what’s going on guys welcome to the
video so today I’m going to teach you how to upload videos to Amazon video
direct and you might be asking yourself why would I want to upload videos to
Amazon video direct what is it what kind of videos can i upload we’re gonna cover
all that right here right now now why would you want to upload videos to
Amazon video direct well if you’re a content creator and you have videos of
your own whether that be courses you know digital products or just YouTube
videos in general you know this is another place where you can upload your
content to earn more revenue put simply it’s another marketplace that you can
upload for free kind of like YouTube or Facebook video right that you can
potentially monetize videos and make more money off of content that you
already have so how do you upload the Amazon video direct it’s very simple you
go to Amazon video direct just google it it’s very very simple
I believe it’s video central but amazon.com is the direct link it’s gonna
take you to a link like this you can google it if you can’t find that direct
link it’s very very easy to find so it’s gonna take you to your dashboard here
and I just started doing this recently there is a reason I knew about this like
two years ago and I tried to upload videos in the past and there’s a lot of
Hoops that they make you jump through to be able to upload to Amazon video direct
right which basically means it’s gonna put your videos next to all the other
Amazon Prime videos that amazon that people with Amazon Prime that are
streaming it can watch right so somebody might stumble upon your video just like
a facebook video or just like a YouTube video right and then you can collect
revenue on that video based on how many views and how much watch time your video
accumulates it’s just like any other platform except you’re doing it to
Amazon Prime members right so in the past there was a lot of Hoops that you
had to jump through and I couldn’t really figure out how to get through
them all I would get through one and then it would be hit with another hoop
and then I’d get through that and I’d be hit with another hoop and I would just I
stopped eventually and I was like this isn’t worth it I don’t want to do this
but now that I know how to get through all those I’m here to show that to you
today so here’s how you upload videos to Amazon video direct it’s very simple
we’re gonna upload one of my latest youtube videos we’ll take one that I
haven’t uploaded we’ll come over here to your videos you can upload episode ik
ones which are your courses so if you have an entire course maybe you know
udemy courses me specifically I have like 50 udemy courses that’s a lot of
content that I can upload the Amazon video direct to monetize and this is
where you’re gonna put them at pisode ik right you’re gonna make like a
season or your course would be a season kind of and then you would up upload
episodes or lectures into the episode ik for most of you you’re probably just
gonna upload videos or YouTube videos or stuff like that so you’re gonna be into
standalone so what we’re gonna do for this specific lecture is we’re gonna
take a standalone YouTube video and upload it to Amazon video direct and I’m
gonna walk you through that process so I believe I uploaded last one was retail
drop ship on Poshmark let’s upload how to retail dropship on
Macari so what are we gonna do first and foremost we’re gonna hit add title and
I’m gonna walk you through the process so what is the title of the video we’re
gonna take it how to retail drop ship on Macari ecommerce sales with no inventory
that’s the title then select the category it’s gonna be educational and
you can obviously go through and you know pick your category the majority of
you you know if you’re not uploading like a really good edited video is gonna
be educational but you know you can play around with it and see what categories
fit you best then you’re gonna hit continue
obviously English language if it’s English language then it’s gonna take
you to this page where you’re gonna start the uploading process now I’m
gonna keep it educational we have the title in there already now that the
synopsis is basically a description but you get a very very short description so
you have 400 characters to make the most of your description without wasting your
time I don’t want to waste too much of your time but I’m basically gonna put as
much into the description and keep in mind too you can’t have any spaces it’s
got to be like a standalone paragraph they won’t let you upload if it’s a
space that’s one of the hiccups I used to hit in the past I figured it out
since then so we’re gonna say how do you retail dropship enric re to make more
money on that on the app slash ecommerce website blah blah blah let’s cut this
out so we’ll say on the e-commerce website and the reason that you do this
for the people that don’t know why do you want to fill in the synopsis of the
description whether it’s a YouTube video or Amazon video direct video it’s so
that you can potentially rank for certain keywords right so somebody lurks
searches in the Amazon video you know retail dropship or Macari or e-commerce
website I want to be the person or the video that pops up for that search topic
right it’s just common sense it’s SEO 101 that works on Facebook it works on
YouTube works on Instagram works on Twitter it’s it’s just SEO right search
engine optimization so I’m gonna take a couple of different you know so not it’s
parts of this this is the scription to put in the synopsis here so
that it reads streamlined so anybody that reads the synopsis understand what
the understands what the video is about but also so I can rank for those
potential keywords so you will hold I’ll put this in you will hold no inventory
or lists llevaba and we’ll see where what characters were
