hi folks today I’m going to show you how
to edit your listings within eBay using their bulk edit tool it makes the
editing go very quickly if you don’t need to go into each individual listing
and I’ll show you what they one of the reasons why I do this is because we’ve
got over thousand listings and I’m in some very competitive environments and
the if you refresh or update your listing several times three to five
times a day or even more one of my competitors does it eight plus times a
day and they I they always have the highest rated listing and it’s like well
that doesn’t make sense I have a hundred percent feedback I have all these good
things there’s no reason why I might shouldn’t be on top but then I realized
they’re updating their listing several times a day so I started doing that and
guess what now I’m at the very top so now I’m trying to sell these air gauges
and there’s thousands of them on eBay and so a super competitive environment
and you’ve got the guys from China that are charging a dollar it’s just crazy
so anyway let me show you how to do this first you go to your seller hub with an eBay and then once you hit your
seller hub you want to go to listings and then you go to manage active
listings and then you type in down here item title and in my case I’m doing the
air gauges like I’m showing you and then here they all are I’ve got I have eleven
air gauge listings so if I click on this it’ll highlight or I’ll check mark all
of them or if you only want to do a few of them you only need to check mark the
few that you want to do so in this case I want to do them all so there we go
so now you click Edit then edit selected or edit all your listings so now it
comes up it says they’re processing so in my case what I’m doing is I use a lot
of verbage in my titles no this is the title and then there’s also photos I’m
not updating them the quantity you can update that here the Buy It Now price
and so forth all I’m doing is I’m just updating the title real simple with a
period people don’t notice it one way or the other so then you go to the next one and so forth so that’s how it’s done and will submit changes changes they’re
done now when I go and search my the air gauges my listing should be even a
little bit higher now so I do that multiple times a day and at the end of
the day I sell a few more acre gauges so I thought
I would show you that quick little trick and how to get seen even better on eBay.
Hope that helps have a great day! Thanks.