Hey everyone Rigo here And in this video we are going to be talking about how to make money online without recruiting or selling anything in 2019 now I know it sounds a little too good to be true But I promise you it is not too good to be true. It’s actually very doable very simple The one thing you will need that I’ll let you know right up front is you need to have a job? If you don’t have a job then this is not gonna work for you guys So if you don’t have a job, hopefully you do if you don’t well, you know can’t help you. Sorry about that But if you do have a job stick with me, so this is something very easy to do but unfortunately Most Americans don’t have the knowledge don’t know but most Americans pay too much taxes they pay way too much too many taxes to the government and The government keeps a lot of the money that you’re making that they don’t need to that. They shouldn’t Well, I mean legally they can because you don’t fill out your W form, right? So what is a your w-4 form, right? So what is a w-4 form? It’s basically just a form that you fill out whenever you get a new job You know, you fill out your dependents and all that good stuff, but most people don’t fill it out, right? Don’t feel it all correctly. So they end up paying too many taxes too much too much money to the government So that’s why the government keeps a lot of your money Fortunately with our company we show you how to not pay as much taxes as you do and Get back more of your money through the your paycheck. So your monthly income increases Basically, this is just a mess very simple method to increase your month your monthly income Now many of our members the average member usually gets back around $200 a month extra So, you know, you can imagine getting $200 a month extra without, you know not having to ask your boss for a raise Not having to you know Do extra hours to put in overtime, you know Not – do any of that you keep living your life how you’re already living it But you have $200 extra a month in your bank accounts. So That’s awesome guys that a lot of people would benefit from this that’s you know groceries gas You know, maybe helping your with your mortgage with the car payment, whatever you want to use the for that’s completely up to you But you know, can you imagine having two hundred dollars extra a month? That’s awesome. And by the way, that’s kind of the average One of our members on on one of our webinars we have team webinars Which I’ll go over a little bit later One of our members may come and sit during one of our live webinars that she actually got eight hundred dollars a month Extra because somebody had mentioned does this really work? She said yeah because I’m receiving $800 a month extra now on my paycheck, you know That’s money that she was paying the government and now she doesn’t and by the way We do this with tools that the IRS provides with us the Internal Revenue Service They provide these tools because they themselves on the website You know mention how ordinary how you know most citizens pay too much taxes how to make money online without recruiting or selling anything in 2019 So they are they have tools that they offer on their official website that you can you know, it’ll help you do this And so you can end up paying less taxes keeping more of your money. So Very very cool. Very very easy So yeah, I mean guys a ton dollars a month that’s you know, like eight nine thousand six hundred dollars extra a year So, can you imagine having that much extra money, you know, even if it’s just two hundred dollars That’s what two thousand four hundred dollars extra a month. I know I would love that so so That’s really awesome guys. That’s it. And it’s very simple. It’s very easy to do now, how can you do that? You might ask. Well, let me go ahead and show you guys here with our company my econ we show you how to do just that so I’m gonna go ahead and log in and show you guys where Where we show you how to do that and it’s very simple guys myecon review You just watch a short video by the way, that’s called a we call it basically you know this little process we call it the income shifting membership because it’s going to Shift your income. It’s going to give you it’s going to increase your cash flow every month That is what we’re trying to do with our company trying to increase everybody’s cash flow So, I’m sorry. I didn’t even mention it So what you basically do is just you go over here and you click on correct text Withholding after your you remember you go over here and you correct tax withholding still applies to this year. So that’s you know, that’s fine And basically what you do is you just watch this 19 minute video guys It’s really is that simple you you just watch it you follow you filling your own information? Of course, you know we’re all we all have different situations. Some people are single Some people are married some people both spouses work. Some people only one spouse and one spouse works So, you know, it depends on your situation depends So and you have to do you know, I can’t promise you you’re gonna be making eight hundred dollars more a month You know on your paycheck now, I I don’t know that you know, everybody situation is different, but you know Hopefully you’ll be making extra a good amount of extra money a month which by the way It’s it’s it’s money that you don’t have to work more towards like I mentioned, you know you don’t have to put in overtime or anything, so It’s it’s good in my opinion. It’s an awesome thing to do and it just kind of blows my mind I had no idea that most people pay too much Taxes and that you can actually be getting a lot of your own money back. So that’s really awesome guys So yeah, it really is that simple, you know, you just correct your w-4 w-4 form and You fill it out You know according to your situation and right after you’re done with the video right after you’re done with this, you know short process It’ll tell you how much you know, how much you used to make how much you’re gonna be making now, so myecon review 2019 really simple really awesome guys but that is not the only thing that our company does my econ like I mentioned earlier our Company also deals with a credit repair We actually have a credit repair system in place that all you know It’ll show you guys what to do in order to improve your credit It’ll show you guys how to how to dispute derogatory marks on your credit So you can you know debt is keeping your score low, you know We’re gonna show you how to delete all those negative marks how to delete them legally, of course how to delete them and you know start raising your score back up and you know, once you don’t owe any money, you know, hopefully hopefully week you can get everything delete it, you know, hopefully, you know, I can’t guarantee anything But you know, most people I’ve seen some people in our group who just