hey guys it’s Brian from BG media
innovation and I got a great one for you today so today we’re gonna piggyback off
that that last video that eBay video where I talked about kind of the
overview of me launching into eBay and seeing what it’s all about and kind of
testing it out for you guys so you know if that if it’s actually a legitimate
ecommerce platform that you might want to get into you know if you know
anything about the channel if you own anything about me are you taking any of
my courses you obviously know like I said in the
past video that I’m heavy and Amazon selling I do FBA both you know private
labeling and retail arbitrage so I’ll actually have my retail arbitrage course
linked in the description if you want to check that out
it’s a subscriber discount of only $10 so don’t worry it says 200 initially
it’s not it’s only ten bucks but moving on the very first thing you’ll want
you’ll notice when you hop on eBay for the first time and if you have an
established account then obviously you you’ve been through this before
but you’ll notice that you’re only limited to I think it’s about ten or
fifteen items your first month and that that literally I think I believe it was
ten actually so they literally only let you list ten items your first month and
then you get another ten the next month and another ten the next month
now you can’t scale that up when you’re only listing ten items a month so the
quiet that that begs the question you know how do you get that little
imitation removed how are you able to list more and you’ll notice that I like
I said I’ve only been selling on here for I think it was like two three maybe
three weeks I want to say two and I’ve sold seven things for about 80 bucks not
that great I’m not you know I haven’t scaled the stuff but I definitely plan
to I’ve been studying eBay a little bit here and there I’m kind of trying to add
some different things into my arsenal so I can bring it to you guys and give you
that knowledge but right now I literally only listed things that I couldn’t sell
for my retail arbitrage so things that I potentially bought retail arbitrage wise
retail arbitrage wise and didn’t you know didn’t really do my due diligence
and didn’t realize I couldn’t sell them so I hopped on ebay sold them on eBay so
this is basically free money I wouldn’t have had otherwise
but you’ll notice here that it says I still have thirty three listings free in
October now like I said I Bay does give you ten free listings it’s kind of their
promotion to get you a list on the site but you know you do pay a fee but that’s
afterwards and it’s a very minimal fee so I think I think
I want to say it’s like 2% I honestly don’t know don’t quote me on that but
it’s not much you don’t really have to you know worry about the feet too much
it’s more so the shipping just make sure you’re profitable and you know as long
as you’re doing that then you should be making good money so the question is how
do you get you know the listing limitations removed and this is
something that I talk about not just in business but it’s very relevant business
but in life too I talk about this especially in my dropshipping course and
you know I actually have a shop with a drop shipping course as well as an
amazon drop shipping course I’ll link both those in the description for you if
you want to check them out if you subscribe on my website you know just
you just amazed I can’t speak if you submit your email on my website you can
get both those for free and test them out and try them out for you so it’s a
hundred percent free if you’d like to check them out the Shopify drop shipping
course is wonderful the amazon drop shipping course is wonderful – it just
kind of tweaks drop shipping it’s kind of new-age drop shipping because
literally everybody and their mother is drop shipping on Shopify that’s not to
say there’s not an opportunity to continue to do so
but you just have to be you know cognizant you know I give it to you
straight I don’t bullshit you it’s the
competition is fierce drop shipping lies because everybody is drop shooting the
same things on the same sites and you know it’s competition for not only the
price margins but the keywords once you start bidding on keywords whether it’s
you know Bing Google Facebook ads or anything like that you’re gonna notice
that it’s hard to be profitable it’s easy to make sales so whenever you see
somebody that shows you they’re they’re you know any of those gurus quote
unquote show you their sales that don’t don’t necessarily take that for face
value because it’s easy to make sales I’m telling you it’s easy to make sales
drop shipping it’s hard to be profitable so that’s the distinction that you want
to you know kind of look out for I do give you that I don’t I don’t you know
make any false promises I just take you through the step-by-step process of how
I dropship you know what I do in different situations and how you can
identify products and create your site but you know other than that it’s really
up to you to decide what nice you want to get into but like I said I have an
entire course on that if you want to check that out the way and this is
relevant because this is what I’m about to say about how you get the limitations
off it’s very very simple with Shopify you’ll note
that I actually have a free Shopify trial so if you take my course you get
