hi guys Hi guys this is my new video about how to sell t shirts online……….
Without investment…. Just follow the instructions • Design the product online • Promote your product • Receive money directly to your account……… Here is the link….. teeshopper.in these are new arrivals this is how it works lets start designing!! different types of clothes to print ! different colors to change i will select black color. the rectangle is the area where we can print the images click upload your art download the image which you want to print i prefer pawan kalyan power star save in any folder pspk fans hit like click on choose file and select the downloaded image set the image correctly …. ready….now let’s sell it.! click on sell this set a perfect title for the t shirt……. which makes attractive! describe the best as you can about the t shirt…. i just copied because this is a demo you can only give 5 tags give the tags which does people search on search engines… these are the colors you can select only 4 color in which you want to sell them i will select white black red blue 395 is the base price if 450 was mark up price profit is 55 per sale if 500 profit is 105 per sale select the desired rate click save **please log in before doing this product** if not sign in here click ok if you dont have an account create new one if you have it please log in please like share subscribe