You’d like to get started in ecommerce? It’s easier than you think! You can easily create your own, beautiful
online shop to sell your products on the Internet. The best thing about it is: You don’t need
any prior experience! My name is Kris… and let’s go! The administration of your online shop is
managed with the browser. You don’t need to install anything and you
can connect and work in your shop from everywhere. Thanks to free, automatic updates your shop
is always secure and up to date. The administration area of your shop is where
the magic happens. Here you can take care of all the settings,
add products and manage orders. The first impression counts – also for online
shops! That’s why you can choose between many attractive
and modern design themes that are optimised for all kinds of devices. Elements like text, images or videos can be
dragged onto a page intuitively. Another important aspect are the payment and
delivery methods that you offer to your customers. The most important ones are already integrated
in your shop, just waiting to be activated. There are connections to the most popular
market places and product portals where you can reach millions of customers. You can add your products to these portals
directly from your shop’s administration area. To make your shop well-known it should achieve
good rankings with search engines like Google. Thanks to clever presettings your shop makes
search engine optimization easy so that you can increase your visitor count and revenues. As you can see – your shop has everything
you need to be successful in ecommerce. And there’s even more. In the administration area you can find the
App Store. The apps allow you for instance to send newsletters to your customers, view detailed statistics about
your shop or get help with image editing. You can get your shop up and running easily
and quickly. Try it for yourself!