Hello, I’m Robert Nizza, with the BTI Group,
in San Francisco.Just a few words about how to sell the business online. The fact is,
from my perspective, working with the large brokerage firm and business brokerage firm,
most businesses, if not all of the business that we sell, are done online, and there are
several websites that do this. It’s much more rare now, to sell a business in your local
newspaper, or in magazines. It’s still done, but there are thousands of businesses you
can find online, and the way to do that, is to create a blurb for the business. Three
or four sentences about the highlights of the business, so that you attract someone
to your listing, and then put in some basic information about, what are revenues? What
is the purchase price? How much cash does the business generate? any other vital information
that a buyer would need, to get attracted to the business, but by and large, most businesses
sold online, it’s very rare that we come across businesses that are sold in print material,