Hi. This video is about shopping. Why would you want to use a Revolut card and
a Curve card? Also what you might want to know about Revolut,
in case you are already using it during the weekend. First of all I am using Revolut because I
buy mastic gum from Greece and I pay in EUR. I also buy underwear from UK and I pay in
GBP. By the way, if you are a boy and you have
inguinal hernia, you can buy underwear from herniapants.com that helps your inguinal hernia. This underwear is made in Italy, but you can
buy it cheaper from UK from herniapants.com. A while ago I used to buy wool fron New Zealand
and I had to pay in NZD. Recently I just bought something from ebay
and I paid in USD. Because I buy things from different continents
I have to exchange money. I could allow PayPal or my bank to exchange
money. But my bank for example charges me $10 more
than Revolut for every $100 I exchange. Therefore I prefer to use Revolut because
it gives me a better exchange rate. However there is something you should know
about Revolut. Can you see these spikes? The lower price is how much you get if you
exchange money during week-end. The higher price is how much you get if you
exchange money during the week. I’ve noticed if you wish to exchange $1000
into EUR or GBP, you pay $10 more during the weekend. Therefore my advice is to exchange money during
the week if you know you wish to make a purchase during the week-end. One more reason I prefer to use Revolut is
because it is safer. I like Revolut because it protects me from
hackers. Revolut allows you to create as many virtual
cards as you want for online shopping. You could even generate a different virtual
card for each payment. A few months ago someone took $300 from my
real card that I was using online to pay a server hosting company. The server hosting company said they’ve
been hacked, so it wasn’t their fault. It is important to know that most money is
being stolen online. Therefore it is best to deactivate your card
when you are not using it online. You could create a different disposable virtual
card for every transaction. I prefer to keep my virtual card inactive. I activate it only when I wish to make an
online payment. I also use a Curve card because it gives me
back 1% of how much I spend at certain companies. For example if you spend $1000 on Amazon you
get $10 back. If you spend $1000 on fuel that you buy from
Shell you get $10. I know it’s not much, but personally I am
glad to receive any amount of money. By the way, PayPal does not accept virtual
cards from Revolut. So you can either link your Revolut card to
your Curve card. And then link your Curve card to PayPal. Or you could activate online transactions
on the physical Revolut card when you use it with PayPal. And then you can link your physical Revolut
card directly to PayPal. Just make sure you deactivate online transactions
on the physical card when you are not using it with PayPal. It is free to get a Revolut card and to use
it. And it is free to get a Curve card and to
use it. Actually Curve gives you 5 GBP when you
register and use a promo code. You could use my code NBY39PPD and that way
you get 5 GBP and I get 5 GBP. I will post in the description my referral
link to join Revolut and my promo code that gives you 5 GBP. And that’s it for now. Thank you. Bye