Hey everybody, it’s Brian from iSpring, and
this time, I’m gonna show you how to sell courses as
part of a learning path in your iSpring Learn LMS. First, we’ll go to the Settings section, and then over here in Additional Options, we’ll go to the E-Commerce area. Here’s where you can enable e-commerce on
your account. More information is available by clicking
this link. Now, we can go over to the Learning Paths
section and set up e-commerce for a learning path. To find out how to create a learning path, check out the “Learning Path in iSpring
Learn” tutorial. First, we’ll go to the settings tab, and down here, we can check “Enable e-Commerce,” and enter a price in this field. Note that when I enable e-commerce, the “block access after due date” option
disappears. Now, we can save the settings. If you like, you can offer some of the courses
in the learning path for free. We’ll just go over here to the Outline section, and expand this chapter. I can see whether courses are paid or free
in this column. All I gotta do to make a course free is click
it. And, I can always switch back by clicking
again. Thanks for watching! Now, you know how to sell courses in a learning