At Usabilla, everything we
do starts with our customers in mind. And with GDPR, it isn’t any different. We’ve made a thorough assessment of all the personal data that we are collecting and how it
is being processed and stored. We have a dedicated team
working on the product changes to provide our customers full control over the collection and retention of their users’ personal data. But as important to us as becoming
compliant with GDPR, is for our customers to have the very best experience when it
comes to managing their users’ data. Becoming compliant was the very first
step on a long journey of continuously reviewing and improving our processes to
make sure they are easier, more transparent, and more secure. Every time we look at a new functionality or review one of the current ones, we look at it not only from the customer perspective but also from the end-user perspective. This is important because we believe that if we can help our customers build
trust with their users it will grow their businesses as a result. Data privacy is not a differentiator,
it is an absolute given. So we need to keep it on the top of our minds. We always make sure that all users’ personal data is protected by default. We help our customers identify the reasons why they would need to collect this data and how to do so in the most transparent
and respectful way. Making sure that it’s only accessible by the people who will act upon it, and it’s only kept for as long as it’s really needed. The new changes ensure the location and IP address are not collected along with user feedback by default. We provide several controls to allow our customers to let their users know which data is being collected, and for what purpose. We’ve also increased our deletion processes to make them more transparent. We are very proud to announce our data retention feature which allows customers to specify a period of time after which old feedback data gets automatically deleted. So no need to keep data lying around for longer than necessary. We look forward to continuously improve our product, keeping your customers’ feedback
at the heart of what we do.