– [Woman] I still don’t
understand how that happened. (eerie music) – Hi, I’m Joanna, and I bought
this haunted doll off Ebay. I went onto Ebay. I typed in haunted doll. There were hundreds of
results and I picked this one. Her name, allegedly, is Mary. According to the seller of this doll, there’s a spirit associated with the doll that belongs to a little girl
who was alive in the 1960s and died as a child. I bought various tools to try and communicate with the spirit of this doll. I got dowsing rods. I got a pendulum. I got an ouija board and I got some sage smudge sticks because those are supposed
to help cleanse away the bad energy or bad spirits. The main way I’ve been
communicating with my haunted doll up until now is through a ghost app. The one I use is called Ghost Radar. I’m just going to leave my app running throughout this process and
see if it picks up anything. Spirits, if you’re willing to communicate, can you show me what a
“yes” answer will look like by moving the rods. Okay, that’s terrifying. Okay, so crossed like this is a yes. Okay, resetting. Now, will you please
move the rods to show me what a “no” answer would look like? Okay. Do you happen to know, is there a spirit inhabiting this doll? Yes. Okay. Is the spirit associated
with this doll a nice spirit? Oh, thank God. Okay, great. I got it in this little bag here. So, use this and the way that it swings, it can answer yes or no questions for you. You’re supposed to hold it as (cell phone makes clicking noise) Oh my God, I hate this. – [Female Computerized Voice] Timid. – It just got the word timid, which, yeah, I am timid. This is very scary for me. Okay. Okay, let’s precede. When I was filming the
portion with the pendulum, I didn’t get very far. I had to stop and I didn’t
say anything at the time because I felt ridiculous
and I was too embarrassed but as I was doing it,
I felt what felt like just something touching my neck and you can see me getting
visibly uncomfortable and I’m trying to push
forward but you can tell something’s throwing me off. Um, a yes answer. It could easily be my imagination but it definitely freaked me out. I have never used a Ouija board before because I’ve been too scared. Is there anyone here that
would like to talk to us? – This is freaking me out. – Okay, it’s at, – [Female] What was your question again? – I was just asking if there’s anyone here that would like to talk to us. – Oh my God. – It’s going towards no. – It’s going to no. – No, no, no, I don’t like this. – [Joanna] Are you the ghost of a child? Something. (groans) Yes. – I don’t like baby ghosts. – What year were you born? Okay, that’s scary ’cause it says zero. It’s moving a lot. – [Female] Yeah, it is. – Are we too light on it? – We’re all barely touching it. – Yeah, we’re all barely touching it. – We need to reset it maybe. – Let’s just go. – Is it doing a figure eight? – No, yeah, that’s a thing. That’s a bad thing. – Okay, goodbye. (all laughing nervously) – Wait, wait, wait, do we need to retrace? – That was a figure eight. – No, it did a figure eight. That means there’s an evil spirit and we have to cleanse the board. The fog machine malfunctioned
and there was fog everywhere. We have no idea why it happened. Everyone’s freaking out. I still don’t understand
how that happened. – [Female] I don’t either. – [Joanna] It’s too much fog. – [Female] I know, it, I don’t know why that happened. – [Female] It’s just like vapor. – I know you’re probably saying, “Hey, you’re an idiot. “Like, anyone can put a doll
on Ebay and say it’s haunted.” And that’s true. There’s no way to verify it. Or you’re saying, “Guess what, “there’s no such thing as haunted. “You’re dumb.” Uh, that’s fine. You can choose to believe or not believe. Whatever you want. So, I’m willing to
believe there’s a logical, scientific explanation for all things but also, I’m terrified of ghosts. Mary, I’m glad you’re a nice ghost and spirits, thank you for talking to me. (eerie music) (gasps) – Oh no. – Oh no. – Oh!