hi eBay sellers its Suzanne a well
thanks for coming back for another video and today I want to talk about the false
prophets P-R-O-P-H-E-T-S of eBay and prove to you that some of these people who are
advising you on YouTube have no idea how to do eBay and I’ve been doing this a
really long time and I just want to speak up and get you to think about what
you’re listening to and watching and make your own decisions so what I’ve
been seeing over the past maybe six to 12 months are people coming onto YouTube
to document their eBay journey and I think it’s great that they are getting
into eBay and learning it and you know whatever they’re doing leaving their job
or starting a retirement business I have no problem with that sharing information
is wonderful where we get into trouble is when these folks start to advise you
on how to do things and the reason I’m doing this video is because this week
I’ve had three people come to me and say they got suspended or their account is
compromised in some way because you know it’s below standard because they were
doing things that so-and-so on YouTube is talking about so I know that there
are people out there that are Mis advising and because they don’t know the
business and this isn’t something you can learn in six months so let me just
go over some things that you should be looking for before you take anybody’s
advice because you know the Internet’s a great place anybody can make a video and
say whatever they want and not have to back it up I am all about proof I am all
about their research and I have been doing this business since 2003 every
single day not just here and there I show you my store
or you can see what I’ve been doing so the first thing I want to say and I have
my notes because I don’t want to forget anything
look at how experienced the person is get their store name and if they won’t
tell you their store name that’s your first red flag that this is a problem
you should be sharing this information I’ve shared my store name since the
beginning Atlanta golf shop if you go look at it now I’ll put a link below the
video I am NOT a huge seller I’ve never been a huge seller my claim to fame in
the eBay community is consistency and continual learning I do have a second
store I don’t publish that but I do publish
one my first store and my store with the longest reputation that’s been out there
the longest time so find out you know how how long has they been a seller if
they just started selling six months ago they shouldn’t be giving you advice
they’re still learning and anybody in this business knows that you continue to
learn every single day you have never learned at all
there’s one person on YouTube that I have checked out that is
relatively new and this person is trying to build an ebay channel and eBay Sariah
YouTube channel and eBay store information products just about 25
different things at once and so I checked out this person’s store and
there are errors all over it their listings aren’t even mobile optimized
the font on their mobile listings are like you can’t even read it it’s so
small their titles are not optimized they are not following eBay policy some
of these people this one in particular has had a very violation and so you’ve
got to be careful who you’re listening to do they even know the rules so in a
lot of cases know also are they talking about sales or are they talking about
profit two very different things and anybody that followed me knows I only
talk about profit because you could have a ten thousand dollars in sales a month
but if your profits only a thousand dollars is that even worth doing so
sales mean nothing profit is what matters
profit is going to is the thing that’s going to keep you from going out of
business it’s not your sales numbers it’s your profit so are these people
sharing their profit numbers and are they accurate the next thing you need to
look at is where did this person come from a lot of these movies on in the
eBay world come from either sales or retail backgrounds and while that can be
good eBay is not the same as a retail store it’s very different the same rules
don’t apply pricing is done through experimentation on eBay eBay requires a
lot of you know following your hunches following your intuition experimenting
it’s not like when you go to work for Macy’s and they say you know our our
profit is this we buy our products at this we sell them at this our turnover
should be this eBay is very different you cannot streamline this the same way
a retail store does because you’re getting all your merchandise from
different places paying different prices for it selling things for all different
categories it’s not like Macy’s clothing department where you’re buying
everything at a set price and you want to sell it at a set price and you have
very specific ways to do that eBay does not work that way and for people coming
from sales background they just they cannot understand why they they’re
trying to make this formula you know if I have this many items and they sell for
this much then I’m going to make this much money forever and it just doesn’t
work that way you have ups and downs things on eBay change rules change
products are no longer allowed it’s a constant evolution so anybody that’s
coming on – trying to cookie-cutter an eBay
business and tell you to do this this this and this and you will make this
they have no idea what they’re talking about
also in retail they have the 3-month rule where something should only be on
the sale for for three months people bring that mentality into eBay
and eBay has no seasons people from all over the world in all different climates
and all different economic situations buy on eBay every day so if you’re if
you think your inventory is going to sell through in three months you are
sadly mistaken I’ve had things that sell after two years that’s just the way it
works it’s it’s not something you can boil
down to a formula or an equation it is 90% experimentation and if you don’t
have that the guts to do that if you’re not willing to take a risk to figure it
out then eBay is not for you because there is never going to be a formula
where you’re going to be able to say a plus B plus C minus D equals e never
going to look like that also somebody’s folks coming onto
YouTube they’re doing like five new things at a time they’re doing eBay
they’re doing YouTube trying to make money on the ads they’re they’re doing a
storage unit auctions they’re you know doing all these different things trying
to run a Facebook group trying to do stuff on Instagram trying to you know
start on the side businesses information products and you know what are they
doing what you can’t build five businesses at one
time in six months it’s just never going to work so you know I just want to show
you that I have been called an eBay expert but I’ve never called myself that
I want to show you some things where I’ve been in the press over my time
being an eBay teacher and you know show you my credentials you know why why
should I be on YouTube talking about eBay well first of all it’s a passion
for me it’s a calling I would do day every day even if I didn’t get paid
because I love it it is fun I love the customers I love
the process I love finding things it’s almost like oh I found this thing at
Goodwill for three dollars and I sold it for 50 and I feel like I got away with
