Using HubSpot Growth Stack Video Tutorial Pricing 2019 hi I’m Brian Halligan co-founder and CEO
of HubSpot whether you’re in marketing or sales own a business or run an agency
one thing’s probably true it’s your job to help drive growth since 2006 HubSpot
has helped tens of thousands of companies do just that
by giving our customers an inbound methodology that helps them take a
modern approach to marketing and sales by giving them an all-in-one tool set to
get the job done and real help along the way in this video a few members of our
team we’re gonna take you through a tour of the entire HubSpot growth stack first
you’ll see how our HubSpot marketing can help you attract new interested
prospects convert them into leads and nurture them with useful content then
we’ll take a look at how HubSpot sales helps your sales team in a modern
efficient and inbound e way finally we’ll see how HubSpot CRM keeps
everything organized in one place I’m Ginny a marketer here at HubSpot and I’m
going to take you on the first part of our journey starting with HubSpot
marketing let’s start where almost all marketing discussions start with your
website it’s one of the most important aspects your company has and as a
marketer it’s up to you to get the most out of it with HubSpot you can either
connect your existing website to our tools through a simple setup process or
move over to the HubSpot website platform if you make the choice to move
the HubSpot website platform puts full control in your hands creating new pages
or making updates is easy and never requires any technical work if you
choose to make the move migrating your existing website to hub spa is a simple
process and will do most of the work for you if you want to move to HubSpot as
part of a redesign you’ll have a couple options one option is to work with one
of thousands of HubSpot partners who know our platform and will take the time
to get to know your business or if you’ve got a designer or developer on
your team they’ll find that they’ll have full access to your website’s code and
robust tools to build on hub spots platform websites built on hubs by are
connected to every other tool in our platform which means that everything you
need is all in one place using an all-in-one plat
also makes amazing things not only just possible but also easy take
personalization for example because my website is built out on HubSpot I can
easily personalize any block of content for a specific audience maybe I want to
show visitors from different countries different content on my website in
HubSpot that’s not hard to do for visitors who are contacts in my database
I can even target content based on granular factors for example I could
show different content to contacts who worked in different industries or change
up my content based on where in the buyers journey a contact is websites
built in hub spot are also modern in every wedding take viewing your website
on a mobile device for example every website page built on hub spot is
responsive meaning it automatically fits to any size or type of device it’s being
viewed on creating new content is an important part of any marketing strategy
and it’s a big part of inbound marketing in hub spot creating new content is easy
to do with the HubSpot blog tool blogging using hub spot is the best way
to create a steady stream of new content but more important than helping you
create content is helping you optimize that content to attract new relevant
visitors to your website the keywords tool in hub spot helps you uncover new
keywords that are relevant to your business that real people are searching
for every day in keywords you’ll find new ideas for content and useful data on
which keywords are the best ones to target back in your blog as you type hub
spot services useful suggestions about where and how to optimize your content
for the keywords you’ve chosen the end result is blog content that pulls in new
traffic and visitors to your website for as long as your website lives on when it
comes to optimizing the rest of your site the page performance report gives
you detailed suggestions for where you can improve each and every page on your
website your website is up running and connected to hub spot you’re building
your lead generation machine by creating a steady stream of new content but what
are some other ways to attract some of the right people to your website and
your brand this is where campaigns comes in
marketing campaigns come in all shapes and sizes but the campaigns tool in
HubSpot supports them all campaigns is a centralized home for all of the pieces
that are part of your marketing campaign campaigns keep you organized and roll-up
the most important performance data all in one place in addition to campaigns
projects is a great way to keep your team organized around a campaign pretty
much any kind of marketing project you can add tasks collaborate with your team
and follow progress right inside of HubSpot in this campaign we’ve created
some blog content an offer and promoted it on social media in HubSpot social
media shines through in many of the different tools social publishing is
where you’ll go to create publish and analyze the results of posts to Twitter
Facebook LinkedIn and other popular platforms scheduled posts to go live to
multiple networks and through multiple accounts at exactly the right moment all
