly might have done you know when the
beginning when I was listening maybe an hour every other week and then probably
nowadays I literally don’t do anything I don’t do anything I don’t even share
really realistically anymore my automation software does that for me and
I simply just collect the money so it goes through you know I’ll be going
through my day I don’t even pay attention to this obviously we’re gonna
talk about Poshmark which is an app and a site here in a second that’s where I
list the clothes and actually make the sales but I’d literally do nothing and
go out my daily bait my day just like a normal day I do a little bit of
arbitrage in the morning I record some stuff like this where I’m talking to you
maybe I take a couple consulting calls and I go back to recording some content
and editing and then you know maybe I script some stuff for the next day and
kind of get situated before I read or something like that
it’s my typical day I don’t do any selling I don’t I don’t push any clothes
I don’t share anything on Poshmark nothing every once in a while every
couple days or so I’ll get a sale on Poshmark and collect an extra 10 to 50
bucks potentially depending on how many sales that is per day without doing
anything because I’ve built the business up and set it up this way you can do it
too so how do I do it first and foremost what was the timeframe how much money
did I make because I’m basing this claim off the fact that I made seven grand and
that was actually over this entire year to date so it’s currently 11 one
November 1st so that’s 11 months that I made 7 grand not the best but if you
factor in the fact that I literally have done no work whatsoever I’m sure you can
use an extra 7 grand this coming year or the next year after that and every year
to come potentially and there’s no reason why you can’t exponentially
increase that once you build up you’ll see here that I only have about
forty-two thousand followers on Poshmark and I my automation software shares for
me and I have about 370 listings and I made about seven GS with obviously
they’re still close I’m gonna show you here in a second so seven grand divided
by that’s seven hundred that is not seven grand seven grand divided by
eleven months is about six hundred and thirty six dollars a month so that’s
about six hundred and thirty six dollars extra that I get paid a month for
literally doing nothing because I set some stuff up on this website so let me
show you here exactly what I mean before I talk about what you can sell how you
can source products and how you can actually scale this business model up so
you can make that money so here’s I actually sold this today I had two pairs
of these Express photographers stretch cotton pants I’m gonna show you this
here in a second they don’t fit me anymore they were 34 there were 32 34 34
30 twos or something I’m a 32 32 so they were a little bit wide in the waist so
they didn’t really fit me so I actually sold one of these today and I will be
shipping that out a little bit later so that’s an extra 30 bucks that I just
made Poshmark takes its cut but they take their cut from the buyer so if you
list it for 29 you don’t pay shipping the buyer pays the shipping the buyer
pays the fees you get paid that $29 or actually I take the back I apologize you
do actually pay the fees the buyer pays the shipping you pay the fees so if I
listed this for 20 29 2 bucks I forget what I actually make but let’s check it
where is this I might make of course it’s not gonna tell me here I might make
like 32 bucks from this there’s a slight percentage that posh Martin Poshmark
takes or sorry 22 bucks but the key here is it doesn’t cost you anything to list
it doesn’t cost you anything to ship it they literally you can print the
shipping out label for free shipping label out for free ship that product in
free envelopes which I’m going to talk about here it’s super simple free
envelopes and free boxes that you can get from the post office 100 sent free
the whole business model can be set up super super cheaply and pretty much free
and you can use old clothes so you can sell your old clothes in your closet or
you can sell other stuff that you source really really cheaply I’m gonna give you
examples of both of those here in a second so let me just go through my
closet and show you exactly all the stuff that
sold sold sold sold sold sold sold just cuz continue scrolling your sold sold so
all sorts of stuff sold all these are not for sale because I cancel the
listings but sold sold sold sold sold sold sold sold sold sold sold sold I
could keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling I’ve sold so many things on
the site and the key here is it’s not like another e-commerce platform I don’t
do any work I really don’t I barely do any work and you don’t have to either
you can setup automation software to do while you’re sharing for you what do I
mean by that put simply I’m not going to get into this to too much but if I were
gonna go to let’s go to a party typically what happens is Poshmark is a
site where people go ahead and they buy and sell clothes but people are really
really passionate on this app and for whatever reason they like to share your
content they like to put it they’ll post you know they’ll share your potential
closet listening to their followers they’ll share your potential closet
listing to you know their their followers on Twitter or their their
