everybody what’s up still Seiko and up to watch this video your for you’re
obviously wondering how to sell stuff online
much how to sell anything on my now arm I just want to give the one quick you
know thing I don’t waste anybody’s time whose you know watching this video for
different reasons nicer to tell you how to sell stuff on Craigslist now go into
your garage going to your you know your closet sell
stuff on Craigslist for EVA Air anything like
that arm I’m I’m sure to tell you here how to you like and how to make some money
online even if you’re absolutely brand new now this video is not gonna fully encompass everything
so 21 aswan prepare you for that army I’ll at the end is video you’re gonna
you can understand what I’m talking about okay i’m talking about. on the ability to
work from home the ability to cell digital products or please select above variety of different products on mine
strum home as long as you have a computer and internet okay and a I’m gonna teach
you this for free there’s no catch arm but I’m to keep you to basics right
now and then you know if you click the link
below this video in scription in use you are on my %uh on my
blog you’re gonna to Harley that’s gonna ski
view the free information on exactly how I do it so mom the first
thing is like if you wanna sell stuff online are you have a few different
options obviously a what what you want to sell so arm let all you know let’s be real you can have like
a physical product you can have your physical or digital product I personally go for the for digital
products I like some digital products because um realistically as a business owner
when you’re selling something this digital its is there’s no overhead on that I
don’t have to actually like form that products I just a that make sense you know in a and by all
means like if you still like have a physical
product the year absolutely awesome it you know building in your
extreme not this is still three you put I what I do and what my expertise is
you know arm is really selling digital products
and I want to teach teach people how anybody you know you could be 18
years old or whatever and you can sell digital products online through early for free arm nerd & soca so I go for additional
products okay so one thing is finding a product something
you wanna sell right now second step is arm with %uh product three-star really likes
certain digital products is because the many
have many the ones I sell are reoccurring memberships rather than one time
purchase now mom I’m not saying that’s the best
way to go some people prefer one-time purchases that are like big be
a ten thousand dollar purchases I 10+2 try and sell stuff that are
extremely useful for you know the average person you know
has you know X you know yeah like 20 bucks a month you
know 22 52 bucks a month or whatever that is and the you know they’re willing
to the pay that every month what does that
mean for you know you and I that means residual income ever every month not that’s right for for some you might
be selling some different just one time boom this is it that’s totally fine I prefer you know monthly residual income om Bowl ever so the next thing to think
about in the whole schemes how how’re you gonna sell stuff online what is
was your you know what’s your plan for signs
online okay so his car the cool thing that a arm you know i i sorry doing stuff like four
years ago I am you around for years ago and up I studied all these different methods
for by your selling different products online I you nicer blogging I started I a making videos I started having meet up group locally in the late
all the stuff works by all means like arm poem what I’m going to share with
you is this stupid sample method of selling is selling stuff online
but really selling yourself I mean like prostituting yourself you’re
a teenager at like it you know to me assure but I mean like um a cool way where anybody any but I don’t care what you know where
you’re from in the world you know what economic
level you’re at your YouTube you broke in college fact I was like as thing as acting back
in college I wish show him this I seriously wish I would
have known this because I would be bank in a huge now if I woulda known spite you know I
figured this out over its past four years in I’m making good money
for Dec folio to me that’s it okay it’s so what I want she just ship are if you
click the link below this video I am literally going to walk
you through my process and it’s one of those things where arm
if even if you’re ran new to this and you
have no idea what I’m talking about but you just wanna make some money
online or if you have something online the the you want to promote or some product
you want to promote even offline I can show you through my training if you click a link
below you’re going to get that for free show
you exactly how I do it my exact you know like I guess
mathematical theory and it works something where you do take action to get leads you caption leads and you sell delete now cool part
about this is arm this work 12 and implement my formula after
consists in about what I tell you to do you’ll you’ll have all the stuff working for you 24/7 now I’m not saying
you’re gonna make a million dollars you know like let’s start with let’s
make one dollar you know flights well sir small let’s be
real but skies let’s teach you how to make money on like the style you had a thus
teacher had a sell stuff online I’m gonna teach you
step by step if click that link but I gotta do yes and I know it’s weird I’m wearing this
orange hat but that’s the cool part about working home I can wear whatever I watched right as up mine and still sang Cho anh
yeah click that link in let let’s get you started let’s keep you
up plz raging ok after taker back