How to Make a Website Quick and Easy with GoDaddy 2019 Hey everybody! I’m Emily and in the next
few minutes we’re gonna build your website. When we are done here,
your site will be live on the internet and ready for your first visitors. Okay,
all set to start? Let’s click on the “Get an Account” button and go through the setup process. We will need the usual suspects: email,
username and password. Once our account is created, we will be taken into the website builder itself. Today we are going to set up a
site for our salon. If we were setting up a site for our accounting business or
painting business or other type of business, we would select one of those
business types. The name of our site is Perfect Nails. Now let’s build the site
itself. Let’s choose a theme – we can customize this further, later. If we
already had brand colors we could enter a custom hex code as well. We are going to set up the basics for our
salon now so our customers can find us both in person and online. To find us
online, our customers need to type in our domain name. This is the web address that visitors will use to reach us. We have two options for our domain. Our site
comes with a free domain through, this is what we see on the page right now. Or we can use a custom domain. Let’s search for a domain and see
what’s out there. Attach any social accounts using the
social accounts integration. Ok, we have a basic site setup! That was easy! Let’s click the home button and let’s get back to editing. We now have a theme, a website name, and our basic information is updated. Right now, we only have one
page, the home page. Depending on the business category you select, you may
have other pages. Click on home to make changes. Let’s start at the top with our
header. This is a focal point of our site, and the first thing visitors will see
when they arrive. We want to make sure it looks great. All of the images we see
throughout our site can be changed. The GoDaddy website builder automatically adds stock photos we can choose from which is pretty cool. Of course we also
have the option to upload your own photos. Let’s change the cover photo here.
Let’s go to stock media to see our pre-loaded options. Once we have selected an image, we can also change the way it fits on the page. If we had a logo we could upload it here.
We are going to change the text that appears on the page here, too. The homepage automatically creates pages and sections depending on the business category we selected in the beginning. In
this case, with a salon, we see “About Us”, “Services”, “Social Icons”, and “Contact Us”. These can all be modified, reordered or removed. Let’s change this tagline here. Let’s add a page for our services. Let’s
add a new section. And we want to have a menu of our
services and our prices. What other content can we add? Let’s take a look. In the future we might want to add a blog to our website, or allow your
customers to schedule appointments, or set up an online store to sell products
and take payments. If we had a restaurant, we might want to sync up with OpenTable
for reservations. It can all be done through here. We are almost done. Let’s
take one more look before publishing. okay this will work it’s time to publish Now our site is online and accessible to
visitors. We will probably have some ideas for adding new things later, so we can
always log back in here and make any updates. We should log into our dashboard on a regular basis so we can see recommendations to optimize the site,
such as getting your business listed on Google, leveraging search engine
optimization tools, or adding email marketing to bring customers back. We can also review stats about our site’s performance once it’s been up and
running for a day or so. Hopefully this video has shown you how easy it is to
make a website. Check out our YouTube channel and subscribe to find more
videos about how you can make the most of your business online. I’m Emily, see
you next time.