Hey Guys and Dolls back again thanks for
tuning in! I’ve had a lot of people ask me about what I do and with regards to selling online and
how I find things to sell and what I sell and things like that so I’m gonna try to do over the next few
days a series of information videos about what I do. So first of all I’m standing here and the dining room
area of my home, and I want to take you to my
office so this is where I keep all the products
and stuff that I sell…so… do you wanna come with me? Okay! Let’s go…here it is! It’s all right here, so all that I do really is just a small it’s about a foot
wide of space that I have kinda set aside with shelving and as you can see up here at the top I have just plain…this is a metal closet rod that spans the full length this span is 10 feet and you can get
this right and you can see there’s no sag or anything these right here the brown these are nothing but sheets that I bought at Target. They are full size sheets and I didn’t hem them or anything. A lot of times the seam will have a little pocket I guess you could
say it like when they folded over to sew it, it makes a kind of a pocket. These didn’t have a pocket so I just went ahead and I snipped the
hem area if you will and just thread it on the rod, so
that’s all that I do and then when I’m not messing with inventory I
just close it up. So this way, I don’t have to pay storage unit fee. I
don’t have overhead fee for you know retail store I don’t have to
worry about being at a retail store and unlocking the door or even at a warehouse somewhere and
unlocking the door for store hours so… Let me kind of show you a little bit – and this is just what I have right now – inventory wise…so, and it does vary a lot
so but let me let me go ahead and show you what I’ve got right now…Because I am do a lot of selling online and my
friends know that so my friends know that, I actually got a lead from a man who is in my neighborhood area and he had a
gaming shop and so he had all these different things. This
is all Warhammer figurines and things like that – that
you assemble and put together these are some gaming components and you
can see it there are some other World of Warcraft cards and these are different things for
different kinds of games and more games up there. He actually had a
gaming shop that actually he closed it down it
was his son’s gaming shop… and they did it for a while and then you
know that this was… I want to say it was in 2006 or so and so all this inventory he had paid
for but he had no way of liquidating it. So I am actually liquidating
this inventory for percent so you know that some the stuff up there.
This right here is all just boxes and packing materials this is some stuff
in here that I haven’t totally listed yet again. It’s items that listed before that didn’t
sell some trying to decide if I want to donate them to charity or if I want to try to put him in like a… like a wholesale…LOT I can’t think of the word…a lot to put
everything in have a lot of different things to sell. Going down a little lower also some
other stuff that I sell too… and you’ll see here that I have this is a a little toy right there these are some books and magazines and things like that and
some more the gaming comic books and things down here some
more the gaming items to these are little metal die-cast metal figurines this happens to be for Lord of the Rings – but there’s a whole bunch of other ones and funny thing about it was
that this is the thing about selling online is that you cannot be picky and choosy, necessarily, and only deal in one kind of
product. In my opinion – this is all just my
opinion – because I didn’t know anything about this Warhammer and gaming stuff other than I knew the words “Lord of the Rings”…I knew the words “World of Warcraft”…I knew the words “Dungeons
and Dragons”… but I didn’t know anything else about it so I actually got an education myself of, “what are these items” “how do they sell” you know “what kind of money do they sell
for” “what’s popular what’s not” things like that. To me it’s always
good to do different things and this I didn’t have a choice so much
because I’m doing it for client but when I’m out getting products just in
general I always trust my gut and then also look at the bottom line too. So let me show you one of those for an example as well. So here’s a random mix of things on this
end that I have this is an old balsa wood arts and crafts set. It’s a little truck
it’s never been opened. It’s still got the plastic on it you can see and then I
also have This is like an old scrapbook – vintage and Victorian type stuff. These are some things that have never
been opened. It’s the Fisher-Price you know it’s got
the cassette tape and the book This, kind of, isn’t so much useful
now but the book definitely is and that it’s closed-up and it’s
Fisher-Price. This is Berenstain Bears This is Snow White and that Cinderella
…those bring in other types of buyers as well so that’s
something to think about too… Who’s going to be your buyer for your market?