something and I can do something that other people don’t know how to do and
it’s it is a calling so I started a blog in 2007 and the reason I started that
blog was because I had been selling on eBay for about four years I had lost my
job and went through a divorce at the same time it was the third time I had
been downsized out of a job and I just decided I’m not doing that again I’m not
going to get a regular job because I don’t want to have to go through this
again so I like figuring out what to do and I started putting some things up for
sale on eBay only because my neighbor told me not to have a garage sale
she’s like just sell it on eBay you can make money every day and what’s eBay so
I went and figured that out and the first thing I sold sold for $80 and it
was just something was in my basement that I wasn’t even using I was hooked
after that my first month I made $1,500 profit just selling stuff around my
house and the next month I made a little more and next month I made a little more
and I said I’m just going to do this on purpose and this was before there were
all the books on eBay it was before Facebook it was before you had all these
information products about how to do it it would just figure it out so that’s
what I did and people started to notice what
Suzanne doing you know selling all this new stuff and why she always go into
Goodwill and stuff like that and they come in my house and see the clothes
everywhere and so they started asking a bunch of questions so I started
answering them on email and I had all these emails I was copying and pasting
and sending to all these different people and somebody said why don’t you
just put it on a blog and everybody can read it and I’m like what’s a blog so I
figured out how to set up a blog and my first post was in March
of 2007 and I started writing on that and just sharing information with people
to try and help other mostly stay-at-home moms make a little money
like I was doing I was in Atlanta there was no way I could get all the stuff
that was out there there was just too much and it dawned on me will other
people could be buying this making money too and I’ll tell them how to do it so I
started writing a blog I still ride on it today it has I think 800 and
something posts so I did that then YouTube came along I started putting a
few videos up on YouTube that was in 2007
so I started posting there then Facebook came along in 2008 and I started a group
which exists today with over 25,000 people in it
eBay sellers around the world took advantage of that platform Pinterest
came along in 2012 I took advantage of that platform I’m on Twitter that came
along as a way to communicate with people so all of this evolved naturally
for me I didn’t just wake up one day and say I’m going to start a YouTube channel
and an eBay business and a Twitter account and buy storage unit auctions
and teach people how to sell it was an evolution a natural organic evolution of
how I got here today to be this person that teaches others how to sell so as I
was doing all of this the media started to recognize me and so here’s a magazine
that I was in this is called eBay life it’s out of Australia and this was um
2010 I don’t know if she’s going to be able to see this the date there 2010
over on the right and the article is about useful websites so this was in
Australia and here’s the article and there’s me let’s be a selling coach
talking about my blog okay so a magazine eBay life in Australia found me on the
Internet wrote an article okay the next thing is
eBay life again in 2012 and they actually just republished the same
article because guess what I was still there and so there I am again eBay
selling coach Suzanne wells eBay coach and that was an
article about me there another example is I was in Money
Magazine and this was May of 2013 here at the top and they actually called me
on the phone for this interview and they were talking about how to get the best
price for your cast off and Here I am quoted right here at the top here
Suzanne well blah blah blah and what I said there so money magazine says I know
a lot about eBay then we have this magazine called all you this is I know
it’s sold at Walmart much on target I’m not sure where else it sold but this was
March of 2013 okay and they interviewed me for spring cleaning right here so at
the very bottom it says right here Suzanne well you know contributed to
this article okay so there I am on that one and then in 2013 again woman’s world
the cover story was make big bucks on ebay mega seller moms share rags to
riches Trix this was also a phone interview and I
will do a shout out to Sonya Lee Han who is in
Facebook group that interviewed her too and then here’s me over here talking
about selling clothing and that was in 2013 so I’ve also been interviewed by
Forbes I’ve been on podcast radio shows eBay eBay radio many times so that is
where my credibility comes from when I’m telling you these things I have a long
history of credibility and being recognized by the media for knowing what
I’m talking about so again I just wanted to put this out
there to be careful who you listen to because just because someone has a
flashy YouTube channel with lots of fun graphics and they can you know they know
how to make videos does not mean they know how to give advice on eBay so do
your due diligence check these people out there are a lot of smart people out
there who have blogs who make youtube videos and the shysters are kind of
mixed in with everybody else so it’s hard to recognize them but before you
take any advice from people about creative workarounds which that just
means policy violations do your homework look on eBay and check the rules or
Colley Bay and say is this allowed because there’s no creative workarounds
for eBay it’s hard work it’s time-consuming there is no way to
streamline the entire process its lists its taking pictures and listing and
that’s it it’s going to take time to build Rome was not built in a day
it’s taken me since 2003 to build all these businesses I have and while of
course it could be done faster anybody who thinks they can you know set up a
huge tremendous eBay business with thousands of products and make you know
a million dollars their first year I’m sorry I just I’m too old-fashioned
in my beliefs and I’m old enough to know that an overnight success usually means
a recipe for disaster later take your time
build your store carefully think about what you’re doing
build your store intelligently do the work
be committed be dedicated and have fun with it you got to love it or you’re not
going to want to do it every day you can’t just come to eBay and say this
looks like a good place to make a million dollars if you have to love the
work or you’re not going to be successful so I know this was long I
love your comments about folks you’ve come across on YouTube I had been
fighting this battle for years there’s so much height and so much crap and so
much misinformation about eBay on the internet I am trying to be the person to
rise above that and actually help people because I know eBay can be life-changing
I’ve seen it it was for me and I really care about what happens to you guys I
don’t want you to get suspended and lose your business because you took bad
advice so sorry for the rant have a great day on eBay bye