Bank of the West makes banking easier virtually
anytime, anywhere. Looking to take paying bills off your to do
list? Just set up automated payments for recurring
bills. Setting up an automated payment is simple. From the payment center click Auto Pay. Select the account to pay from, enter the amount, and the date for the first payment. Next, a frequency for the payment. Finally, choose the duration of the automated
payments. They will continue until you cancel, reach a set number of payments, or until a selected date. If the number of payments or ending date is
chosen, you can enter a final payment amount if it
will be different. Finally, decide if you want email notifications
when the payment is sent. Now, start sending payments. Make changes to your auto pay plan anytime. Change the options to pay a different amount or on a different date, or stop the auto pay with one click. Sign in to get started. Bank of the West. The bank for a changing world.