What is going on guys it’s rob here from steps to success I want to make one of the most enhanced versions of shipping for Amazon FBA all the steps it takes What are the different terminology? How it all works because in the past week? I’ve probably been getting message and asked at least five times a day. Hey Rob. I’m getting so on so cool what do you think should I do it should I do this should I do that so I want to kind of go over the Who not only terminology? But the whole process of how everything into relates to one another all the way from start where you start getting your products Manufactured at the supplier all the way to sending and shipping it to Amazon FBA Before we get started on today’s video again I wanted to remind you guys that I am doing that three gift card giveaways for Starbucks Again, if you have already commented make sure to comment again So all you have to tell me is where is your? absolute favorite place of destination that you want to travel to this year could be anywhere in the world so Deciding to go somewhere in April and you know I’m kind of going over all of you know all of your favorite destination Spots could be down south you know, Florida or California could be somewhere tropical It could be anywhere. Let me know in the comments below What is your absolute favorite spot to get entered into winning one of the three $10 gift cards? And I’ll be sending those codes on to you the gift cards by the end of the month I’ll be picking three random lucky winners so if you have already commented make sure to comment again so I will count that towards you know how many times you’ve Already told me so it will count on top of that so it’s not just one time per entry so Post down below in the comments guys. Let me know. Where is your absolute favorite spot? I know all of you guys have been working extremely hard, so hopefully I can give back to you guys And you know if this goes well I’ll include more gift cards, and you know increase the amounts instead of three will do ten twenty fifty, so I Really appreciate all of your support watching on this video, so I hope to give back to all of you guys But let’s get started on today’s video guys so the way it works guys is you contact us up? And it doesn’t matter where that supplier is whether it is in China and India or whatever country So let’s say that you contact a supplier on Alibaba and the supplier finishes manufacturing your product So this usually happens at the suppliers warehouse in China. Let’s say for example So your product is ready in the suppliers warehouse now What are some methods or different ways that you can ship your product all the way to Amazon FBA warehouse? So you can ship it by air or you can do see freak see free shipping So the way it works is you can either get your product shipped? from an airport or a Seaport if you ship it by ear obviously it is more expensive, but at the same time It’s a lot faster So the shipping your products for Amazon FBA via air can take anywhere between four to seven business days Whereas shipping by sea I can take anywhere from three to four weeks? So let’s say about a month’s time for you to get your product into Amazon’s warehouse Why would you want to ship your product by sea? And now by air is the next question that most people would have so when you’re shipping your product by air Obviously it’s a lot quicker, but at the same time. It’s more expensive One of the reasons you want to ship it by air is because one the product might not weigh as much so it’s a lot Cheaper for you ship by air and it’s also more economical and you can start turning over and some selling more units a day So it’s basically in and out and that’s what I like about Amazon FBA, but at the same time sometimes You’ll find a really amazing product for Amazon FBA that weighs three pounds five pounds It’s not economical anymore for you to ship it by ear so what you can’t do is ship it by sea again You’ll see a lot a lot Cheaper codes compared to air shipping, and it makes it feasible for you to also be selling heavier products now for you to be able to solve those heavier products again the manufacturer will give you a few and terminologies that you want to get yourself You know our experience with one is ex works now ex works I do not recommend anyone doing especially if you’re new to Amazon FBA What exports means is that you are responsible from going or hiring a shipping company to go to the? Manufacturers warehouse pick up your products take it to the port now This port is the port in China so the next step is for you to also hire a freight forwarder That will manage your products ship it directly from the port in China to a port let’s say we’re selling an Amazon FBA US market, so we’ll be delivering it to a port near the US that will be selling again. This could be a port Let’s say in this case it’s in Miami port So now again you have one more step Which is the manufacturing takes it you know double checks the? Usually is through an inspection coming checks make sure that the box is everything is well and you know it passes all the inspections and the customs now takes your product and Delivers it with a truck to Amazon FBA warehouse So that’s the whole process so with exports you’re responsible We’re picking up the product from the manufacturers warehouse taking it to the port Shipping it again You can ship it by a sea port or an airport All the way to the US port again from there. You ship it back to the Amazon FBA Warehouses so I hope that’s a pretty self-explanatory So again exports is the least recommended? Because you are responsible for taking care of everything another reason that I do not recommend doing Exports is as most of you guys know I highly recommend everyone pays their supplier with PayPal or trade assurance One of the reasons that I recommend this in case anything goes wrong in in case anything gets damaged on the way It’s so easy for you to contact your credit card company Contact Alibaba contact PayPal and get your money back again You have defective unit anything that’s damaged guess what you paid for it the suppliers job was to Deliver a hundred units for you straight to Amazon FPS with a house Undamaged so guess who’s responsible for the damage now exactly. It’s your supplier So you get that money back credited towards you this is why I don’t recommend Export again sometimes it might not be a feasible option, and you have to pay for exports And if you see the numbers make sense go for it. I you know it’s it’s yeah. It’s a last resort, but again You’re making money end of the day the second The second method that you can get your product ship from your supplier again this is something that the supplier might offer you and This is more recommended than the ex-works option is what we call f OB So for FOV basically we follow the same process which stands for Freight on board But now the supplier will actually send your product from their manufacturing plant to a port from there again you will take the product and ship it to Amazon FBA so you basically eliminate one step throughout the export process and Finally this is my most recommended method for shipping which puts the entire responsibility on the Supplier to ship your product straight from their warehouse all the way to Amazon FBA warehouse They cover all the shipping prices again This is the most expensive, but the best method removes a ton of headache for you And you pay for the service, and if anything goes wrong you can get credited from your supplier So this is GDP which is delivery Duty pay now Don’t mistake this with DD u which is delivery duty unpaid because Amazon will never pay a duty or tax for your product ever So you always want to make sure that you get a DDP price from your supplier again something else again? This is a really cool trick that I use myself sometimes it might make sense for you to send a shipment a small shipment via air and the remainder with C So you have enough inventories to start making sales until your actual order gets to Amazon’s warehouse This is one of the most financially you know sensible ways for you to not only spend not too much money on shipping But at the same time being to start making sales right away until your actual shipment gets to Amazon FBA warehouse I always recommend people get multiple quotes quotes from suppliers to double-check the shipping price and go on to Freitas dot CA or com to get instant quote online that you can double check your shipping Suppliers quotes that you’re getting from your suppliers guys I hope this video answer your questions again. If you have any questions comment down below, and I’ll go over for you Individually if you are new to Amazon FBA and you’re interested in taking your Amazon FBA to the next level Or you kind of want a mentor that can walk you through every single step of the way Make sure you check out the steps to success FBA mastery course Which I’ll be walking you over helping you find your first product to sell all the way to Negotiating with suppliers and helping you get the product to Amazon FBA and again I’ll be there with you helping you set up the PPC campaigns And you know helping you make those initial sales as well So if you’re interested in that the link is below down in the description box make sure to check it out And I’ll see you guys on the other side once again I appreciate you guys joining me on this video, and I can’t wait to see you guys on the next one