of your landing pages blog posts and images are close at hand
HubSpot even suggests times when your post is likely to perform best and after
you publish you’ll see useful details on how your post is performing and who is
engaging with it for many marketing teams targeted ads are an important part
of their marketing campaigns ads that help tap into existing demand like
Google AdWords ads or ads that help you promote content like Facebook ads or
LinkedIn sponsored updates can be a great complement to your inbound
strategy hub sports ads add-on takes the confusion and heavy lifting out of
building tracking and optimizing your advertising campaigns in the ads add-on
I can build new campaigns in the familiar and helpful HubSpot interface
as my ads run performance data and useful suggestions for how to optimize
my campaigns populate right inside of HubSpot and because HubSpot is
all-in-one the ROI of my ad campaigns populates instantly without any
complicated setup we’re creating content and running campaigns to drive new
relevant visitors to our website but how is our website set up to convert those
visitors into leads or re-engage people who are coming back to our website
let’s take a look landing pages are where visitors become leads and in
HubSpot creating optimized landing pages is easy
every HubSpot account comes preloaded with templates that match your website
so you can create new landing pages that blend seamlessly with your website in
minutes creating and editing your landing pages is as simple as clicking
and typing no coding or technical skills needed adding a form to your landing
page is as simple as choosing an existing form or creating a new one by
dragging the questions or fields you want into place you can also easily
embed forms on an external web site by grabbing the code that’s just the
beginning of how forms work in HubSpot because the forms tool is already
integrated with the other tools in HubSpot things that are complicated and
other tools are seamless process for example there’s no point in me asking
questions at a forum I already know the answers to with progressive profiling
HubSpot forums ask different people of different questions based on the
questions I’ve prioritized and what they’ve already answered this helps me
keep my form short and gather more valuable data about my contacts over
time HubSpot forums can even change the questions that each user sees on a forum
based on their country device type referral source or their answers as they
fill out the form in real time in places where you don’t want to take someone out
of their flow of browsing your content lead flows are a great alternative weed
flows our friendlier form of pop up that allows you to prompt a user to sign up
subscribe or download a piece of useful content you can customize every aspect
of how your lead flow works and every lead flow is optimized for mobile to get
the most out of the new visitors to your blog or website calls to action are a
great way to create a path to your landing pages the call to action tool in
HubSpot makes it possible to create optimized calls to action that look
great it can be easily added to any blog post or page on your website you’ll have
full control over the design and it’s easy to run a be test to hone in on the
best variations but calls to action and HubSpot go even further you’ll even be
able to serve different calls to action or content within the calls to action
based on who is viewing it show different offers to visitors from
different countries or even target different calls to action
based on the attributes of individual visitors you’re creating optimized
content generating new traffic and converting visitors on your website
now let’s take a look at how marketers can help leads turn into qualified
opportunities for your sales team once a visitor completes a form on your website
they’re instantly added to the contacts database in HubSpot here’s an example of
a contact who just filled out the form on our website in addition to the
details they filled out on our form how spa automatically added their past page
view history to the record and filled in a number of useful details on our
company in HubSpot enterprise predictive lead scoring automatically scores our
lead and gives us useful details about why each of our leads is good or bad in
addition to the leads you’ll generate from landing pages and forums it’s easy
to add contacts from many different sources to HubSpot import records
through a CSV file sync them in from your CRM system atom in through
integrations or use our API is to connect your HubSpot database to
virtually any other system you’re generating leads and it’s time to turn
them into qualified opportunities this is where email and marketing automation
comes in but first we’ll need to pick out the different segments we want to
market to in HubSpot this is where list segmentation comes in list segmentation
helps you create groups of contacts based on pretty much any kind of data
like details from form submissions or imports page views company attributes
email data and even sales interactions email marketing is an important part of
almost every marketing strategy email and HubSpot is the perfect balance of
being easy to use powerful in ways that standalone email tools can never be
HubSpot comes pre-loaded with dozens of clean layouts to choose from and you can
