What’s up, ecom family? Hope you all doing well So in today’s video, I’m gonna go through seven steps in which you can take your ebay business $200 a day and above at zero dollars pounds or euros or wherever your starting and Make a profitable side income maybe on a full-time income and even above So just before I get into that, I just want to quickly announce again I am doing my weekly giveaway in which I will take time to review your store. Look at your products look at how you’re doing write an action plan and give it to you so you can take your eBay business to the next level So if you want a chance to get in on that make sure you stay to the end of the video And so today get straightaway into it here is my seven steps how to take your business $100 a day or a hundred pounds a day. Whatever is your currency wherever you’re from So this is kind of I don’t know if you’ve seen in my last videos. I am coming out with a free 7 step guide Ebook which will be available soon. Just some put some last finishing touches on it But this is a very very basic outline and I just wanted to kind of give you a preview Okay So I’m gonna put myself in the shoes as if I had zero dollars in my bank account and I was starting from complete scratch and what I would do to build out from there and so this Is actually not too hard for me because it wasn’t too long ago that I was actually close to zero dollars Maybe had a little bit more than that, but nothing barely at all So it was pretty much started from nothing So I know this works this method works and I’ve tried it out on my second store and I know that this method does work and it’s been tested and I’ve taken all the bugs out and all the fluff out for you Okay, and so the first step obviously I’m only spent too much time going through this but you’ve got to create your eBay sell on account You can just look up online how to do that and your PayPal account So for people who’s already sold on eBay before this should be still Too hard to switch it to a sell on account. Your PayPal is already good to go People ask me whether you need a business account. I would just stay with personal account for now until your pilot You start doing a decent amount of sales per week So, yeah, so just set that up straight away. And so When I say zero dollars down you will need some money to start So if I has zero dollars what I’d do straightway is to look around my room find something in my house something I don’t use anymore Go to Craigslist So wherever your Facebook Facebook a marketplace sell something gave you scraped together about Maybe 50 bucks a hundred bucks scraped together that or if you go to credit card You can just obviously use that have enough money pay the minimum payments, but you will need a tiny bit of startup capital Just because if you are brand new seller, you will most likely go into PayPal jail Which means they will hold your money for a certain amount of days Until they deem you a worthy seller and I’m gonna go into a bit later how we can get out of that fast but for now If you don’t have self something around your house room scraped together the first fifty or hundred dollars or if you’ve got a credit card No worries And so that’s what I would do for my first step second thing I would do is Straight away as soon as I got my eBay account settled my PayPal set up or that’s linked I always started in product research straight away So the first thing I’ve gone through my other video so I’m not gonna spend too much time on it I would be first thing I would do is Go to the search bar here and and then search something that maybe I would be interests in sales. So let’s just type in kids wooden toys And see what comes up and so we’re going to be looking out for ones that let’s see so we can see 5750 install I probably wouldn’t go from that just because of China so I would probably look for something that sold quite a few times something like I Skipped China Hong Kong. I don’t want to mess with any of that stuff Here we go kids would and pretend cooking if you see my other videos I list a lot of these you see us 95 people watching I’m sure it sold quite a few times first thing I would do come to this product quick and simple look at the seller cost way 365 here two hundred and four thousand five hundred ninety-four feedback. So, you know, it’s selling well, so that’s 15 sold recently On the 10 available definitely a drop shipper 100% and so why we do straightaway is click on the seller and I would start going through his products Here we go items for sale and Straightaway we go through his products. I would filter it then here we go. Well, I Mean just make this a bit bigger Quickly so I can go to the specifics I would straightaway be filtering for sold if you see my other things before my Prada research I always do this and see what selling well so I can see all these things here So that straight away we can see that he’s sold one of these Cookware playset kitchen toy This wooden kitchen play kitchen and so I can see that saucer I can see all his other products are sold next thing What we would do is I would search for this product or search for a product very similar. So I already know that These products are selling well, so I would probably search something like and if you’ve seen my other advice if you’re a new seller I would advise against Amazon. It’s a very competitive straight away. Try to go through a unique seller a Retailer straight away. I wouldn’t go into Amazon Marketplace yet. So I am gonna go something like Asda Which in the UK? Is here it’s warmer in America same company Walmart and as their or Carrefour in across Europe And I was sorry I didn’t mean to click. Oh my garden. Oh That’s not very good. It looks like the websites down. That’s the No, let’s type in. Mr. George Okay, say look exactly the website is that she down which is not very good so But just to give you an idea, let’s go to Walmart actually So I’m gonna go and type in my Opinion maybe Put in kitchen see what comes up Okay, so straightway I can see a few things at some visa a little expensive site okay here here you go see this as Three five stars, so