Pinterest page or whatever it is so basically what you do is you go through
and you typically share stuff and then those people will see that you shared
and they’ll share it back to their followers and that’s how you gain
exposure and sell clothes without getting too to into the business model
you don’t have to do that you can set up automation software that does all that
for you 24/7 and that’s how you scale it up with no work necessary now when you
do go ahead and list you’re not to list some stuff obviously but it’s super
super simple so if you can use an extra six hundred to a grand a month by pretty
much doing nothing I would suggest looking in the Poshmark now I do have a
Poshmark course there’s a $10 discount link in the description if you guys want
to check that out and go ahead and grab that it will teach you the ins and outs
of setting up stuff listing the stuff the most optimal time to share endless
how to form your listing so that you get the most bang for your buck and exposure
on the on the actual platform and then obviously how to set the automation up
so that you can basically scale this business up you can do this on the side
like I do I literally I don’t even do this an hour a week I might do this
twenty minutes a week all I simply do is what I’ll do here is I’m about to tell
you some specific examples of stuff you can sell this is something I sourced on
Amazon for 50 Cent’s if somebody went ahead and bought this I could sell this
this is a an anti snore kit so I could go ahead and sell this on Poshmark for
like 10 to 20 bucks and one buys it I make money I put it in the prepackaged
steal the package up prints the shipping label out tape it onto the front
and boom Dawn’s dropping in a post-office mailbox somewhere it’s paid
for I don’t do any work takes maybe five minutes of my day on the way home to
drop it in you know on the way back to my actual apartment to drop it in the
mailbox super simple now these are free you can
get boxes from post office free all different sizes 100% free I show you the
how to do that in the course I believe the tape was like I bought a package of
it right here on Amazon as I frequently do for arbitrage as well for I think it
was like ten bucks for six of these things so super cheap super easy to set
up and the key here guys is you can scale this business model you can make
the six hundred dollars a month on the side you can scale this business model
all the way up to probably a couple grand a month realistically if you have
enough things to sell so what can you sell well you can sell a lot of things
for example like I said the express photographer short pants so this is
something for my closet I have a bunch of other stuff right over there that I’m
about to list might take me 20 minutes the list 30 things super super easy
super cheap super simple super cheap it’s super free and that’s realistically
it you can start with old stuff from your closet everybody has old clothes
that they don’t wear that have just hit the back of the rotation in the closet
you can flip them and make money off them then use that couple hundred bucks
that you use to make money off those old clothes and turn it into a longer-term
business on Poshmark if you want to do that we can take that money invested
into another all in term business off the site the key here is it’s super easy
to make side money on Poshmark because people are already inclined to buy
clothes on the site they’re already looking for all the name brands and all
the clothes on this website you can sell any use clothes on this website you can
sell new clothes on this website you can sell new items that are close or
relevant on this website and people for some reason I’m not a Poshmark
aficionado but for some reason they love buying clothes on this website I don’t
get it but I’ll gladly take their money in
exchange for the clothes I do not want so I would recommend that if you want to
go ahead and straight sourcing I teach you how to straight sourcing I teach you
how to do that in course you know source items that are that are sent new on
Amazon like this right here i source these all the time for like 50 cents to
two bucks return on Poshmark you know is probably a good 10 to 20
bucks per item roughly depending on the item make a lot of money doing that if
you’re not gonna do arbitrage with these you can sell them back on a Poshmark
or for whatever reason anything else that you might have around
the curl around the house that are close relevant you can also go to the backyard
cause it and sell like I said those old clothing items and make money that way
and then reinvest them back into a boutique or buy wholesale from a
Poshmark manufacturer I teach you all that in the course so I want to talk
about that today because it’s a great opportunity to make some side money it’s
also a great opportunity to make a living you know if you’re looking for an
extra hunter not not sure hundred an extra couple of thousand dollars a month
this might be a good option for you especially if you’re more clothing
oriented so lengthen description to the $10 discount link for the course if you
want to grab that hit that like button if you appreciate the value in today’s
video and you appreciate you know me kind of going through and showing you
exactly how I’m making money online because I love to share those things
with you and with that being said I’ll see you the next one