always build your own editing your email is a straightforward process too you can
add text images and change virtually every element of the design and
personalizing your email with the details from your database about an
individual contact or their company as easy as you design your email
HubSpot helps you optimize your sign to perform its very best get useful
suggestions about how to better off to your email as you type test your layout
to see what your message will look like on different devices or even in
different email clients set up an a/b test to try two variations against one
another just make a change to a copy of your email and HubSpot takes care of
running a test calculating the results and sending the winning variation to
your segment choosing who to send your email to is as easy as selecting an
existing list or creating a new one send your message immediately at a scheduled
day and time or at the exact right moment for each recipient based on their
time zone after you send your email Hub site instantly starts collecting deep
details on the performance of your send and the actions each individual
recipient took email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your
contacts but the best way to turn leads into sales ready opportunities is with
timely personalized nurturing workflows hub spots marketing automation tool
makes effortless work out of nurturing leads and carrying out many other types
of tasks building a workflow starts with setting a trigger when a contact meets
these criteria they’ll be enrolled next we’ll choose
our first step sending out emails is as simple as choosing the message you want
to use from the drop down after our first step we’ll add in a delay after
the delay we’ll add in a branch that checks a condition to determine what the
next step should be workflows can do much more than just on B mails internal
notifications make it possible to trigger an email to a leads owner or a
specific member of your team when a contact takes a specific action or meets
a certain threshold workflows can also automate common sales actions like
creating deals or tasks in your CRM or rotating leads evenly to specific
members of your team as they come in you can even update data in your CRM or
HubSpot database using workflows as your workflows run you’ll be gathering useful
data on how your workflows are performing and most importantly whether
or not they’re succeeding at helping you meet your goals you’ve generated new
leads nurtured them and they’re finally ready to pass to your sales team HubSpot
marketing connects many popular CRM systems sinking not
just leads but also rich detail on each and every lead that your sales team can
then use to take a more personal approach when they reach out if your
team uses Salesforce the HubSpot Salesforce integration makes fast
reliable syncing between your marketing and CRM is easy
we’ll help you configure which types of data to sync and when they should sync
based on your team specific needs new contacts sync into Salesforce seamlessly
and updates constantly sync between the two systems inside Salesforce your sales
team won’t just get a steady flow of inbound leads with each and every one
the HubSpot intelligence object delivers powerful contacts about a lead like
their score recent interactions and other important details that help them
sell in a more relevant effective way your CRM system is just the beginning of
all the tools you can integrate with HubSpot how do I connect is hub spots
integration platform it’s a library of carefully selected quality integrations
with some of the most popular sales and marketing tools browse the integrations
and connect the tools that are an important part of your marketing machine
in minutes setup is easy and there’s no additional cost for the integration your
marketing machine is fully up and running and it’s time to analyze your
results to understand what’s working well each tool and HubSpot has its own
set of reports let’s focus on what’s under the reports tab there are plenty
of tools that can help you understand the traffic coming to your website or
the makeup of your marketing database what makes analytics and reporting in
HubSpot special is that HubSpot marries data from every part of your marketing
strategy giving you insight into what’s really working the sources report in
HubSpot starts by showing you the big picture of which channels are most
effective at driving traffic leads and ultimately new customers a difficult
question to answer when you’re using disparate tools drilling into a specific
source is an easy way to understand how specific campaigns referral sources
where other marketing efforts are working you can even customize and save
different versions of your sources report and get regular email updates on
what’s changing you probably know that it’s rarely a single campaign or
marketing effort that generates a new customer most customers touch many
different campaigns and channels overtime attribution
reporting in HubSpot helps you understand how different campaigns and
content are influencing your contacts on their journey from converting as leads
to becoming customers for the ultimate reporting experience in HubSpot the
reporting add-on puts deep custom reporting capabilities in your hands
builds an unlimited number of custom dashboards that you can keep to yourself