not too much. I Can see is what free shipping I would check the shipping time just because it hasn’t got the two-day shipping But oh this I would definitely stay away from I don’t know what my face is frozen it. Give me a second So I would I Would probably go for something like this I can see $64.99 how much this is I think it was a little bit more $69.99 so I would think about this is something like this I can see that I can then I can see I got a similar product to him See if I can find anything so similar 6599 So we can see a similar prices here, I’m sure that he is using cashback as well to increase his profits $69.99 $69.99 So, yeah, I can see there’s quite a few here So this is just one example. I was searching across different sized Amazon all other retailers see what I can get And so what I would do next is once I have that product, I’m gonna take his keywords I know these keywords of working for him because it’s obviously selling I would take his keywords and Optimize it even more so we can say it says kids wouldn’t pretend cooking place at cookware playset. It’s kind of just a scramble It’s kind of all over the place He’s just shoved keywords in there and it seems to be working well But I would make it Comprehendible something that you wouldn’t be like what you could read it out and it would make sense like this. You wouldn’t say Oh, what do you buy and I’m gonna buy kids wouldn’t pretend cooking place that cookware place that kitchen toy toddler gift There’s definitely where they can be done there So make this so that when you read it It sounds like an actual product but make sure you serve the keywords and what I’ve said before Make it stand out. So I would put things like in premium or high quality Something that kind of gives it that edge and gives it a higher perceived value So you think Oh luxury This is a luxury kids thing and so something that make it sound especially if you’re a new time buy you need Stand out in your sails and so as again, I would list this product and I will list out break-even prices so maybe a couple cents profit here in there because as I said before my other videos you Where this stage you just want to be focus on building up your store You don’t want to think about profits if you think you’re gonna make money straight way to get that ahead You’re gonna feel so fast cuz I did that exact thing when I first started you will lose so fast Think about building up your office. You most likely will have a limit of ten items that you can list about now So you want to pick these pretty well, and so I would list this optimize the title I’ve shown in my other videos how to do that and And you can calculate the fees and where you break even just type in eBay sales calculate online So then I would I would list that product Straight up straight away and I Would go through other products from maybe from the seller and then see what else I can list or see what else I can find As well and undercut the price So this is a very big seller you can do this with so many different things in so many different products Next thing we come through Listing so it’s surprisingly a lot of people seem to have come to me with questions a handful list You can do it manually since that’s how I started. No problem just takes a while to list it You can use software Just examples there’s a software called DSM tool you get free 30 products that you can list does all the listing for you same with Hustle got real have a link in description so you can get free listing with that kind of takes the whole hassle of Listening doing all the particulars and everything and so you can optimize it doing different techniques there with listing I’m going to way more detail my actually book about that. And so let’s Australia when your store And then I would max out your listing straightaway first day on it max how you listens? You got 10 put that extra time in and list 10 the first day I did on my second store made three sales my first night I didn’t do it my first time around on my first biggest thought I have now and I said one product in one week Itself, so you want to increase your chances to sell him next thing I would do straightaway is make spreadsheets To something. I I have to MIT I’m not good at I actually had had my brother help me who does eBay as well and he helped me with all this and So you want to straightaway track how much your money you’re making? so that you know You’re not making a loss you’re going to be paying fees straight away and it kind of just all gets jumbled up straight away Create a spreadsheet track how much you’re making how much you lose how much the products the URL where you got it from? I would create another second spreadsheet where I would list maybe competitors. So this is cost way I would probably type in his name So that you can refer back to him at a later phase and I would make a product list so what this means is that if I can see this items not selling I can take those out and I can Just copy and paste you a product that I have ready in my spreadsheet to upload straight away Take the time out and the hassle out of it so that you’re not picking and choosing the last minute keep changing them change them make sure that make sure you get increasing your chances of making a sale so that’s what I would do get on the spreadsheet straightaway the next thing I would do and This is I’m taking it after that. I’ve made my first order So you’ve just made your first order you’re feeling pretty good feels amazing when you meet your first sale first couple of sales So you’re feeling pretty good at this point don’t over look at this fulfill the products as fast as you can straight away the faster the better and so you want to be Thinking about cash back as well. So sound to cut top cash back So when you’re purchasing your product, you know the top cash back be collecting those a little I guess commissions From that and you also want to be thinking about how to get out PayPal gel So you probably notice at this point if you’re brand new cell that you’re in PayPal. Gel. They’ve holded that money in account You can’t straight away take it out so you