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notification bell. Today we are taking a look at a product from the category
which got the most orders in 2018 on Oberlo. Leggings in the women’s clothing
and accessories category. We are going to touch briefly on why leggings are so
popular right now. We’ll look at some awesome examples of leggings and the
suppliers who you can source them from on Oberlo. We’ll talk about how exactly
you can start selling leggings online. And then I’ll reveal a solid market
that’s really hot for leggings right now Leggings have undergone something of a
rebrand in recent years: Gone are the days of leggings that go hand in hand
with goofy ’80s workout videos. Nope, now leggings belong to an ultra cool
trend in fashion called athleisure. Athleisure it’s clothing designed for
fitness and other athletic activities that’s also worn on other occasions like
running errands, while traveling, at school or a social event. The whole idea
of athleisure-wear in a nutshell is that sports wear is breaking out of the gym
and becoming a more prominent part of people’s everyday fashion choices. We can see the rise in interest in athleisure wear over the last few years in this
google trends search result. Leggings make up a huge part of athleisure-wear,
which is why we’re going to talk about them today. If we check the hashtag
“#athleisure” on Instagram we see that five of the first six posts feature women
wearing typical versions of modern-day leggings. The female-to-male ratio we see
here sums up the athliesure-wear market quite nicely. This is an industry being
driven by female purchases. It’s worth eighty billion dollars and extremely
popular. Rihanna promotes athleisure clothing to her follower base of over
600,000 fans on Instagram. Beyonce even co-founded an athleisure
wear fashion brand. And if it’s good enough for Beyonce and Rihanna then
it’s good enough for you and your customers. So let’s get to work work work work work and know more about dropshipping athleisure leggings with
Oberlo. There are countless leggings listed on
the Oberlo marketplace and they are ideal for tapping into the demands of
today’s consumer of leggings. Suppliers on Oberlo offer a selection of
different types of leggings we’ve got workout leggings, thermal
leggings, colorful printed versions, mesh leggings, and many, many more for you to
choose from, including leggings for kids and men. But we’re talking about women’s
leggings because this niche has got the legs to be a lasting success for
dropshippers. And while I tell you why let’s take a look at a couple of pairs
of leggings that are selling really well right now. Leggings get more popular in
colder months keeping legs warm when temperatures drop. Even so, they still sell well in summer. That’s because there are types like
capri leggings, which are shorter. Leggings are ideal for dropshippers
because they are a light product suitable for ePacket shipping. Most
leggings on Oberlo cost between $5 to $10, and can be sold for prices
of up to $30. That’s a healthy profit margin indeed. And to boost those profit
margins leggings are great because they don’t get returned as much as other
products. And for two reasons: 1. Thanks to their material, there’s very little
chance that these leggings will get damaged on their way to the customer. And 2. Leggings are stretchy, so the size doesn’t have to be exact for the
leggings to fit a variety of body shapes. That means more customer satisfaction. If you would like to test out some of these stretchy bad boys Oberlo, we recommend
selecting some test leggings from three Oberlo Verified Suppliers who offer a
wide range of models. Bessky Technology, irobotbox, and Aapex Trading all have
enough variety for you to get started with dropshipping leggings. This range
of choice and styles is really handy when it comes to defining audiences for
your Facebook advertising. In fact, if you’re looking for a step-by-step guide
to marketing leggings, we’ve got you covered. On the Oberlo blog one of our
pro merchants explains how he researched the right Facebook audience for leggings.
Hit the link in the description to read more and get some great budgeting tips
too. Now let’s talk about how you can market leggings on Instagram. We’ll use
this pair of leggings as an example and we’ll target women who practice yoga. We
can get in front of this audience quickly and efficiently on Instagram. If
you are running your own Instagram account, then post attractive shots of
your leggings in a yoga environment and make use of hashtags that real
people are following but aren’t too saturated, like these hashtags: #yogaanywhere, #workoutideas, #yogaleggings, #athleticwear, and #yogalegs. And then we have Instagram influencers. They would be great for helping us get our first sales
on our yoga leggings. We can start by sending a DM to some female yoga
influencers. We can offer a free sample of our leggings in return for some
promotion in the influencer’s posts. Alternatively you could provide the
influencer with a generous discount, which might prompt them to buy leggings
for themselves. Afterwards we simply ask that influencer to feature our leggings
in one of their posts. When you do this we recommend creating a post like this
one with your influencer. The great thing about this kind of post is it uses a
hashtag that people engage with the hashtag is #workoutideas. It has around
180,000 posts, meaning it’s a hashtag that isn’t too saturated either.
Now, speaking of saturated. You might be thinking: yikes! The market for yoga
leggings seems full of competition. Well, dropshipping is inherently competitive,
but it doesn’t mean new entrants can’t compete. Good branding, smart marketing, and targeting the right audience will always trump market saturation. While
we’re on the subject of smart marketing, let’s talk about two apps that will help
you get sales. The first is a free app called Product Reviews. Product Reviews allows you to add a customer review feature to
your products. This app provides social proof that your products are worth
buying. When potential customers see other customers’ positive reviews, they’re
more likely to add your leggings to their carts. Customer reviews made through this app are search engine friendly, which can
also help drive traffic to your store. And Product Reviews is customizable so
that it fits in with the design of your store. The second app is called Sales Pop. Sales Pop displays purchase activities via real time recent sales notification
pop-ups. That means that visitors to your store will see that other people are
buying your leggings, and they’ll also know which leggings are popular. This
really boosts your social proof and is a great way of inspiring users to hit that
Buy Now button. If you’re just pumped to build a store and start selling leggings
then wait, don’t run off yet! Because I’m about to tell you which market is
currently hot for leggings right now. Scandinavia is an awesome set of
countries to target with your leggings. And in particular Sweden. Swedes just
love leggings. The product category bottoms accounts for
more than a quarter of all orders from Sweden in the women’s clothing category
of Oberlo. So would you sell leggings online? How would you market leggings? I
want to hear your answers and anything else you want to get off your chest in
the comments below. Thank you for watching this video, and until next time:
Learn often, market better, and sell more.