If you are selling physical products on
your WooCommerce store, you will also need to handle shipping management for
them. You will need to calculate the shipping rate for the product to process
the shipment. This calculation requires weight and dimension
of the product. If you are integrating an API-based
shipping carrier like DHL, it uses the weight and dimensions of the product to
calculate live shipping rates and displays them on the cart and checkout
pages. Hence specifying product weight and dimensions are important. In this video tutorial, you will learn how to set Weight and Dimensions for WooCommerce
products? First and foremost, you need to set a proper unit of weight and
dimensions. To do this, go to WooCommerce settings and click on the Products tab. Under the General tab, scroll down to
find the Measurement section. Next, select the desired Weight unit as well as
Dimensions unit and save the changes. Now the easiest method to add weight and dimension to a product is in the individual product settings. Go to the Products dashboard and open a product for editing. Scroll down to the Product
data meta-box and move to the Shipping section. You can then enter the desired
weight for the product and specify the length, width, and height of the product, in decimal format In this way, you can add weight and dimensions
to a single product. if you have a large number of products that have the same weight and
dimensions. You can use the default bulk update feature of WooCommerce. Just select the desired products and apply the bulk edit action. Next, you can choose
to filter the desired products and change the weight and dimensions of all
the products at once. After you have entered the values, update
the settings. The specified weight and dimensions will be applied to all the
filtered products. This is a simple and quick way to update the weight and
dimensions of the products. However, it lacks some handy features that can be achieved using
an advanced WooCommerce bulk edit plugin. You can find a lot of
plugins in the market to do this job very well. You can read our article to explore the Top Advanced Plugins to Bulk Edit WooCommerce products. For demonstration purpose, let us take
one such plugin called the ELEX WooCommerce Bulk Edit Plugin. This plugin will let you filter desired
products with attributes and variations and will also help you exclude products
from the bulk update process. We have filtered a variation of the hoodies
product of the medium size. The next step will show us a preview of
the filtered products. You can notice that weight and dimensions are not the
same for the products. Proceeding with the bulk edit operation, we can configure
the settings in the Weight and Dimensions section. Let us replace the length with 73cms,
the width of the hoodies with 58cms, increase the height of the product by 60cms and increase weight by 0.2 kgs. Once we have applied these settings, the plugin will update the new
weight and dimensions of the products. In this way, you can set weight and
dimensions for WooCommerce products. Go follow us on our social media
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video tutorials related to WordPress and WooCommerce.