In this tutorial, we will show you how to set … up Sku Fetch to list to eBay without API access using … eBay File Exchange. In order to list without API Access using file exchange, you’ll need to have already installed and configured the … File Exchange Chrome Extension. Then you’ll need to instruct Sku Fetch to use File … Exchange and not any of the other API related tools that … we integrate with. Log into your eBay account. Log into Sku Fetch. Click List and Export Settings on the left. You will arive on the Lister tab. For Single Fetch, select File Exchange Lister … via Sku Grid – eBay File Exchange Sync for the Lister. You will then see many options open for your default settings. Enter your eBay Username Enter the email address associated with your eBay account. For Quantity, enter the default quantity that … you would like to list with. For Condition, in most cases, you would want to select New. For Listing Duration, we recommend GTC or Good … Til Cancelled Listings. Be sure that you have the … Use Out of Stock Option turned on in your eBay Site … Preferences. Make the selection that is … best for your business here. Do not enter a Duration of 1 … Day as that will not be allowed on eBay. For Location, please enter your Item Location. For Country, select the Country where … your items will be shipping from. In most cases, this will be the same as the … eBay marketplace country you are selling on. Next, type or paste in your … Payment Profile name from your business policies that … you want to use by default. If you do not know the name … of your policy, you can go to your eBay … Business Policy Management and copy it from there. Enter your PayPal email address. For the next option, Allow listing to these … categories Business and Industrial, most people will want to leave this option set to No. Listing to these categories often incur much higher … insertion fees. But if you prefer to list to … these categories, you can set it to Yes. Next is Enable listing based on PBSE which is eBay’s … Product Based Shopping Experience. Select Yes if you want to enable this option and Sku … Fetch will attempt to locate your item in eBay’s catalog … and attach it to it or select No if you do not wish to use this option. Next, is Dispatch Time. Select your default handling time for your listings. Note: If your shipping profile … specifies a different handling time, the settings from your profile will rule. Next, type or paste in your Return … Profile Name. If you do not know it, you can obtain it from your eBay Business Policy Management. Select Yes here if you are accepting returns or No if you are not. Select how long your buyers have to make their returns … from the next option. Select whether the Buyer or Seller is responsible for the … return shipping. Select the Refund Option. Select None for Restocking Fee as it is no longer … allowed. Note: Any return settings will be overruled by your Return … Policy that you entered previously. Next, enter the Postal Code for … your Item Location. Select Yes or No to add Global Shipping to your … items, if available. However, please note: You must have already opted into Global Shipping on eBay … and your Shipping Policy will override this option. So be sure to set Global Shipping or not to include … global shipping within your shipping policy on eBay first. For Shipping Type, choose Flat. This should also be specified in your eBay shipping policy. Next, type or paste in your … Shipping Profile Name. If you do not know it, you can copy it from your eBay Business Policy Management. Next, fill in your default shipping … method. Please note: Any options that you set here for shipping will be overruled … by your Shipping Policy that you’ve entered above. Repeat the process for Batch Fetch and Big Product Fetch … Lister Settings. Once done, click Save. You will see an alert just above your Save button that … states Sending to extensions: Enabled is Success! The page will refresh and at the top of the screen, it will state that You are using File Exchange Lister and … which eBay account you’re listing to. You’ve successfully configured your Lister … settings to list without eBay API using File Exchange! Thanks for watching! We’ll see you in the next video.