Hi I’m Nicole and welcome to our basic twerk workout. Let’s get started. Our first twerk is going to be the shuffle twerk So you’re gonna just shake your heels shuffle twerk It’s really basic, really easy. Now, speed it up. There you go. It’s just like you’re shakin’ a little twist and shout, but you’re letting your booty be loose. Jiggle It’s like your mom’s older dance and your parents when they used to do that we’re sitting in the hips shuffle twerk So you really want to move those feet, side to side. You’ll feel some burning in your legs Your booty everything. Looks like we got it. Shuffle twerk There you go. Our next move, we’re gonna do is gonna be Up down twerk. Your arms can go wherever you want But you’re giving me levels. Come up, arch Come down, arch It’s all about using your lower back muscles Remember: it’s not about how big your booty is it’s about your back So we’re doing the slow version you can also Take it faster Let’s go! And you know what I always like to say: Look back at it! What’s going on back there Little Nicky? If you want more Add some arms, some flavor Give me four three two, one. Alright, that was your basic Up and Down twerk. Now I’m gonna show you the booty pop back twerk. Put your hands on your hips You want your thumbs on your lower back muscle Those low points back there Bend your knees and arch back Feel your back muscles arch That’s where all the work is your lower back Your booty is just moving to give you a little more fun with that twerk move Now that you have it put your hands on the thighs and push it back There you go, in your lower back So that’s how I want you to start the move So you get what’s going on. Now we’re gonna do A front booty pop twerk Hands on your hips Now you’re gonna go back, front. before we were going up now we’re going forward feel your bones push forward This reminds me of those fun dances they used to do in the 80’s but we’re turning it into a twerk move See the difference of what you just did? This is a front booty pop Right here pushing down with my hips You wanna make it faster? Let’s go! or you can go slow. We don’t have to go fast. One step at a time. Alright you guys. That is a leg burner! You got your booty back, you got your booty front