Welcome to another Rapid-Fire Review. This time around I’m going to review Netflix’s
new German drama/comedy show: How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast). Because I want people to experience this show
for themselves, this review will have no major spoilers, except for the first episode. So, what’s the show even about? Assuming you’ve read the title, this should
be no surprise. It’s a show about selling drugs. Online. Fast. But the story doesn’t exactly begin that
way, we start with the introduction of two high school computer geeks, Mortiz and Lenny. Moritz, surprisingly, has a girlfriend [named Lisa]
who is coming back to Germany after her year abroad in America. But once she lands, Lisa pulls out a fucking
trump card and breaks up with Moritz Moritz finds out, later on, about his girlfriend’s new
discovery of drugs in America and decides the best way to win her back his ex was to say he was
open to trying new things and getting her some drugs. This show is the equivalent of a modern-day
teenager’s Breaking Bad. But unlike Breaking Bad, this show moves fast. When I say fast, I mean it’s 30 minutes
per episode and there are only six episodes, which means it takes only three
hours to watch the show entirely. This show doesn’t hold back on the content
within these 30-minute episodes either. Every action has an almost immediate reaction
and keeps the story going at just the right pace. By the end of the first season, you’ll be
begging for more as the show creators end the first season at the climax of the bigger story. The story holds high potential and easily
makes it into my top 3 TV shows of 2019. What’s even crazier is that this show was actually
inspired by real events which happened in Germany. The show creators said that they were inspired
by the Shiny Flakes, which is the real-world equivalent to MyDrugs in the show, and its 19-year old
creator, “Max.” Max sold drugs ranging from MDMA to marijuana
and made over 4.4 million euros in Bitcoin before he was arrested in 2015. As you can tell, the character Moritz is meant
to reflect that of “Max.” Fun fact: Moritz was the name used in the
Vice article that reported on Shiny Flakes, and it’s probably where the show creators
got the name for their character. Ok, I went on a little tangent there. Let’s get back to what makes this show good,
and that is the technical things that complement the story. These technical things include on-screen details,
visual effects, and all their execution into the story. This show could have taken the teen genre
route and created fake programs and fake lines of code for the protagonists to use and write and say that they are “nerds.” But they go all the way to use real programs and code. All the codes that flash on the screen at
this point are all real HTML code and they’re not bullshit or some kind of pseudo-coding. You have to understand that TV shows
haven’t had a great track record of showing programs and coding on screen for real. [They’re on to us, they’re trying to track out IP address] [- Can you stop it?]
[- No] [But I can slow him down] [What the hell?] But there are even finer details like voice messages
in WhatsApp chats and all these pop-up ads on the laptop of a tech-illiterate drug dealer. Committing to realism in the portrayal of
tech, also extends to the portrayal of generation Z. My generation. In the first episode, there’s this sequence which beautifully puts out and shows what Gen Z looks like. Or a group, at least. In this [scene] he walks down the hallway and we see everything that
is happening on everyone’s phones. Everything shown is completely realistic for
Generation Z kids to be doing. You have face-swapping there,
you have messages there. Whatever the hell, man. There’s so much
around that’s going on and it doesn’t feel out of place or forced because
we’re in a high school [environment]. I mean, they even include uTorrent within
the first five minutes of the show and has Lenny using Discord to chat with his friends
and e-girl. Best of all, every single one of these details
have their own payoff in the story and none of them are done for the sake of
showing off it on screen. Visual effects are also a big part of this
show, if it wasn’t already clear. The show uses DeepFake on Zuckerberg in episode 4. [We’re the first people on
this planet who live a second life.] and has sequences like this to
make boring scenes more fun to watch. When I introduce my friends to this show, I emphasize
the fact that the show feels visually experimental. The sheer creativity to make boring sequence
entertaining is admirable and this impacts things from the way the intro changes every
episode to analogies and visuals used to explain real-life concepts accurately. Sometimes the show also uses visual effects
to help its fourth-wall-breaking moments such as this: The fact that they used the Netflix skip intro
system as a way to skip the explanation of ecstasy is so fresh and amazing to me. I would really love to talk about this show more,
but the review has to end at some point. So, here it is. Netflix’s How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)
is a refreshing foreign series that I’m really glad Netflix picked up. It’s one of the only two foreign series
that I watch, with the other being Money Heist. Its witty comedy, direction, and attention
to detail makes this show entertaining throughout. The fast pace of the show keeps the audience
on their toes as the story never has a low point within the six episodes. As much as the plot is crucial to this show,
so does the visuals. Through visual effects, lighting, and cinematography
the show effortlessly turns a boring sequence into something instantly enjoyable and complementing
the story. Its dedication to stick to realism to portray
Generation Z and technology is admirable and, frankly, I think it deserves recognition. This show makes it to my top 3 shows of 2019
so far, as I’ve said before. And I really, really hope that this show
gets greenlit for a second season by Netflix. So, overall, I’d give this show a 9/10. As I’ve said, most of the execution
(especially visual) was flawless. But the only problem came from the plot,
where at one point it felt a little bit too rushed. That’s kinda why it didn’t get the 10/10 mark
because it’s not perfect but it’s damn near perfect. Well, that’s it from me, guys.
Thank you so much for watching, And I’ll see you guys in the next video.