at now obviously if I were doing this myself and not running through a
tutorial video for you I would take a little bit of time and read through this
and make sure that it’s good but I’m here to not waste your time and give you
as much value as possible obviously that’s common sense and you can do it
for your videos when you upload so let’s take one more little thing let’s say
still great viable business model for anyone to dropship we’ll take this
little part too and we’ll just throw it in and we’re close to 400 now like I
said I would tech I would usually read through this and make sure it’s good and
spend a little bit of time making sure I optimize that those 400 characters as
best as possible but for the sake of saving you time and teaching you right
now I will not do that now it’s time to categorize the genre so we’re gonna go
down to I believe it’s educational as well it might be nonfiction educational
and you can sort through all these and check them yourselves but like I said
probably 95% of you that are watching this are gonna be uploading educational
content so nonfiction educational and we’ll keep it broad select the language
that’s English United States the release date will say today May 1st add a rating
so we’ll say it’s not rated but then we’ll make sure people are 7 plus to
watch it now if you have curse words in your video or you tend to talk about you
know other topics that aren’t you know obviously kid related you might want to
increase this a little bit to like 16 or 18 plus use your discretion obviously
and then here’s another place where I used to get hiccup so now we need to
take the graphics and upload the thumbnail into different portions and
different sizes so well we need to put our thumbnail into is 1920 by 1080 and
we also need to put it into 1200 by 1600 and then a 19 other 1920 by 1080 so this
used to throw me off as well but what I’m going to show you how to do is I’m
basically gonna come down and I’m gonna download this thumbnail so we’re gonna
save it as in a second if it lets me right-click there we go save image as
and another little caveat here I don’t care and I talked about this on my
retail dropshipping video specifically I also talked about this on my on my
Poshmark videos what you want to do is you want to save the thumbnail as those
same keywords as well right the reason being is you’re also going to
potentially rank SEO wise for the metadata for that for what you’re the
keywords that your thumbnail or your stand alone you know whatever it is
picture is gonna be saved at so that will also help you and give you a little
bump in SEO I don’t care if you’re you know doing Amazon pictures on your
Amazon private label listing if you’re doing pictures for eBay if you’re doing
pictures on Poshmark or if you’re uploading videos to Amazon video direct
or even a youtube thumbnail right it helps you rank better you might as well
do it and it takes a little to no effort so I’m gonna say how to retail dropship
on Macari and make money without inventory on e-commerce products
something simple we’ll save it as that that way when I receive it it’s gonna
have all those keywords in it now is the fun part we need to resize this so how
do we resize this well on PC team PC always um I’m gonna upload paint and I’m
gonna simply resize it now there’s probably a program like this on Mac I
don’t know what it’s called but I would assume that there is and if not I would
assume that you could probably download a very similar program onto Mac that’s
like paint all you need is a picture resizer I pretty sure you can do that in
canva as well but I haven’t tried so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna upload it
into paint very very simple or I’m gonna try to upload it here we go and then
we’re gonna hit resize and what we need is we need to change the pixel ratio
from 1920 or from whatever it is to 1920 by 1080 P right and we’re gonna hit that
and then we’re going to re-save it so I’m gonna save it as 1920 the same the
same keywords right 1920 by 1080 so I know that that’s that and now we’re
gonna go back and upload this to Amazon video direct so put it in the key art
right there for the 1920 by 1080 which is this one then this is also 1920 by
1080 so we’ll put it in this one I think that’s the first one it is and then we
need to resize it one more time to 1200 by 1600 so what do we do
we come back in to paint we hit resize again we come over to pixels we on hit
unclick the maintain aspect ratio and that was 1200 by 1600 I believe let’s
make sure 1200 1600 so boom resize and that’s a little
bit longer for mobile now right so then we’re gonna come in we’re gonna save it
as and we’re gonna save it as 1600 by 1200 I think that was right or maybe
1200 by 1600 I don’t remember what I got the right dimensions down so let’s put
it in there now so now we’re gonna upload the long one and then we’re gonna
hit safe and then as soon as it’s done we will or maybe it’s already done
I guess it’s already done okay so now we move over to the cast and the crew who’s
so now we’re over in cast and crew so who’s the studio slash creator that
would be me who’s the crew that would be me now I’m a producer I guess who’s the
cast that would be me and then we are going to hit save and we’re gonna move
up boom that parts done now the video assets and this is another point where I
used to get held up and you know caught up and not know what to do so let me
walk you through this part so with a mezzanine file that’s just your video
file right so we need to go ahead and download this video because I don’t
actually have it on my onto this computer it’s actually on my home
computer so now that we have that we’re gonna come back to them as I’m video
we’re gonna upload the mezzanine file or the video boom done uploading now we
need the captions app or a point where I used to get caught up as well so how do