the free Shopify trial and the trials only I believe it’s seven or fourteen
days I don’t even remember what it is and people always ask me you know like
well how this is a big upsell of my course you know how can you get you know
extend your trial and how we say you know you’d be surprised and this is key
you would be surprised about what you can get not just with Shopify not just
with eBay but literally anything in life or anybody in life if you just ask you
would literally be surprised about what you can actually get from people or what
you can actually acquire if you actually ask
I feel like 99.9% of people don’t ask and this goes back to two videos ago
where I did the you know the Amazon let me just don’t even know if I should
pull it up but see show you really fast manage my FBI shipments and you can
check that video too out it’s two videos ago
I won’t link in the description because it’s not relevant to eBay right now but
literally you see all the shipments here and you’ll notice that if you go into
the shipment some of them will actually reconcile this one looks good but if
you’ll notice there there’ll be a little thing here that says you know if there’s
a discrepancy in your shipment you’ve basically lost items and what Amazon
does is they don’t ever report that you have to go in and check them and report
them yourself because what Amazon knows and what I know is that ninety five
percent I mean that’s just a random number but I’m just saying I’m just
willing to say it’s the majority the vast majority of people don’t have the
wherewithal to actually pull the trigger and ask about that so if you’ve
identified it on Amazon you identified it on Shopify if you’ve identified it on
eBay and you asked for it you will you’d be surprised all you can get
so that’s why Amazon doesn’t report it you have to go in and do the physical
work to get it – I actually just got refunded since that last video roughly
about 500 bucks and I think there’s about 250 to 500 still pending for
claims that I made and that’s literally just free money that I would never have
gotten if I didn’t do the you know they’d do the check up and ask for it so
what I’m basically getting at is with Shopify if you ask if you call in and
ask and you say you know you have to word it right of course you know you
calling you ask you know I’m really interested in shop
class platform I’m not 100% sold on it yet but like I’m kind of still testing
it out you know what would you mind giving me another you know week or two
or a month an extended trial I’ve called twice and I’ve extended my trial till
about three months now how do I do that because I simply asked that’s the key so
with eBay this is relevant on eBay is because you they limit you to tend to
you can start building you know sales in a history and ranking yourself and
getting positive feedback but all you have to do is you literally call and you
ask them to remove that limitation and grant it if you you know they’re gonna
ask you a bunch of different questions if you’re just selling some kind of you
know miscellaneous things around the house you’re not necessarily gonna want
to say that you know use your brain a little bit you’re gonna want to say you
know the majority of things that you want to list our new you know you have
all these ideas in mind but you know you they’re holding you back when they they
called me and asked I started saying you know how I had all these different SKUs
that I wanted to give in and all this is true by the way I just haven’t listed
them because I have private label products I have other stuff and on top
of that but I literally just you want to come off
not necessarily professional is a bad word that obviously you do want to come
off a professional but you just want to come off like you you you’re gonna bring
something to the platform like you have a bunch of high quality items that you
want to list because you see the value in eBay platform and trust me you’d be
surprised that they’ll will just give you free listings so that’s what
happened with me she literally asked me on the phone the other night you know
how much how many do I think I need and this was after she removed the 10 and I
could have said like literally could have said like 300 or 500 and she would
have given it to me I genuinely got that that feeling but I only said 50 and she
ended up giving me 50 you know so that it’s just it goes to show you that you
know if you just ask you’d be surprised and I know I said
that 100 times but I just want to kind of reiterate that because it always
surprises me you know just how easily people give up
so that’s how you get the limit listing limitations removed you know whether or
not you’re just starting out whether you’re you know kind of heavy into it
and you you’re on the prowl you’re you know you’re you’re a couple months in
but you still have limitations on your account just call ask them to remove
them and tell them you know what you bring to the platform and why you want
that and I guarantee you you know most of the time they will so if you like
that you like the free information please
like the video come and subscribe it really helps the channel out guys you
know I always say that but it really really does and I really appreciate it
you know but I will see you guys in the next one and thank you