Hey guys my name is Ivan, my alias is Dreamframer, I sell photos online and I want to show you how to do it yourself I’m in this business since 2008 and you can find my pictures all over the Internet just type Dreamframer as one word in Google search, click the image tab and basically all images you’re gonna see are my images. But I’m not here to talk about myself. I’m here to help you learn how to do this, and earn some extra money, or maybe even support yourself and your family by doing this. Ok, so, let’s move to the subject of stock photography.What is stock photography? The definition says stock photos, or stock photography are professional photographs of common places, landmarks, objects, nature, events, or people that are bought and sold on a royalty-free basis and can be used and reused for commercial design purposes. So, stock photos are basically photos that people buy for their websites, magazines, books, calendars, blogs, business cards, or any other kind of projects, and those photos can be your photos, and you can be earning money from selling these photos over and over again. Can you really earn money by doing this? Yes, you sure can, and it really depends on your talent mostly. You don’t really need a super expensive equipment to this. Some of my photos that I took with my cell phone are much much better sellers than other pictures that I took with my expensive camera, and the best thing about this is that as your portfolio grows, your income will grow. Even if you stop uploading photos at at some point, you will still be earning money every month from your old photos. This is called a passive income when you basically don’t work anymore but you’re still earning money from your previous work. Before i moved to United States back in 2011 I had maybe two to three hundred photos online across several agencies and most of those pictures, I’m not gonna lie to you, they were just average pictures sitting there doing nothing. Few of those however were good sellers and they would sell over and over and over again. So, when I finally came here in 2011 I was on a work visa that was not allowing me to work for any other company then the company that sponsored me for this visa. So I basically stopped uploading pictures for almost five years. During these five years i was still receiving income from the pictures that i was uploading before I came here.And the income was consistent, maybe going down slowly, but still, five years doing nothing and getting money from some pictures that I uploaded 5 years ago, that’s really, that’s really cool stuff right? So, if you like taking pictures, if you like editing them, and if you think that you can sell them and earn some money, stay with me. Subscribe to my channel. I will make a series of videos, and we will cover all the subjects you need to learn how to do this, from taking pictures, editing, uploading, putting metadata, and tracking your sales as well. I promise you, this channel is going to be enough for you to learn how to do this, and you will not need any other kind of information. So, subscribe to this channel. Again, my name is Ivan, my alias is Dreamframer, and see you soon with my second video! Oh yeah, I forgot. You can write to me, you can put comments under my videos, and I will do my best to answer all your questions. Bye!