we get the captions out of here how do we get a caption file what you do is you
come into transcriptions and YouTube actually has their own transcriber
service for you and then we’re gonna do is you’re gonna click on one of these I
obviously uploaded my own transcriptions but you don’t have to you can take
either one and then what we’re gonna do is once this loads you’re gonna hit
actions on the transcription file and you’re gonna download the dot SRT boom
comes down with a caption so that’s our T file for this video YouTube does it
for you now we’re gonna come back captions browse upload the captions SRT
file boom that’s done now for a YouTube video you’re not gonna have a trailer
but if you were creating a course for the people out there that are you know
my passive income accelerator program that are gonna be uploading courses to
this for more content as well right and more revenue then in this specific
aspect that’s where you upload your promo video but because we’re uploading
a YouTube video and the majority of you watching are gonna be upload
strictly youtube videos there’s no trailer for that obviously there’s no
like there’s no promo so what we’re gonna do just save it and move on
oh I forgot the framerate okay so we’re gonna make this English again obviously
so English United States frame rate is always 29.97 fps and the language is
also English as well and then we hit save boom now it’s gonna upload and
uploads pretty fast it actually uploads a lot faster in my opinion than YouTube
and and facebook video but sometimes you know it can be a little bit slower so
let’s jump to the point where it’s fully uploaded alright so now we’re fully
uploaded here now it’s just about the availability so you can do do you can do
three different things with your availability what I recommend that you
do is you just make it visible for free for Amazon Prime viewers now with Amazon
Prime viewers just to give you some you know a little bit of background about
this they’re they’re not gonna be charged for this but what you will get
paid based on the Amazon Prime viewers is about 4 cents to 6 cents per hour
watched I believe it is so if we go back to my YouTube channel and keep in mind
that I have not if you want follow the channel you’ve noticed that I think I’ve
uploaded like 3 videos maybe for this month entirely it’s been awful I haven’t
been doing it because I’ve been focused on creating the best product for passive
income accelerator right that said let’s just take a conservative estimate and
say that I’ve had about 160 1000 minutes watched this month and keep in mind that
I haven’t really been uploading any content I might have uploaded like I
don’t know when in the past month or 2 like maybe 5 to 10 videos Mac’s not even
so this is usually up to about 600 to 700 in revenue this is usually closer to
like 250 to 300 minutes watched but we’ll just take conservative estimates
right now to show you what that means that I would make if I uploaded all my
YouTube videos to Amazon video direct roughly speaking right so let’s just say
hundred sixty one one five to get the minutes watched right we’re gonna divide
that by 60 to get the hours that takes us to about two thousand six hundred and
eighty five hours of watch time on all my videos so then we want to multiply
that by we’ll take the median so we won’t take point o for we won’t take 4
cents and we won’t take 6 cents we’ll take five cents to be in the middle so
five cents and that’s another hundred $34 and about 30 cents roughly if I were
to have all my videos also going on Amazon video direct right now let’s take
a little bit of a higher estimate because this is usually closer to like
280 to 300 roughly sometimes like 250 but it usually fluctuates let’s say a
good month and assume a good month and a lot of traffic on Amazon video direct
what would I get paid for that potentially let’s say 300,000 and we’ll
divide that by 60 60 minutes right to get 5000 hours of watch time now let’s
multiply that by 6 cents and assume a high month that’s another $300 in ad
revenue for uploading my videos to face Amazon video direct and that’s what I
recommend that you do especially for YouTube videos you do it just for prime
so that you earn this four to six cents per hour watched it won’t necessarily be
a lot of money but you might as well earn an extra fifty an extra hundred or
an extra couple hundred depending on how many videos and how much content you can
get up there why would you not do it you already have the videos you can spend a
day or two maybe a weekend upload all your videos to Amazon video direct I
certainly plan to and then you can earn more money extra money on videos that
you’ve already created with the buy in the rent specifically you don’t want to
necessarily click this if you’re creating a course and uploading a course
to here I could understand doing that right then you want to maybe sell your
course on here but I would recommend staying away from
that you’re not gonna do very very well selling a course or or renting a
potential course on Amazon video Direct especially to Prime members who are not
used to paying for videos right I know as an Amazon Prime member whenever I go
onto Amazon Prime and I want to watch videos I don’t expect to buy one or pay
for one I want to see what’s already on the platform now that’s just my personal
opinion but I don’t think that you will convert a lot of people charging them to
buy your potential course or video definitely not just standalone video but
if it’s a course you can try it you can play around with it but I would
recommend just collecting watch time and collecting revenue on your watch time
with the Amazon Prime so that’s the video in a nutshell that’s how you
basically upload the Amazon video direct to make extra money and extra revenue
off of videos that you already have