or share with other members of your team adding reports to your dashboard is as
simple as choosing from a library of Using HubSpot Growth Stack Video Tutorial Pricing 2019 dozens of reports and answer the most
important marketing and sales questions the report builder lets you build
granular reports on contacts companies revenue and opportunities and activity
data that you have in HubSpot or your integrated CRM system you’ve just seen
how the tools and HubSpot helped you attract new people to your website
convert them as leads and then hand them off to your sales team now I’m going to
hand it over to Jeff to take the story from here hi I’m Jeff a product marketer
here at HubSpot I’m gonna pick up the story from here to talk about how
HubSpot CRM and HubSpot sales are an easy integrated and free way to get your
sales team organized and selling in an inbound way Before we jump into the CRM
it’s worth mentioning that HubSpot CRM is a hundred percent free and you can
get started with a CRM account in minutes at HubSpot comm if you want to
try it yourself connecting HubSpot marketing and HubSpot sales to your CRM
account is also easy whether you want to do that now or later okay let’s dive in
you heard a minute ago that HubSpot connects to many popular CRM systems but
what if you don’t have a CRM system or maybe you have one but you’ve never
really hit a stride with it that’s where HubSpot CRM comes in
HubSpot CRM is a completely free CRM system that you can use to get your
sales team organized and help them start adopting an inbound sales process if
you’re using HubSpot marketing turning on HubSpot CRM only takes a minute
you’ll be able to easily control who on your team has access to which tools for
managers and administrators switching between the two systems is easy the best
part is that because HubSpot marketing and HubSpot CRM run off the same
underlying database there’s no integration and no syncing
all of your data is just available in both places if you aren’t already using
HubSpot marketing how spot crm is actually still free in fact anyone can
sign up for an account in minutes at HubSpot comm slash CRM there’s no time
limits no storage limits and no user limits in the free version of HubSpot
CRM HubSpot CRM has the same major components of most CRM systems a way to
store contacts companies deals and tasks here we’re looking at a saved view of
contacts creating a new view is easy I can filter down to see exactly the
contacts that matter to me and I can easily choose which details I see about
those leads in my view for each contact in my database
HubSpot builds a detailed profile that puts everything a salesperson needs to
know about a contact in one place the timeline is a chronologically ordered
list of every interaction between this person and my company I can sort through
dozens of different types of interactions in the timeline marketing
emails sales touches page views and useful details from integrations are
just a few examples of the things that you’ll see in the timeline just above
the time line is the communicator from here your sales team can easily send
tracked emails log calls and notes set tasks and reminders even book meetings
through an integration with Google Calendar HubSpot CRM is deeply
integrated with HubSpot sales an optional premium set of sales tools that
helps your sales team adopt a modern efficient inbound sales process you’ll
find some features of HubSpot sales in the communicator email templates make
sending templated messages fast and easy calling makes it possible
to place calls right from your browser without ever touching a phone every call
is optionally recorded and automatically logged as you add contacts to HubSpot
CRM either through HubSpot marketing imports or through some other means
HubSpot CRM takes care of all of the details of organizing your contacts by
company for every new company HubSpot to text in your database will automatically
add dozens of useful details about that company that your sales team can use to
have more relevant personal conversations with your prospects in
addition to collecting deep details on the contacts and companies in your
database HubSpot CRM makes organizing your sales
process easy with deals and tasks the deal stages in HubSpot CRM are easy to
customize you can view your deals in a standard table view or an intuitive
board view where updating a deal stage is as simple as dragging it from one
column to the next tasks in HubSpot CRM are clean and simple too
your sales team can easily create and track tasks they plan on carrying out
you can even create tasks for them automatically using workflows and
HubSpot marketing as your sales team creates and updates their deals and
tasks the dashboard in HubSpot CRM automatically updates to give you a
bird’s-eye view of your sales performance you can filter down to
specific dates or specific sales reps and see the makeup of your forecast a
break out of your sales teams activity or how your pipeline is looking for the
month if you want more detailed reporting the reporting add-on and
HubSpot sales makes it possible to build custom dashboards to answer virtually
any kinds of sales questions you can build as many custom dashboards as you
want and fill up your dashboards by choosing from dozens of pre-built
reports or by creating your own reports you’ve just seen a rundown of why most
