– [Trena Little] Have you
ever tried to sell your course or your product or your
service on YouTube? Not even sure how that would work? In today’s video, I’m gonna
tell you exactly how you can use YouTube to make sales. Hey guys, my name is Trena
and welcome to another episode of Just the Tips. Here on my channel, I help
lady business owners figure out this crazy online world so,
they can have more time to do the things they love and selling more, obviously, is gonna give you
more time and I’ve been using YouTube as my primary
platform to make sales. So, how am I doing this? Let me tell you. First, you need to have a YouTube strategy before you try to sell
anything here on YouTube. You can’t just put up a sales video and expect people to watch it and buy it. You need to build up to it. Think about a playlist talking
about whatever it is you’re about to sell so, you get
people warm to the idea. Why did they need to do this? Why should somebody work with you? Why are you their best option? These are types of videos
that you can create to lead people in to the
live sales video, right? For me, I usually want to
launch YouTube Bootcamp. So, what I do is, I come
up with four or five videos talking about the benefits of YouTube, sharing some testimonials of
people, interviewing them, showing people little steps they can do to see some results so that
they’re excited when I launch an entire course that gives
them the exact blueprint on how they can use YouTube effectively. So, that leads into the second thing. You want to be able to show results before you put the sales video up. So, like I said, I like
to interview past students or past clients. I did this recently with my
launch when I had a client. Just get on an interview
style live video with me. She talked about, you
know, what results she saw from working with me. I also had a student do the same thing. She talked about what it was
like to go through the course, what results she’s seen. So, it lets people know on
the other side of the camera or on the other side of the
computer that your product or service gives results,
what it’s really like to work with you from
somebody other than you. So, then, it all builds up
to this sales video, right? What are you gonna say
in this sales video? I’ve got an example down
in the description box of a good sales video if
you want to check that out, but, here are the main parts of this video you need to think about. Why should they work with you? What are you offering? What does this product
or service look like? What are the benefits they
are gonna receive if they buy? What are some previous
students stories or results or clients stories and results and sixth, you need to tell them how to buy. Put the link in the description box. Put the link on the video,
with text, tell them how they can buy and what’s great
about this sales video is, now, you can use it not
only on your YouTube channel, but, you can also use it
on your Facebook page or on your sales page or send
it to your email newsletter. I actually have a mentor
of mine, he gets more sales from his YouTube videos than
he does from his email list. More of his YouTube subscribers
are watching his videos than his email subscribers
are opening his emails. So, using YouTube is such a
great strategy that you might not have even thought of
to make more sales for your course or your product or your service. My question of the day for
you is, do you think you could create a sales video for your product? Let me know down below if you are planning to create a sales video
for your next launch. If you guys like learning
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insider tips and secrets and I will see you in the next video. Bye.