like, you know They just have a bunch of marks and okay, we’ll all of these boom boom. Boom. Just everything got delete it So that’s really awesome for them. So, you know, I can’t promise anything About anything, you know face things I can’t make you any promises But I’ll but our members are just improving their financial situation so much and they’re really happy with the results. So So yeah, guys we have a what is called the our credit system. Oh, here we go My credit system here Like I mentioned it shows you how to do all that and our company I’ll show also You know educates you about investments And once you everything it comes together beautifully here you guys we increase your monthly cash flow So all that monthly cash flow Is used to delete your debt so or let’s say that you have you get everything Disputed you dispute everything and you have no debt Okay, we’ll use that cash flow to increase your credit now, you know, like I mentioned everyone’s situation is different I don’t know your debts I don’t know They’re like new debts or they’re older debts that you’re gonna be able to delete, you know Because you know you had a debt you have a debt that you know You just got you just bought a new car and you have that debt Well, I mean, obviously you can’t delete that you need to pay your car. But you know, we have a But we increase your income. So now you can pay that debt faster or free up more money now in race your credit So let’s say okay you’re increasing your credit awesome You you can use some of that money as well to make some investments and start building wealth We also have like a calculator that sets you that helps you set all this up and kind of plan everything out Which I’m probably not gonna go over here, but there are so many things. We also have a cashback mall You get cash back to thousands and thousands of retail in the united states. So We have a lot of stuff guys, but I I can’t go over everything because it’s gonna be an hour-long video I just want to go over the important stuff that you know the most helpful things the things that you probably want to hear more about myecon review So our credit system here is here. This is like a small introduction video and This is what I went over the income shifting, you know It’s shifting your income to be able to free up more of your money pay less taxes have more have more income increased cash flow 750 credit plan. This is the actual credit plan that I’ll click on right now. So you guys can take a quick look sits It’s basically a video course that shows you you know it’s step-by-step how to do everything how you can start working on your credit deleting deleting just Disputing debts that you might have that, you know if they don’t get verified and we’ll show you how to dispute them They don’t get verified by law. They have to get deleted off of your credit report And by the way, you law will also show you how to get you know A free credit report from three of the credit bureaus the main credit bureaus you’ll be able to get a free credit report from each one of them so So yeah, we’re gonna show you how to do that this by the way 750 monitoring monitoring. Sorry guys My my throat is a little try here But yeah The 750 monitoring here is basically it monitors your score if there’s any changes its gonna first of all It’s gonna show you what your scores and if there’s any changes While while you’re building your credit There’s if it’s a there’s an increase you’re gonna get a notification So it kind of mom like it like it says it’s going to monitor your credit. So it’s really it’s good stuff guys. It’s awesome It’s always nice to get an email that says hey your credit score just went up. So yeah so this is the course here the 750 credit plan because our goal is to get every one of our permit of our members to a 750 credit score at least you know you go you get into the 800 s that’s awesome So here we go the module number one introduction to the plan Module to obtaining your credit report credit scores how to read your credit report how to dispute items on your credit report how to remove negative payment history how to reduce credit how to add a credit history how to properly apply for new credit how to get credit mixture how to check disputes and Again, the income shifting and a summary of everything. So it’s really awesome information guys It’s really really awesome information. It’s information that everybody should know, you know when you’re in the online world some people are selling, you know weight loss products some but not everyone wants to do that of course, but Everyone wants to be in a better financial situation guys. So that is why this product is so awesome It’s it’s it really is something that everybody needs to have knowledge about So that is what our company offers like I mentioned there’s a lot other stuff that I won’t go over But I hope you see the value here Like I mentioned everything is kind of put together to help our members, you know, okay, let’s get you increased cash flow Let’s get more money in your pocket. Okay, now lets you have if you have debts you owe money Okay, let’s try to delete those. Let’s try to dispute everything myecon review 2019 So all these debts won’t be low won’t keep your low your score low now. Okay, you don’t know any money Okay, awesome. Let’s start growing your credit So and of course you can still have you know, whatever he owe your card But still you can still work on increasing your credit. So So yeah guys and then after all that, okay, let’s start building some let’s start building you build wealth Let’s start helping you, you know understand what? Investments you can make so you can start increasing your wealth. So Everything goes everything kind of goes hand in hand guys And and the ultimate goal is to get our members to you know to fix their own economy to grow wealth That’s why the company is called my econ my economy. So that’s the ultimate goal guys. Like I mentioned it a cash back ma There’s other stuff that you can you know, you can take advantage of you know if you’re a member, so the one thing the one thing that I want to mention, however Is that my credit system is available for a one-time payment and that? Is that is just a one-time payment that if if you don’t become an affiliate, there’s no monthly fee You just pay you just want the product. You just want to you. Just want to increase your income You know you want to make money without recruiting or selling anything in 2019, then there you go Here’s your answer You can do this by increasing your owe your own paycheck by basically giving yourself erase without asking your boss to give you erase So you can do that, of course But let’s say you want to become an affiliate you want to make money online. You want to grow a full-time income from home? By referring these kinds of products to other people like I’m doing