Now let me show you one of the new things I got just the
other day it is January so we’ve just had
Christmas close out and retail stores at this time a year are trying to get rid their inventory
because they do not want to have inventory laying around that
they have to do taxes for and everything. So a lot of
times you’ll find some really good deals. I was in a craft store the other day and I
found these in there…and this is… get into the light real good…WOO that’s
too much light…okay this is the American Girl Crafts and it’s the edge puncher it’s in a ladybug
pattern and you can see right here the original
price was $14.99 and I got it for a $1.99. Okay so
this is kinda heavy so shipping wise, this is going to cost
more, but… my investment is only two dollars the
retail on this is $14.99 so even with shipping I can make at
least two or three dollars on this sometimes even more depending on the
popularity. I did look it up online before I actually purchased it. I saw it at the
store came home looked it up online then went back and purchased it. I actually got two of them and they’re both listed – one is on Amazon
and one is on eBay right now to see, you know, how that’s going to go… so that’s just a little bit of what I have right now. Let me see if… I’m not very organized right now ‘cuz I’m
too trying to get my inventory down lower but… I’ve done let me show you some more stuff. I’ve done hats you know this is a cute hat a guy or a
girl can wear this one…it’s lined on the inside This is a really interesting picture
right here. I got this at an estate sale some years
ago and have decided I don’t want it
anymore. Each these little pieces… I’m gonna try to get close but I’m not
sure how much it’s gonna show you… …but each of those little pieces is a little
piece of wood stained or something and it’s on
like a silk background so that was interesting to me.
Here’s another little picture some little children that I thought was really cute… so a lot of times, you know, Number One is you always have to trust your gut in
my opinion… and also You have to think about your
shipping okay? I have found… now I’ve been doing
this I’ve been selling online and sending things, you know, mailing things to
people for over 10 years, and also for about the
past 20 years. Or more actually now that I think about
it, I have been involved with estate sales, garaging sales…garaging sales? LAUGH Estate sales…garage sales moving sales
personal liquidations things like that so the secondary market I’ve been involved
in a long time and then the online selling have been doing for
about 10 years. Things have changed a lot in the last
ten years, that my the way that I do business is a
lot different than it used to be. About shipping I always use the United States Postal
Service just regular post mail – knock on wood – …knock knock knock… This is
particle board – knock on particle board. I have… in all the time that I have mailed stuff
to people, through the postal service, I have yet to have a package be lost…have an item be
damaged due to you the postal service, or has something non delivered.0K? There was one time that I shipped something, and this was within the first year that I started
doing stuff, it was two mugs a person had bought and they got to him and
they were broken. And that was my fault, I had packed them,
had NOT packed them well enough. And that’s been the only thing, so… the reason why I’m telling you that is
to let you… know you don’t have to spend a ton and money on shipping expense to send stuff. Now some of my personal limitations
because of space, and because I am one person, I would love
to I would love to deal in large pieces of
furniture and ship those to people, but I don’t have anywhere to store the
stuff, I don’t have any way to get the stuff home from an estate sale, I don’t have any way to box it and ship
it and send it off to somebody, and I don’t have any way to store it until
that happens. Storing I mentioned twice but
that’s a big deal so what I personally do I stay with the small-sized things: books, clothing, toys, crafts and collectibles anything you know that’s
small. And that has been my kind of a role
for a long time. Now most recently, and this is
where it gets even more personal opinion, but if you’re just
starting out this might be something you might want to consider too, is that if I can not pack something… even if its fragile have it wrapped in
bubble wrap etc… if I can’t have that packaged in a container a box that’s less than 12
inches on one dimension (so like at 9x12x4 box) If it’s going
to be any bigger than that I I don’t wanna deal in it. And the reason for
that is the United States Postal Service recently has put new shipping costs on things
that are over – if a box or container is over 12
inches on one side a lot of times they charge
for premium. Exception to this would be like a Tube.
And I actually mailed my very first tube item this last week it was gaming mat for something like a Dungeons and
Dragons game and it was in a tube, and the tube was
two feet long, and you know it’s like two or three inches in diameter… that was the first time I’d ever
mailed anything in a tube, it was about $6 to mail it so that was like a normal expense.
Also personally I do not any longer deal in things that are fragile unless they’re
very small …like maybe if it is a small figurine that I can wrap in a lot of bubble
wrap and it’ll still be in a small sized box then I’ll do that. But things like… I used to do like pressed glass vases and china glass candlesticks, pitchers, creamers
sugars… things like that you know, the pressed
glass and the china and the Waterford crystal… I used to deal in that kinda stuff
quite a bit because when I had a shop for a very short amount of time actually
carried that those items and I found that they sold better online. But again for me it’s the weight of the item gets heavy and
that’s more shipping… and then you have to worry about being
fragile…and if it’s something like Waterford are they going to want insurance so what I try to do is make it
is easy as possible for my customers to just buy right out. So the way that I sent up my my costs and everything the shipping is
covered by the buyer I never I never do (pay for) shipping.
So that something you might want to consider if you’re looking, at you, know selling
things from home or selling online or whatever
maybe you have a retail store and you are wanting to do some more online stuff, I say Go
For It. Just consider those… the shipping box “restrictions” if you
wanna call it that that the United States Postal Service has. So next time… we’ll talk a little bit more about how
to find items and the best way to market them.