can buy the product so you either want to be purchases on your credit card, or maybe that hundred dollars from your From your debit card from the products that you sold around your house or the jobs or chores that you’ve done you want to be fulfilling that straightaway next thing after care and so what I mean by off to care is that everything that comes off to fulfillment product the first and Most vital thing I can suggest as soon as you get that tracking number upload it straight away This is what PayPal looks for if you want to get the hold removed from your PayPal account upload the tracking number So PayPal can see that you have truly Got that product and sent it to the customer and that will increase your chance to get and remove so much fast I can’t stress that enough always uploaded tracking numbers for your own protection as well as the buyers protection and The next thing I want we’ll talk about is Customer service just on other notes when you’re at the beginning you have a lot of time on your hands You’re feeling maybe one or two products today? Or if you if that you want to followup with your customer and make sure you’re looking out for them So as soon as I’ve shipped off I want to send them a message like hi blah blah blah blah blah just to let you know I’ve shipped off your product should be with you shortly and then once they’ve received it, I Would probably follow up maybe a couple of days like hi buh bah blah blah blah I hope you receive your product and you enjoying it As you know, I am a small family-run business. So I really appreciate if you leave some feedback from this item and so this actually surprisingly works well because you’re giving them a Kind of a commitment to do if they see Asking you for that they’re going to be way more likely to leave it than seen a base and awesome message to leave feedback They’re going to be way more feel that kind of I guess in a certain way a pressure to leave that feedback And so you want to be building up your trust straightaway in your new account? So every after every sale couple days after send a message to them saying look Buh-buh-buh-buh-buh. It really helped out If you leave some feedback on this site and then know that you have liked it and you have enjoyed it So that’s just another thing that shows your customers that you actually care about them And that’s what we’re all about is not just treating this as a complete business But we’re we’re treating this where we’re providing value to the people that are buying from us and so going on to LA steps I don’t want to make this video too long because this is kind of just a rough outline of what I would do And kind of a rough outline of my ebook The next thing I’m going to talk about scaling. So after you start making products what you’re going to do to scale up Obviously first thing is to get that What is it called sorry I get that a Barrier of your you’re listening limit. Oh my goodness You’re listening limit increase from ten to a hundred to a thousand you want to keep increasing that and as I said before What you want to do is keep calling up eBay said and the message is saying look I solve this and this this I want To increase my limit. They also see if a dropship don’t lie. It’s not against the Terms of Service. So it’s perfectly fine It’s don’t lie about it. You don’t wanna seem shady Just but just keep calling up calling up I would call them up If you get a list, even if you get less and increase week’ I’d be calling up two weeks out I’d be calling them up just so you can increase I did this in my second store I went from ten to a hundred to a thousand Within like I think it was like three weeks so you can build up pretty quickly if you put some Hard work into and so then I always thought when you start making sales obviously increasing profits You don’t stop breaking. Even you actually want to say make some money now, so when you’re making Making mobile sales a day. You can start increasing the profit. Margin, maybe two three four. I never really goes the lowest one I know that a lot of people who just say, oh, I’m gonna make fifty cents in this product. I’m not about that I actually want to make some decent profit at the same time. I’m not about making ten fifteen I think there’s a sweet spot and I try to save words in maybe three to six dollars per Per product depending on what that product is Obviously if it’s a seller for a small price you want a smaller margin and bigger price you want a bigger margin on it? I have sell products with about ten fifteen dollars profit but those are kind of more high ticket items and so obviously once you start making Wireless tells you might want to think about hiring a VA I’m not really only going to Diesel’s I’m guessing most of your beginners If you would like to hear about how I how I hire my VA is how I manage them Let me know below and I’ll post a video about that. But those are my seven steps of how to build a profitable business I hope this kind of gives you better insight how the structure works and how you can Kind of like I know a lot people kind of lost along the way I was there you wanna I hope this is kind of like giving you a bit of a like a skeletal backbone of how you can I Guess progresses you start making sales. And so you can scale up your business and just again to go over my free giveaway Thank you for those who stayed and watch this long video If you can get into my free draw if you’re starting out and you need kind of help to start making those first sale so if you’re making a few sales and you want to take that bhai to ten twenty hundred sales or even if you it I Guess in the vos cell if you want a particular to it Maybe a couple of thousand sales a month I can help you with that. I can go through your store I See what it needs to be improved and writing an action plan and to be in there just make sure that you liked this video comment below saying I’m in and obviously be subscribe and Also would be subscribed to my Instagram as well When I’m trying to bring our quail of value and content over the next coming month So I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next one