Hey guys this is Ted with OAXRAY and today
I want to go over how you guys can make money on directtomum.com. It’s a UK site and we’re going to source UK
to UK flips. Before we get started, we want to make sure
our key is input in that we select Amazon.co.uk. that You can also look for any of these settings
and set these however you’d like them and then hit save. Once our settings we go directtomum.com, it’s
a UK site and if we’d like we can check out the policies at this store to see what the
return policy is, we can see it’s going 365, they do price match and they also do
free delivery. To jump right in here I’m going to go to play
time and I’ll just go to Cuddly toys and from here I notice that this is auto populating
store products per page to save time I’m going to put this on 48 products per page and click
on the OAXRAY extension. Right away we see it starts running and we
can see our progress and it looks like everything is completed. If I’d like to sort this, I can click on
ROI here and it’s just gonna to show me the items that are positive ROI. I can also come over here and put in a rank,
my rank right now is 200 or 500,000; I’m going to change that to 250,000, my ROI is at minimum
40%, my net profit is at least $5 and my discount percentage is 10 right now. I saw that the store had a sale so I plugged
in 10. You also might be able to get some gift cards
on this site. To show only the “my buys” item I’m
going to click on “my buys” right here and here I am and I’m just kind of looking
to see what the ROI on some of these items are. Looks like we have kind of two candidates
here this little bunny and up here we have this little Bashful dog. I’m going to sort by ROI to see if anything
else comes up. That’s interesting, it looks like maybe we have three things. So first thing I am going to do is click on
this little cat since it has the highest ROI. As we scroll up we can see that is ranked
82,270 in toys, shipping weight is 340 grams, so it’s not a super heavy item and let’s see
if there is any FBA offer. I click here, looks like there is at least
one FBA offer. Before we start making any purchases we want
to be aware of the sales rank and how the sale rank structure works especially in the
UK. So if I were buying this item I would definitely
buy 1 or 2 and see what the seller rate of an item like this is. Now I have an extension called FBA fee calculator
here so I’m going to click on that and I’m going to move over to the FBA fee calculator
just to make sure that all the information is correct and it looks like we’re probably
going to spend about… I am going to have to poly bag this likely. So I’m just going to put in $1 for the prep
service and I’m going to put an inbound rate, there I’m going to put my buyer cost and I
am to buy it for about $16. After going back to the page I noticed the
costs $18 not $16 so I go back here I’m going to put in my buyers cost of $18 recalculate
and it looks like I’m going to spend the 18 dollars on this item, I’m going to sell
it for $42. 49 cents, I’m going to spend about a to prep
it because I have to put in a poly bag and I just want to make sure I cover all my costs. I’m going to make $15.34. Because the rank is a little high probably
buy 1 or 2 of these and see how it sells. Let’s go to one of these other products. I’m going to look at this little dog thing
right here. Looks like it’s a little cuddly toy. Click on both links to open them up. Looks like it’s 56% ROIs, you spend $11 make
about $6 on it. So here we are with our listing here, it looks
like it has 2 reviews, the stock image looks to be the same on both so it looks like this
is the same price and everything. I click over here, I notice that it’s selling
for $22.49 and that looks like a prime seller, MV trade, I
believe it’s available for Prime, actually it doesn’t even say that. So if you’re on this listing you’re probably
in a better position than some of these sellers since they are not prime sellers. As I scroll down I can look at the reviews,
I know it has to 5 stars, that’s great. Looks like the sales rank is 76,149. Now that we’ve verified all the information
let’s move over to the FBA fee calculator. You can click that right, you come to a screen
like this. $22.49 is what we hope so to sell this item
for, that’s what the with the buyer box price is and we’re going to plug in $11 which
is our buy cost. Remember if you can get this item a little
bit cheaper using gift cards or Ebates or something like that, I have that in there
so you can get a better cost estimate. I’m using $1 for the prep service fee because
I’m assuming we’re going to have the poly bag this item because it is kind of like a
soft peluche. So if we spend 11 bucks, it looks like we’re
going to make a little bit under $5.50. So it’s in the high,
Looks like 49.8% or 49.9% ROI. Probably purchased a couple of these to see
how they sell and then just replenish them if needed, if this item sells quick enough. Thank you for watching this video and how
you can make money on Amazon.co.uk selling items from directtomum.co.uk. Thank you very much, have a great day and make some money using OAXRAY.