Hi, my name is Dion and I am part of the Customer Success team
here at Clerk.io. In this video, we’re going to talk about triggered emails. A triggered email is an automated event that happens based on specific customer behavior. This is important because it is a set and forget way of keeping your brand at the top
of the mind of your customers. That means, you set it up once, and after that, the customers get an email
every time an event happens, without you having to do anything else. There are three types of triggered emails
that we recommend you use. First one is the abandoned cart, the second is the order follow-up email, and the third is the newsletter sign-up response. The abandoned cart email is triggered when a customer puts in his email address during the checkout process but leaves before continuing the purchase. Most people think that at this point you would want to show the customer the products that are already in the basket. But, we see that most customers actually leave the basket at this point, because they didn’t really want what was in the basket, or because they didn’t find all the products they needed. So when you reach out a couple of days later, it actually makes more sense to show products that are related to what
they have in the basket. That’s why we recommend you use
visitor recommendations that are based on the customer’s click history. The second triggered email is the order follow-up email. Now, this is sent out 30 to 60 days
after the customer made a purchase. And the idea is to show them products
that are related to what they just bought, so they might return and buy something more. The final triggered email we’re going to talk about
is the newsletter sign-up email. This goes out whenever a
customer signs up for your newsletter, and the idea is to show them products
that they might be interested in. So, this is where we recommend you use – surprise, surprise – visitor recommendations based on your click history. Of course, these are not the only
triggered emails you can send out, you can send out whatever you want. So, use your imagination, and maybe you’ll find a great way
to use triggered emails to reach your customers just the right way. Remember, if you have any questions, you can just comment below, or, if you want to see more content like this, just like the video. See you next time.