Paying bills just got easier with Bank of
America Online Banking. Sign in to Online Banking and click on the
Bill Pay tab to go to the Payment Center to set up a bill to pay. Entering bill information is easy, and you
only have to do it once. Make sure you have a copy of your bill handy,
and begin by choosing whether you want to add a person or a company. You can search for companies by category,
or by company name. If you don’t see the company you’re looking
for, you can always add it by entering in the company’s information. Click on the Other Company button. Enter the company information as it appears
on your bill, and click on Add. Select Finish, and you are done setting up
your bill. Once you’ve added the company, it will always
show up on your Bill Pay list. So the next time you’re ready to pay your
bills, all you have to do is enter the amount, select a date for payment, and click the Make
Payments button. It’s that easy. You can also set up automatic payments, scheduling
reminders, and request that your bills be delivered as an electronic statement, or e-Bill. If you have more than five billers set up,
you can organize your bills into groups. Setting up groups can help you manage your
monthly finances like utilities and pay dates. You assign your bills to the desired group. They will be displayed in the assigned grouping
on the Payment Center. For added convenience, once you set up your
billers, you can click the Bill Pay tile in your Activity Center the next time you want
to pay them. Bill Pay is a convenient way to pay all of
your bills and manage your overall finances. All from one trusted place. Plus, with the Online Banking Security Guarantee,
you can feel safe knowing your payments are protected and secure. It’s banking made easier. With Bank of America’s Online Banking. Try it today.