sales teams love HubSpot CRM it’s dead simple to use and it empowers your
salespeople to have better conversations by putting useful details where they
need them most what you haven’t seen yet is that HubSpot CRM also connects to
your inbox the free HubSpot sales email integration works with Gmail and other
popular email tools like Outlook to bring useful context about my contacts
and their companies out of HubSpot CRM and into my inbox where it’s easy to see
and put use logging emails to HubSpot CRM is as
easy as a single click and I can track the messages I send to get instant
notifications when they’re opened or clicked which helps me hone in on the
prospects who are most engaged I can even schedule meetings to be sent at the
exact right moment regardless of what I’m working the HubSpot Sales Chrome
extension also puts all the features of HubSpot sales at your fingertips like
email templates sequences documents and even calling you just heard me talk
about how HubSpot CRM connects to your inbox through HubSpot sales let’s go a
level deeper and get to know all the features of HubSpot sales a bit better
like HubSpot marketing and HubSpot CRM HubSpot sales also starts free if you
sign up at HubSpot com you’ll be able to try most of the features you see in a
minute if you decide to upgrade to the higher level of HubSpot sales you can do
that easily right inside the tool okay let’s see the features it all starts
with identifying the right companies to reach out to plenty of tools out there
can help you dig up a list of email addresses or phone numbers but they all
suffer from the same problem cold outreach with a generic pitch just as an
effective with HubSpot sales you’ll find new sources of interested prospects who
are thinking about your company right now prospects helps you identify the
company’s visiting your website and gives you deep insight into how engaged
they are you’ll see how many people from an individual company are on your
website and what pages they’re viewing so you’ll know exactly who’s engaged
HubSpot sales doesn’t stop at telling you the companies that are on your
website messages makes it possible for you to engage with those visitors in
real time through live chat when a visitor arrives on your website they’ll
either see the face of the member of your team that they’re assigned to or a
default person on your team as prospects engage with your sales team every
discussion is logged instantly to the prospects timeline you’ve found your
prospect and it’s time to reach out email templates are a huge time-saver
but how many template tools help you learn which approaches actually work
best in HubSpot sales every message you send is tracked when a prospect opens
your message or clicks a link two things happen first
HubSpot sales lets you know in real time helping you zero in on the most engaged
prospects second HubSpot sales build useful reports in the back
on all of the templates being used across your entire team it’s an easy way
to hone in on the most effective approaches templates can pull in basic
details about a prospect through personalization tokens and all of your
templates are available inside HubSpot sales or right in your inbox email templates aren’t the only kind of
Content that HubSpot sales can help you share track and optimize documents in
HubSpot sales lets you build a library of content like PDFs PowerPoint files
and Word documents that you can share right from HubSpot CRM or from your
inbox HubSpot sales builds detailed reports on
how different pieces of content are impacting the sales process and gives
you timely notifications when your prospects engage with your content when
it comes to following up with a prospect over time
HubSpot sales has you covered here too instead of setting a task or a reminder
to yourself to do it later sequences makes it easy to tee up a timed series
of emails based off your templates that get sent exactly when you want when you
activate a sequence you’ll be able to tailor each and every message to make it
specific to your prospect if your prospect replies sequences stops to let
you take over sequences lets you automate other parts
of your process too with a single click you can tee up emails to a prospect and
set reminders for yourself creating tasks in your CRM you’ve identified your
prospect reached out and it’s time to get a meeting on the books instead of
the usual back-and-forth it takes to find a time
HubSpot sales connects to your calendar to do the work for you
meetings lets you set up a personalized booking screen that you can send to your
prospects they’ll see your availability in real time and be able to book you in
seconds you can use your meetings link anywhere in emails your signature even
right into templates you send from HubSpot sales ready to reach out calling
lets you connect quickly and easily right from your browser the call queue
makes it easy to prioritize the best prospects and tee them up as an entire
day’s worth of calls you can take notes on the fly even optionally record a call
so you can go back to it later every detail is automatically logged right to
your CRM system when you’ve finished your calls and rolling these prospects
in a sequence is easy to the sales process is progressing your prospect has
visited your website you’ve exchanged some emails and you follow it up with
