Now that we’ve learned how
to conduct a lead interview, let’s take a look at one! ‘Face Cream Gal’ is conducting a lead interview with potential customer. How
well does she do? Let’s have a look! “What don’t you like about your current
face cream?” “I like it okay. It does the job. I guess I’m just not sure about the
ingredients.” “Well you’ll be happy to know that all of our
ingredients are organic and grown in the Japanese mountains. Recent studies have shown that our face cream can reduce the appearance of aging up to 50 percent
better than the competitors. We don’t test on animals and our packaging is
eco-friendly and all our creams smell fantastic. We have six natural luxurious
scents! We’re offering a 30% discount off of all of our creams today only. Can I
interest you in any of our products?” “No thanks. Not today”. Hmmm,
well the sales rep started out well. She asked a potential customer a short
question about her wants and needs. However after the customer’s vague answer, our
sales rep latches on to ‘ingredients’ and launches into a long pitch about
products and features. Do these features address the concerns that the customer
actually has? Who knows! Face Cream Gal didn’t find out. Let’s
watch Face Cream Gal try that lead interview again! “What do you like about your current face
cream?” “I like it okay. It does the job. I guess I’m just not sure about the
ingredients in it.” “Oh what are your specific concerns about ingredients?” ” I
don’t know, I’ve read several places that some face creams have ingredients that
cause cancer like parabens.” “I see. Well you’ll be happy to know then that all of
our ingredients are organic and our face creams are paraben free. Unlike many of
the products on the market you can feel secure that our face creams aren’t
putting your health at risk. How does that sound?” “It sounds great.
Is there anything else you don’t like about your cream now?” “Well I’m pregnant
so um I’m trying to avoid things with scents because everything
is making me nauseated!” “Congratulations!” “Thank you.” “Many of our products have scents but we do have one that does not. Would you like to have a
look at that one?” “Yeah sure.” “Soft huh?” “Yeah it’s really soft. I like it doesn’t have much of a scent.” “We’re actually offering 30%
off of all of our creams including this one for today only. Would you be
interested in that?” “Yeah sure! Do you take credit card?” “We sure do!”
In this example, our sales rep has used short questions to gather information
from the customer. Based on the customers response, she has used short statements
to share information about the product that is specifically relevant to the
customer stated needs. These statements are just one to two sentences. Much of
the same information was shared but now the conversation feels like a
real dialogue. The product information seems more helpful because it is
presented as a solution to the problems the customer has mentioned. Much better! To recap, during the lead interview: Ask short questions and actively listen to
the answer. Respond with short details about your product or company. Make sure those details address the to potential customer’s actual stated needs. Don’t
just launch into a long pitch and talk at the potential customer. This didn’t
work for Face Cream Gal and it won’t work for you!