Hi, my name is James Shepherd. Today I want to talk to you about how to sell
E-Commerce merchants. This video is the first in a series of five
videos, that I have created, that are going to be over at instantquotetool.com in the
courses section. I wanted to make the first one publicly available
because this is a topic that I’ve actually never covered before. Thank you very much to one of my Youtube subscribers,
who actually mentioned this to me in a comment and said, “Hey, you never talked about selling
E-Commerce merchants. The funny thing about that is I’m actually
really surprised I’ve never done videos on this because as some of you may know, I
am not only a sales trainer and doing all that, but I’m also a web developer and have
a web development company and build software. This is an area I’m very, very familiar
with which is E-Commerce, online payments, payment integration, gateways and all that. So in this series of videos, I want to talk
to you and introduce this topic. In this video, I first want to talk about
the opportunity and how to sell it and just kind of give you a general overview. Then in the next four videos, we are going
to dive into the details of exactly what you need to create a strategy in order to go after
the E-Commerce merchant market place. First of all, the opportunity, I don’t think
it is a secret to any of you watching this video, that going out in the field and selling
physical location mom and pop shop businesses is not getting any easier. It is definitely a market that is very saturated. That does not mean that you can’t make sales,
of course. Even a saturated market, even one that is
getting a lot of competition, you can still still stand out and I have hundreds of videos
that explain how to do that and video courses. That’s a lot of what I’ve talked about
is really how to stand out at the market place. However, what if there was another market
place, that was growing rapidly, where you could compete and where the competition is
not nearly so fierce? Where there is not a lot of sales people calling
and asking people to switch over. There really isn’t as much of that. If that was the case, that would be a pretty
idea to go after that market. Well, that’s what you have with E-Commerce
merchants. There are literally thousands and thousands
and thousands of E-Commerce merchants right now that are processing 5, 10, 15, 20 thousand
dollars a month or more in volume. Many of them are processing hundreds of thousands
of dollars a month in volume. This is a market where the price these people
are paying is generally exorbitant. It is way too much. The reason they are paying so much is that
this market segment has been focused on convenience for the developers, rather than on price,
but the good news is that the market has now developed to a point, where you can be a reseller
to these E-Commerce merchants and you can offer them a good level of convenience with
a significant savings in price. Again, we will talk about that a little bit
more in future videos. Now how do you sell these people? The way you sell them, this is what I love
about it. It’s what all of us are really good at doing. You sell them by cold calling them. Most websites that are available to you know
buy stuff from them, they usually have a phone number or at the least they have an email. They have some kind of a form where you can
reach out to them. Okay, also, one of the other things a lot
of them have is a contact us page, where they have an address. One thing that almost all of them have is
a google map listing. This is kind of funny because there is a lot
of physical location businesses that actually don’t. They haven’t set up their google map listing
yet, but most of these E-Commerce businesses, they are so much about the online presence
that oh, I’ve got to have a google map listing. So they’ve got their phone number, their
address, whatever. How do you do this? What you do is just search for a product,
any product that you want to buy. Search for buy hats online. If you went on google right now and searched
for buy ball caps, you are going to see Amazon at the top and then you are going to see a
bunch of other websites that just focus on selling hats. The ones near the top are probably processing
a lot more volume than the ones near the bottom. Start at the top. Click on them. Look at the business. Do they have a phone number they can call? If they don’t, then search that business
name on google maps, and see if they come up. Do they have a phone number you can call? If they do, you just call them up and I would
say, “Hey, my name is James Shepherd. I have a service where we actually help you
to integrate your payments. I see you are already accepting payments online. Unfortunately, most of the online payment
providers today like Stripe and PayPal and Square, they are charging really high flat
rate when you are doing E-Commerce. We have a much lower rate and the ability
to integrate just like you are right now. So I just wanted to take a couple minutes
to talk to you about that. Do you have a couple minutes?” The idea is you can reach out and target these
people specifically as a consulting service basically, that is going to help them transition
from their current gateway to a new gateway. So that is the whole idea of it. The way you sell these people is “I’m
a consultant and I’m going to help you get from your current gateway to a new gateway.” That’s how you sell people at E-Commerce. But there is really a lot more to it because
they have really unique challenges that you need to understand and there are certain services
that you need to provide in order to get them. This is lesson number one. Make sure you go to lesson number two. If you are not already there, go to instantquotetool.com
and click on training. This is one of the new training courses we
have that we are talking about how to sell E-Commerce merchants.