some useful content on your offering that you sent from the documents
librarian HubSpot sales now it’s all about planning your next move with
HubSpot sales you’ll never be left wondering if it’s the right time to
reach HubSpot sales feeds back useful context
about your prospects with real-time notifications and a useful stream of
recent engagements when a prospect opens an email or clicks a link you’ll know
about it instantly every message you sent from HubSpot sales or your inbox is
log to your CRM and tracked with the click of a button as prospects engage
with the content you’ve sent them you’ll see real-time notifications and deep
engagement data right inside up spot sales and when a long-lost prospect
suddenly re-emerges on your website HubSpot sales will let you know that it
might be time to reach back out in addition to making sales teams faster
and more efficient HubSpot makes it possible for everyone on a team reps
their managers and marketers alike to access all of the most important data
and the most helpful features even when you’re away from your desk review your
marketing campaign performance or see recent notifications from HubSpot sales
find virtually any detail about a leader a customer inside of HubSpot CRM and
connect with them right inside the app see useful suggestions on things that
need your attention like deals that need updating and take action right then and
there it’s all easy to do right inside hub spots unified mobile app that’s a
brief overview of many of the tools that make up HubSpot sales the all-in-one
sales platform that works closely with HubSpot CRM to help your sales team
adopt a modern efficient sales process that’s better for your buyers and better
for your team I’m gonna hand it back over to Brian to wrap things up you’ve
just seen a rundown of HubSpot software from a few members of our team we’re
real proud of our software but it’s only one piece of what makes hub spots so
special for UPS by customers there’s a nearly endless supply of Education and
content that’s just for you Absalon Academy is an ever-growing
series of live webinars that marry best practices and HubSpot software they help
you drive results and continually learn and grow when you’re getting started
with HubSpot you’ll use resources from our Academy team and the rest of your
team at HubSpot in our projects tool projects is a new
way to organize your team around getting started with HubSpot or pretty much any
other kind of marketing initiative in addition to educational resources real
help from HubSpot is never more than a click away you’ll have regular check-ins
with your customer success manager and our talented support team is always here
to help sporting mocks makes it easy to find
quick answers to pretty much any question need to talk to a human you can
get in touch with our talented team with just a couple of clicks hey everyone
it’s Jay Z so you might be asking yourself why would you want to use a
tool like HubSpot well it’s very simple actually traditional marketing is broken
the old-school way of doing things just doesn’t work anymore so you’ll notice
that companies are aligning their content on their website and their
social media but primarily their websites with the content that people
are looking for and that is called inbound marketing let’s look at a few of
these statistics companies are three times as likely to see a higher ROI on
inbound marketing campaigns than an outbound so again the traditional way of
doing outbound whether that’s direct mail or advertising they’re showing that
three times more are as likely to see a higher ROI if you’re doing inbound so
that’s what HubSpot offers look at this a whopping 54% more leads into the
funnel than traditional outbound leads so something to consider there for your
marketing dollars also there’s one other item here forty-nine percent more than
inbound leads as far as outbound leads costs so you’re gonna save money doing
the inbound leads definitely let’s look at HubSpot smart getting platform I’ve
used HubSpot myself it’s a fantastic platform
I’m a certified Salesforce administrator so that’s a CRM that integrates with
tools like HubSpot I’ve used various products I could tell you that as far as
marketing platforms go HubSpot is at the top of the list so really what
you want to do is change the way you’re doing business and then if you’re
already doing in Marketing and you’re looking for why you
would use HubSpot over other tools Using HubSpot Growth Stack Video Tutorial Pricing 2019 basically HubSpot is going to make it
easy for you in the sense that you have all the tools you need in one location
it’s very easy to integrate with you our CRM if you have a CRM if you don’t the
good news here is that HubSpot actually has a free CRM so I’m just scrolling
through here for the process of inbound marketing where you can attract people
to the website and then convert them and nurture them so ultimately you’re going
to delight your customers and HubSpot is a fantastic platform to help you to
achieve those goals so that’s just a quick idea of why you would want to use
HubSpot if you’re interested you can get started for free I’ll leave a link in
the description below I highly recommend this tool for achieving growth in your
business whether you’re small medium or large size business all right happy up
spotting you