If you are an early stage entrepreneur, just about to launch your very first business website, or if you already have a website but are going through a much needed website overhaul and redesign, I’d like to leave you with this very important
piece of advice. A mistake that I see many entrepreneurs do over and over again. That
is focusing on the visual aspects of your website design before mapping out your website
structure and information flow. This process is known as setting up your website
architecture. And even though it sounds like a really complicated thing, you can actually
do it in three easy steps. Step one begins with researching your keywords. Now, every month, your target customers are typing in keywords into search engines. These are keywords that they’re using to find the products and services that you provide online.
So you can figure out what these keywords are by using any number of keyword research
tools, the most popular one being the free Google Adwords Keyword Planner. So I recommend
that you begin a brainstorming process using the Keyword Planner Tool or another keyword
research tool of your choice, and begin researching the keywords that are most relevant to your
products and services that have the highest monthly search volume each month. Step two involves scrubbing your keyword research list. So, in step one you researched a bunch of keywords related to your industry. Now you want to start weeding out the ones that are not as relevant to your business. There
might be associated keywords that are not quite related to what you do. There might
be keywords that don’t have enough search volume. So the goal is to identify the most
relevant keywords that have the highest monthly search volume, and then start to group those
keywords into their respective product categories. So lets say you have a e-commerce store and
you sell organic cotton women’s clothing. So some of the obvious keyword categories
would be dresses, shirts, pants and possibly accessories like shoes or handbags. In any
case, as you go through this process it will start becoming obvious to you. So you want
to gather the most relevant keywords and organize them by categories and even subcategories
if that’s relevant to your business. Step three, you want to build out your site map. Now this process is actually easier than it sounds. You can build out your site map in Excel. You can use Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or a flowchart software program. But essentially,
if you’ve gone through the process of organizing your keywords into categories and subcategories
then mapping this out in your site map should be fairly straightforward. A site map is essentially a hierarchical representation
of your website with all its levels and pages. And if you’ve gone through the categorization
process, then it should be fairly straightforward. From there you’ll hand over your site map
to your web developer. Your web developer will then take that information and create
wire frames. Now wire frames are essentially a linear representation of your website pages.
You might have wireframes for your homepage, for your product pages, your category pages,
your blog post pages. You will review these wireframes with your developer and come to
an agreement as to how your layout ought to be presented and from there your wire frames
will go to your website designer, who will then focus on the visual, graphical representation
of your website pages, including the colors, the fonts, pretty pictures, etcetera. Your web designer will then create these pages
typically in Photoshop as a .psd file. The .psd files will then go to your web developer
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