Hoho to do Hipi hipi hoho..
It’s Q & A Tuesday for Christmas week yo! Oh that rhymed! Hohoho and Mo writes:
Q: “Hi Marie! First off thing, thanks for being such an amazing inspiration for sharing
your rock star know how with the world.” You are welcome! “I look forward to your
videos every week. I currently run a business called the Mouse Market. I sculpt innie minnie
realistic foods out of clay and I sell them as either dollhouse miniatures or I turn them
into jewelry pieces. Whenever I’m creating something to share with my audience from my
monthly newsletter to my daily tweets, I seem to get caught in limbo because I can’t figure
out how to speak to both the customers who are wearing funky food jewelry and the customers
who love decorating their doll house. A super specific example, I want to offer a PDF freebie
when people sign up for my newsletter but I can’t think of anything that would appeal
equally to both groups. Is there a smart way to target both sets of customers in my marketing
efforts without over generalizing my message? Thank you so much!” A: So Mo, let me tell you how it’s going
to go with your Mouse Market right here right now girl. First up Mo, we love your business.
It’s fun, it’s adorable and totally unique, but I went ahead and visited your website
and I don’t think your problem or your challenge is what we think it is. You got some other
issues that are easy to fix so I’m going to give you whole bunch of As to Qs you didn’t
even ask. Let’s start with your first question about food jewelry customers versus doll house
customers. Let there be honest here for a minute girl, just me and you. People who want doll house food and people
who want miniature food jewelry are not that different, they like food and they like tinnie
tiny things. But here’s the question, are you reaching all of those people? Because
I when I take a look at your website, I saw some opportunities that you are missing. Do
you have any idea how many people search for food jewelry? I’ll tell you, it’s 5,400
every single month. How about miniature food? That’s 9,900 searches per month. And then
doll house miniatures, it’s 40,500 searches per month. Damn, that’s a lot of people
decorating doll houses. So by the way, I used the free google adword keyword tool to find
all these numbers and I highly suggest you use it too. Go to google and type in keyword
tool and you’ll find it. Here’s the deal Ms. Mo, you are missing out an incredibly
active niche market because you are using clever wording versus very basic simple language
that people are already searching for. Doll House Catering which you have on your site
is super cute and clever but it sucks for your business because nobody is searching
for it. By contrast, 1300 people are searching for “dollhouse food” every month. So here
is what you need to do my friend, simply write about and use simple terms like “food jewelry”,
“miniature food”, and “dollhouse food”. Next stop, let’s talk about this whole PDF
idea for your business. You sell physical products, right Mo? So think about it. Your
customers probably don’t want a PDF. PDF works great when you are selling information
or advice or how tos but for you, you need to think about your customers and your business
and what’s going to work really great for you at an opt in. So for products-based business,
you want something compelling like: Free Shipping On Your First Order (New Subscribers
Only) Sign Up For “Flash Sales” (Only Available
To Subscribers) Here is a $20 Off Instant Coupon And the list goes on and on. The point here
is that your offer should be in line with what your customers most want. We also want
to talk about the placement of your opt in offer on your site. Currently, it’s buried
all the way at the bottom which is not good. When it comes to the placement of your opt
in offer they should always be above the fold and what that means, is that someone should
not have to scroll down your website to and find it. Important point here, is you should
always test different locations for your opt in offer to find out what converts best and
I did a little snooping on your behalf and I found out that one of your colleagues is
doing something really smart. In fact, here is a little screen shot of what she’s doing
on her website. It’s something called hello bar which is right at the top. It’s a perfect
placement right where the eye hits when you hit her website and it’s offering you something
really cool. Finally Mo if I were you, I would get to know
some people in the doll house and miniature industry. You want to form some strategic
partnerships girl. For example, you’re going to want to get to know all the people who
sell doll house for kits or doll house furniture. Buddy up to them, see if you can offer their
customer some discount on all your mini-food. Maybe you can buy an ad on their site or even
give a very special offer on their newsletter. Bottom line, there is big money in miniatures.
Girl, you need to jump on their tinnie, tiny, gravy train. Choo choo! So Mo, that is my A to your Q. Merry Christmas!
I gave you a lot more As that you didn’t even Q about so enjoy it. Now here is what
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