Are you getting the most out of your
Google Ads? Optimizing your campaigns can be tricky. In this episode, we will point
out some things you may have missed. Welcome back everyone! I’m Mike and today we’re going to show you five tips on how to make sure your Google campaigns are
running smoothly. You want to ensure that you’re properly set up in terms of geos, time zones, currencies, etc. For example, if you’re dealing with US clients, it only makes sense that your currency would be in US dollars. Are you tracking your data
properly? You could be missing out some key information if your conversion
events like sign-ups or add-to-carts are not accurately set up, or if you don’t
have solid measurements. If you know that most people will purchase your product three weeks after they click on your ad, then giving them a 30-day window to convert would be a good way to measure your success. Are you targeting the right audience? Google offers many advanced targeting options. You want to make sure
that you’re targeting the right users, placements and demographics for your
business. You don’t want to target seniors for children’s diapers. Are you using all the available creative assets for your campaigns? Google always has new updates, so make sure that you’re using Google’s new features, whether it’s responsive ads,
ad extensions, new gallery ads and so on. Are you appearing on all the relevant
keywords for your business? Are you reaching your full search potential? Make
sure that you’re targeting the people that want to see you by focusing on the
right keywords that will trigger your ad. You can even adjust your bids according
to users’ intent and keyword performance. We also recommend preparing a list of
negative keywords that will not trigger your ad. Some of these may sound fairly
simple and you may even think you set it up right, but there’s a chance you missed
something which can ultimately have a negative effect on your ad spend. If you
feel unsure about one of the steps you took, you may want to check with an
expert. Luckily, we may know a few! Check out the link in the description for a free audit of your Google account. Well, that’s all the time we have for today, guys. Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe to our channel for new content. For more
information, check out our blogs in the link over here or shoot us a question in
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