right now, you know I’m showing you guys the value of these products any of you decide to buy well You know great so but I’m gonna fill you it guys so if you if you decide that you want to be an affiliate, then it’s only a fifty dollar fee upfront and then a monthly payment of thirty five dollars, which is I mean guys, it’s how to make money online without recruiting or selling anything in 2019 That I I just talked on the phone with somebody who who told who is looking for to fix their credit, right? So This person he was working with that person was charging him. I don’t know how this work says This is just what the person told me he was charging him $40 for each each mark peach derogatory mark on his credit report that he was able to to delete So he was paying thirty dollars then when he saw while this person. This is really, you know, this is important to this person They want to clear up their credit report then the guy said okay from now on I’m gonna charge you $100 per derogatory mark that I delete so The guy said Wow, okay. That’s I’m not gonna pay you that ever so he stopped dealing with him So that’s why he reached out to me and well, we don’t work that way I don’t have access to to your credit report and being able to delete stuff like that You have to do that on your own here, which is I think it was a little safer guys because yeah And I’ll tell you another something else that he told me he said that he had paid a person $1,000 up front and that that person said that his services would You know, whatever services he was offering they were gonna delete everything in 30 days They were gonna delete every derogatory mark and he gave him the thousand dollars upfront and didn’t you know just went about his day The thirty days passed he didn’t the person didn’t delete any of their information The guy said, you know, just can you give me more time? But he I think he wanted to charge more money. So I don’t know it was it was a weird situation. I Literally had this conversation like in the past hour but yeah, so so the guy said You know what? I’m not giving you more money and I want my money back The person didn’t want to give him his money back So he just went to his bank and you know to know disputed the money and he got his money back Which was awesome myecon review the thing is he gave away all his information to this person and this improvement this person now has his Information what he’s going to do with that information. I have no idea. I don’t know Hopefully he does nothing with it But that’s just kind of you know, one of the things that are dangerous about giving your information to someone else you don’t know how they’re gonna use it and And when it comes to credit repair people want to charge a lot So here, you know, it’s a one-time payment if you just want to deal with that if you want to become an affiliate You know, it’s the the one-time payment and then after that the monthly fee which I think is very cheap guys if the cashback mall If you use the cashback mall, you’ll you’ll be saving more than that a month guys. So it’s kind of a no-brainer for me I I personally think so And by the way, if you want to be coming to feel it we have a team we have I’m part of the 20/20 vision team by the way, and this is our Facebook page here that we We are all a part of all the paid members. We are all part of this team here We actually have a so let’s say you okay. I want to become an affiliate. I want to make a full time income online I want to you know learn about all this stuff so we can help you with that as well We also have a a app here a training app So let me go ahead and oh you’re trained. Yeah, here we go Where we go over everything you need to know just like a kind of introductory thing my econ team training Mindset training, you know, you have to develop a brand new mindset when it comes to to online marketing so We go over traffic, you know, which is pretty much getting people to see your offer following up on people The four basics you need to know how to get you know customers through Facebook and YouTube So making videos on YouTube like I’m making a video right now and I’m promoting promoting the company through a YouTube video You know, you have to provide value It’s not just like hey buy this, you know, you have to actually provide value to your customers. So I’m offering value showing why this is something that it could be really work You know using taking advantage of because everybody wants to improve their financial situation So when I saw this for me, it was a no brainer guys. So that’s why I’m a part of my econ and Also, we have a team webinar live team webinars on these dates that Sunday Tuesday Thursday Saturday And this is just like a little little testimonial video about our members. So Yeah guys that this is that’s pretty much it I mean I can go into more detail, but this videos already a pretty long I don’t want to make it any more longer than it has to be But yeah, my econ is a great place to be I’m very very happy with the results I’m getting you know, I’m working on my credit score and increasing my credit score The cash bag mall is awesome. I go to Walmart all the time, so I’m getting cash back on Walmart And I mean there’s a ton of other retailers and you know working on increasing my credit all that good stuff. So myecon review 2019 So yeah got any questions you might have I’m gonna be making more video. So make sure you subscribe to my video So yeah guys if you guys have any questions I’m gonna leave if you have if you want more information. You want to hear a little bit more about our team I’m gonna leave a link below for more information and or if you’re ready to sign up, you know I’ll leave the link down there if you want to contact me I’m gonna leave my facebook link to my personal Facebook You guys can go ahead and message me there now if I only do you want to contact me Just go ahead and message me a lot of people sometimes just kind of like friend requests me And then they don’t message me and I don’t know I get a I get a lot of friend requests I don’t know who wants to talk to me So just send me a message and I’ll approve the message and then I can friend you But yeah, just go ahead. If you have any questions, just go ahead and message me just directly message me I’m also gonna leave my email some people prefer to talk through email So, you know, that’s fine If you want if you want to get on the phone and talk I can get on the phone and talk to But of course you have to communicate that to me subscribe to the channel and That’s pretty much it. I can’t really think of anything else guys. Like I mentioned anything that you have a question about Let me know happy to answer So thank you guys for watching my video on how to make money online without recruiting or selling anything in 2019. So yeah guys, I will see you in the next one. Bye everyone