Welcome to the Royal Bank of Scotland
How to make a payment using Digital Banking video. First you need to log into
your Digital Banking service in the normal way. You should know she account summary. To make a payment click the payments and transfer link as shown. Under the section make a payment or transfer select make a payment or transfer. On this screen please select which account
you wish to make the payment from using the drop-down as shown. Then select where you wish the payments to using the next drop-down box. If you wish to pay someone
you’ve not made a payment to before use the pay someone new link. And then
enter the amount you’d like to transfer. and finally choose the date you wish to
make the payment or select send now, and then click Next. You can now see
details of the payment you wish to make, please check information you’ve entered
and if you’re happy click confirm. Your payment has now been arranged if you wish
to keep a record of this payment please print this page and if you wish to make
another payment please use the make another payment or transfer link as
shown. Thanks for watching